Friday, January 6, 2012

Food for fish

Preferably the granules that you find in special trade goldfish are great! You can complete dry diet flea pool. Try not to give them because they contain many Tubifex disease. Only if you find frozen or dried Tubifex stores and properly packed!To avoid problems with bladder fin is advisable to give them at least once a week. Husked and boiled peas. Inante preferable to change their water.
Feeding: No food is no exception to the great adaptability of Caras, larvae, crustaceans, vegetation, shellfish, eggs can be eaten all of the above. Although the variety of food varies from one water to another (delta, ponds, rivers, mountain lakes) crucian has no problem to feed.Crucian is a more than amazing in terms of science, can live in very low oxygen waters, boundaries between pH slightly above that support them, can live for days in low water, only mud, amazingly resistant long without food and adapts easily to any conditions of feeding, can mate with other fish of the family ciprinidelor, goldfish are always followers. Because of this great strength and relatively fast growth has been introduced in many farms (farms) in the former USSR and the new (under communism). Far from being a more useful crucian tends to destabilize the environment that adapts so it seems that he is directly responsible for the disappearance of endemic carp, which came in the area. The reasons are multiple, competing to food, and indrazanti crucian is much faster, cross-submission after which no result so than goldfish. The Delta phenomenon was observed tracking chair female to male crucian carp and carp roe spilling over roes or eggs of carp food.The waters of the mountain is a real nuisance, upon entering into a mountain lake crucian destroy in a few years the population of salmonids. It is well known that trout spawn in fall and spring chickens out, well, how long is winter walk cards tirelessly looking goldfish eggs they eat.

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