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Historic Earthquakes

Assam - Tibet
1950 August 15 14:09 UTC

Assam - Tibet

At least 780 people killed and many buildings collapsed in the Nyingchi-Qamdo-Zhamo (Rima, Zayu) area of eastern Tibet. Sandblows, ground cracks and large landslides occurred in the area. In the Medog area, the village of Yedong slid into the Yarlung Zangbo (Brahmaputra) River and was washed away. The quake was felt at Lhasa and in Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces, China. Severe damage (X) also occurred in the Sibsagar-Sadiya area of Assam, India and in the surrounding hills. About 70 villages were destroyed in the Abor Hills, mostly by landslides. Large landslides blocked the Subansiri River. This natural dam broke 8 days later, creating a wave 7 m (23 ft) high which innundated several villages and killed 536 people. The quake was felt (VI) as far away as Calcutta. Seiches were observed in many lakes and fjords of Norway and in at least 3 reservoirs in England. Many sources call this the Assam-Tibet earthquake or even the Assam earthquake, even though nearly all place the epicenter in Tibet. Thus it is possible that the casualties for Tibet are not included in the total, as well as those from the Subansiri River flood. Furthermore, Gu et al. do not give casualty totals for Yedong or other areas of the most severe damage in Tibet. Therefore, the actual casualty toll may be much higher than the value given.

N.B: The magnitude for this earthquake has been recalculated since the following articles were written. Magnitude 8.6 is a better determination of the size of this earthquake.

Intensity scale X at Sadya, Passighat, Dum Duma, Dibrugarh, North Lakhimpur, and Sibsagar; IX at Digboi and Galaghat; VIII at Tezpur, Ganhati, and Shillong; VI at Daca, Calcutta Dhubri, Darjeeling, and Imphal. Macroseismic area 1,794,000 sq km, of which 49,700 sq km suffered great damage.

This great earthquake, destructive in Assam and Tibet, has a calculated magnitude of 8.6 and Strasbourg regards it as the most important since the introduction of seismological observing stations. Alterations of relief were brought about by many rock falls in the Mishmi Hills and destruction of forest areas. In the Arbor Hills 70 villages were destroyed with 156 casualties due to landslides. Dykes blocked the tributaries of the Brahmaputra; that in the Dibang valley broke without causing damage, but that at Subansiri opened after an intermal of 8 days and the wave, 7 metres high, submerged several villages and killed 532 persons.

From ISC Bulletin, The International Seismological Summary.

Two thousand homes, temples and mosques destroyed. Hardest hit is the Brahmaputra Basin in NE India

From Seismological Notes, Bulletin of the Seimological Society of America. "Seismological Notes" is a list of recent important earthquakes with short summaries included in each issue of the BSSA.

Strictly this was not an Indian earthquake; the epicenter was near Rima, in a region claimed by both China and Tibet. It is one of the few earthquakes to which the instrumentally determined magnitude, 8.7, is assigned. This shock was more damaging in Assam, in terms of property loss, than the earthquake of 1897. To the effects of shaking were added those of flood; the rivers rose high after the earthquake, bringing down sand, mud, trees, and all kinds of debris. Pilots flyng over the meizoseismal area reported great changes in topography; this was largely due to enormous slides, some of which were photographed. The only available on-the-spot account is that of F. Kingdon-Ward, a botanical explorer who was at Rima. However, he had little opportunity for obeservations; he confirms violent shaking at Rima, extensive slides, and the rise of the streams, but his attention was perforce directed to the difficulties of getting out and back to India. Aftershocks were numerous; many of them were of mangitude 6 and over and well enough recorded at distant stations for reasonably good epicenter location. From such data Dr. Tandon, of the Indian seismological service, established an enormous geographical spread of this activity, from about 90 deg to 97 deg east longitude, with the epicenter of the great earthquake near the eastern margin. One of the more westerly aftershocks, a few days later, was felt more extensively in Assam than the main shock; this led certain journalists to the absurd conclusion that the later shock was 'bigger' and must be the greatest earthquake of all time! This is a typical example of the confusion between the essential concepts of magnitude and intensity. The extraordinary sounds heard by Kingdon-Ward and many others at the times of the main earthquake have been specially investigated. Seiches were observed as far away as Norway and England. (p. 63-64.)

Kingdon-Ward, near the epicenter of the great Tibet earthquake of 1950, heard heavy explosive sounds following the shock, coming apparently from high in the air. These sounds were heard at many points in India and Burma, to distances of over 750 miles. (p. 128.)

From Richter, Charles F., 1958, Elementary seismology: San Francisco, W.H. Freeman and Company, 768 p.

1950 Aug 15 14:09, 26.6 N 96.5E, maximum intensity XI, 1526 deaths, extreme damage [extreme = $25 million or more U.S. at the time of the earthquake]. India: Assam. India-China.

From Dunbar, Paula K., Lockridge, Patricia A., and Whiteside, Lowell S., 1992, Catalog of significant earthquakes 2150 B.C. - 1991 A.D.: U. S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The term seismic seiche was coined by Anders Kvale in 1955 to describe oscillations of lake levels in Norway and England caused by the earthquake of August 1950 in Assam, India. (p. 153.)

1950 August 15, India, Assam, 1526 deaths, magnitude 8.6, Surface faulting (p. 271.)

From Bolt, Bruce A., 1993, Earthquakes: New York, W.H. Freeman and Company, 331 p.

1950 Aug. 15, India, Assam, 1,530 deaths, magnitude 8.7 (p. 4.)

Adrian Mutu

This formidable footballer born in Pitesti 32 years ago it seems that neither today not mature in the true sense of the word and you since childhood. Since the days when playing for Chelsea was detected in anti-doping control for cocaine, an especially stupid on his part that "when Chelsea" was the peak of his career. Of course after this monumental blunder he was sacked by Chelsea club even more was sued because he broke the club's image. Eventually he was transferred to Fiorentina Mutu, a club which for him meant a new beginning ... maybe for the better. After a very good time spent by him at the Italian club, was found again in an anti-doping control for sibutramine consumption ... in fine, was suspended for nine months the boy has been training all alone. After nine months Adrian was also found in the middle of a scandal: he mutilated as a restaurant waiter to speak apologetically that he was offended by it. Considering the fact that Romanians in Italy are very ugly look about them are right here. However, a player with such claims as Adrian Mutu should not have to resort to such act. After all the scandal with Adrian waiter returned to the ground. Na played in two games as he did a silly (games in which he also scored). This time it says that Mutu would have had trouble with his coach during a workout. This time the club more forgiving and not firentze practically refused to pay for salary and even more to put on the transfer list. Anyway my question is, what will solve this problem then? Too bad because it is a formidable player, with a lot of talent, a great striker! Why all this? : (

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Millions of years ago, long before there were any people, there were dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were one of several kinds of prehistoric reptiles that lived during the Mesozoic Era, the "Age of Reptiles."

The dinosaurs dominated the Earth for over 165 million years, but mysteriously went extinct 65 million years ago. Paleontologists study their fossil remains to learn about the amazing prehistoric world of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs were land-dwelling reptiles that walked with an erect stance. Their unique hip structure caused their legs to stick out from under their bodies, and not sprawl out from the side (like other reptiles ). When dinosaurs first evolved from more primitive archosaurs, they were bipedal (walked on two legs). Much later, some dinosaur groups returned to a four-legged stance, having hind legs much larger than their front legs .

There were lots of different kinds of dinosaurs that lived at different times. Some were HUGE, some were small. Some walked on two legs, some walked on four . Some were speedy , and some were slow and lumbering . Some were carnivores and some were herbivores . Some were armor-plated, some had thick, bumpy skin, some had horns , some even had primitive feathers.

No one knows what colors or patterns they were, how they sounded, how they behaved, how they mated, or even how to tell whether a fossil came from a male or a female dinosaur.

Dinosaurs suddenly became extinct about 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period, which was a time of high volcanic and tectonic activity. There are a lot of theories why the extinction occurred. The most widely accepted theory is that an asteroid impact caused major climactic changes which the dinosaurs couldn't adapt to.

All that's left of the dinosaurs are fossils.

Although dinosaurs' fossils have been known since 1818, the term dinosaur (deinos = terrifying; sauros = lizard) was coined by the English anatomist Sir Richard Owen in 1842. The only three dinosaurs known at the time were Megalosaurus, Iguanodon, and Hylaeosaurus, very large dinosaurs.

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Mammoth could 'revive' the next four years

There are chances that the mammoth to see daylight again. A group of Japanese researchers managed to clone cells frozen for 16 years of a mouse, and now scientists want to try cloning the giant mammal.

So far, Japanese specialists from Riken Center for Experimental Biology mammoth mother decided to be a female African elephant, and soon will leave for Siberia to search for frozen mammoth tissue, writes The Telegraph.

In about 20 years ago tried to 'resurrection' mammoth, but without success as specialists samples were frozen too cold. However, hope has been restored by a teacher researchers from Kyoto University, who managed to clone a mouse using cells frozen for 16 years.

"Surrogate Mother mamult future will be a female African elephant, will take about two years as a female elephant is pregnant, followed by another 600 days, as is the period of gestation. The success rate rose to 30% and now I think we have a real chance to clone a mammoth, "said one of the scientists at the Riken Center.

All you need to know about lymphoma

Swollen glands in the neck can be a sign of lymphoma

Chronic fatigue, repeated infections, weight loss and inflammation of one or more nodes are symptoms that should be taken into account, because you can hide the presence of lymphoma.

Lymphoma is a form of cancer affecting the lymphatic circulatory system that is part of the body's natural defense mechanism. This consists of a network of tiny channels, lymph vessels, through which the antibodies, cells that destroy viruses and bacteria. In case of lymphoma, there is an excessive multiplication of lymphocytes (which make up the lymph), which accumulates both lymph and of some organs
Not yet known the exact cause leading to the development of lymphoma. Immune system diseases are offending, serious infections, such as immunotherapy treatments, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. And exposure to solvents or pesticides could be to blame for the installation of this disease.

Symptoms may go unnoticed

Because of nonspecific symptoms, like chronic fatigue, fever, night sweats, weight loss and difficulty breathing may go unnoticed lymphoma.

An event you need to send a doctor is painless swelling of the glands in the neck, armpit or abdomen. Only microscopic examination of a lymph node in a biopsy allows the diagnosis and possibly the type of lymphoma.

90% at non-Hodgkin's type

There are two types of lymphoma: Hodgkin's lymphoma (lymph nodes in the neck, underarms and bikini area) and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (case does not destroy tissue lymphomas, but thrive around bodies). Annually, the world record 62,000 new cases of Hodgkin lymphoma and 25,000 results in death. In contrast, non-Hodgkin's form is 90 percent of the total cases of lymphoma. The world occur each year 286,000 cases of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and 161,000 deaths are recorded.

Depending on the disease, non-Hodgkin lymphomas are also divided into two categories: slow-moving (indolent) and fast-moving (aggressive). Aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma requires immediate treatment, or life expectancy ranging from six months to two years. In case of indolent non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a slower spread of cancer cells in the body leads to a longer life expectancy, those affected may live 10 years with this condition. To assist those who have non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was created site.

What is therapy

In case of Hodgkin's lymphoma, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are indicated. In contrast, treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is chemotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy, radiotherapy, biological therapy, and sometimes in bone marrow transplant.

When aggressive non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, standard chemotherapy is effective in about four out of ten patients.

Lymphoma is the generic name for cancer of the lymphatic system. There are non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and Hodgkin's lymphoma and lymphocytic leukemia. Symptoms of this type of pathology are: painless peripheral adenopathy (ie, peripheral lymph swelling), fever and weight loss over 10 percent. Also, there may be pallor and fatigue, bleeding and bruising, headache, nausea and respiratory tract infections.

As methods of treatment using radiotherapy, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplant or stem cell therapy, monoclonal antibodies, lymphocytes or activated NK cells or vaccines induce specific immunity against tumor cells. Thanks to modern therapies, the cure rate is good. For example, with proper treatment, approximately 85 percent of patients with Hodgkin lymphoma are curable.

Chronicity in Strongyloides stercoralis Infections: Dichotomy of the Protective Immune Response to Infective and Autoinfective Larvae in a Mouse Model

Richard A. Brigandi, Harris L. Rotman, Thomas J. Nolan, Gerhard A. Schad AND David Abraham
Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Kimmel Cancer Center, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Department of Pathobiology, University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Strongyloidiasis is an intestinal disease that can last for decades due to the occurrence of autoinfective larvae (L3a) in an infected person, which contribute to the maintenance of the population of adult worms in the intestine. The goal of the present study was to determine if L3a are susceptible to the protective immunity that targets the infective stage of the worm, the third-stage larvae (L3). Mice immunized and challenged with Strongyloides stercoralis L3 kill more than 90% of challenge larvae contained within diffusion chambers. The L3 do not remain antigenically static in mice, however, but undergo some degree of antigenic change before they are killed, becoming host-activated larvae (L3+). The L3/L3+ are killed in this model system by the combined effects of both parasite-specific IgM and eosinophils. Mice immunized with L3 were able to kill L3/L3+, but did not kill L3a, in challenge infections. Eosinophils were, however, present in diffusion chambers containing L3a, and IgM bound to the surface of L3a. We hypothesized that differential IgM recognition of soluble L3a, L3, and L3+ antigens is the reason why the immune response generated against L3 could not kill L3a. Many common antigens on L3, L3+, and L3a were recognized by serum from mice immunized with L3, as determined by immunoblotting. However, several unique L3, L3+, and L3a antigens were also recognized by immune serum, thus indicating that antigen recognition with IgM antibodies is different between the L3, L3+, and L3a stages. This difference in antigen recognition could explain why L3a are able to evade the immune response that targets L3/L3+ in chronically infected hosts.

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Strange Phenomenon in the Australian Outback

Aerial photograph of the Aboriginal Figure

It is probably the largest work of art, with a perimeter of more than 17 miles. People of Maree, deep in the Australian outback are not sure how it got there. A giant outline of an Aboriginal man poised to throw a stick has appeared apparently ploughed into the desert crust, near Lake Eyre. The figure two and a half miles long was spotted by Trek Smith a freelance pilot. An anonymous fax describing the giant reached local businesses. No one has claimed responsibility for the classic Aboriginal pose of a man carved into the dust near Finniss Springs in the north of South Australia state.

Its outline is 30 yards across in places had been professionally pegged put and appeared to have been ploughed by farm machinery. There are no tyre marks to suggest the use of a tractor or a heavy loader and although this is an area where people know each others business for hundreds of miles around, nobody admits to hearing or seeing anything out of the ordinary. Even the fax shed no light on the puzzle. It simply gave directions to the carving and claimed it was "the world's largest work of art". It is said to be five times the size of largest human drawings at Nazca in Peru. Maree is 370 miles north of Adelaide and boasts a population of just 60 people.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that this miracle was Maitreya's idea, Who enlisted the assistance of the Space Brothers to perform the task.)

(Adapted from the Times, UK)

Image of Madonna in Florida

Photograph of the Picture of Madonna on an Office Building

A rainbow-coloured image has suddenly appeared on an office building in Clearwater, Florida on the Gulf Coast of USA. It was turned it into a shrine and several million people have visited it and more people continue to every day. The owner of this $1.3 million building Mike Krizmanich believes that the apparition is a gift from God to be protected and shared. Krizmanich's Seminole Finance Corporation was housed in the building until the business was sold in 1997. But he did not want to sell the building and prefers to set up the shrine himself.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that this image was materialised by the Master Who was the Madonna.)

(Adapted from Share International Magazine)

Tears of Blood in Spain

Photograph of the Statue of Weeping Madonna

The quiet life of the small and secluded village of Mura, 50 km north of Barcelona was shaken when 6 March 1988 the local priest Llufs Costa discovered that a 70 cm tall white marble statue had been crying tears of blood. The statue had been brought from Medjugorje and exhibited on square outside the village church on a pedestal 2.5 metres high. When the news had spread to the media Costa had to hand over the Madonna to the Bishopric, where it is been kept under observation.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that these tears were materialised by the Master Who was the Madonna.)

(Adapted from Share International Magazine)

Image of Madonna in Australia

Photograph of the Image of Madonna

Yankilla is a sleepy little country town nestling in a picturesque valley about one and half hours drive south of Adelaide in South Australia. In August 1994 parishioner Susan Fehlburg first noticed the image of Madonna and child on the wall of the Anglican Christ Church. The image appears in what look like a patch of unevenness in the plasterwork above and to the right of the altar. In July 1996 Fr Andrew reported it in a local church paper. Since then the news of the apparition has travelled around the world.

It was this extensive news coverage that brought a dowser to the site. The dowser alerted the Fr Andrew to the presence of a stream of water running under the church. The discovery of the stream confirmed his feeling that this site might become a centre of pilgrimage and healing. A fax to Benjamin Creme in London by Pasquo Cassetta confirmed that the apparition and the stream of water was the work of the Master Who was the Madonna and that the water would have healing power.

A decision was made to drill for the water and another fax to London drew a recommendation from Benjamin Creme’s Master regarding the location of the well. In late September 1996 a bore was drilled precisely at the recommended spot two metres from the wall in line with the image and water was found. Fr Andrew plans to offer the water to those attending his weekly Pilgrim Mass as well as to the stream of visitors who come to the church from all over Australia.

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that this image was materialised by the Master Who was the Madonna.)

(Adapted from Share International Magazine)

Image of Jeus in Florida

Photograph of the Image of Jesus in Florida

Crosses of Light Around the World

Photograph of a Cross of Light

Photograph of a Cross of Light

Photograph of a Cross of Light

Photograph of a Cross of Light

(Benjamin Creme's Master confirms that these crosses of light were materialised by Maitreya the Christ.)

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Chupacabra Rampage in Chile

El Chupacabra has been crawling all over Chile in the last few months, raising many new questions about this mysterious creature, and resulting in astonishing claims about its origin.

It stands three to four feet tall, has a flexible row of spines down its back, eyes that glow red and long, sharp fangs... some even say it has wings. This is how eyewitnesses have described the strange, unworldly creature known as El Chupacabra - Spanish for "the goat sucker." The creature, as elusive as Bigfoot and as terrifying as a demon, earned its name from the way it kills its victims (mostly farm animals, including goats) - by sucking the life blood from them.

Chupacabra first made the headlines in 1995, when several attacks were reported in Puerto Rico. The small island still claims the most number of attacks to date, but slaughtered chickens, ducks, goats, cats, dogs and other small animals have been attributed to Chupacabra in Mexico, Central America, South America and even parts of the Southern United States.

During April, May and June of 2000, however, there were reports of a spate of attacks coming out of Chile. The mysterious deaths of farm animals followed the same pattern as those in Puerto Rico and other countries, and descriptions from eyewitnesses who claim to have actually seen the creature in Chile match the hideous features detailed in previous accounts.

The stories that came out of Chile - many reported in Chilean newspapers - had an incredible twist. A few of the dreaded creatures, they said, were actually caught and killed... and then their bodies were taken away by representatives of U.S. government agencies. That was the claim, anyway.

The Attack Begins

The recent attacks began in April, and newspapers carried stories of the mysterious deaths of close to 200 goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits in northern Chile. At first the deaths were blamed on packs of wild dogs, but one trademark feature of the killings turned the suspicion on the legendary Chupacabra. The respected Reuters news agency reported that some of the animal victims "had incisions in their throats and their blood had been sucked out." The report also said that "detectives swept the zone with night vision equipment and that blood-curdling sounds were heard in the dark, causing residents not to venture outside."

Victor Espinosa, an investigator for Chile's Ecology Department, was said to take hair samples and footprint castings for examination. "The paw prints do not match those of horses, cows, goats, pigs, felines or wild dogs," Espinosa said. And, according to Dr. Virgilia Sanches-Ocejo of the Miami UFO Center, Espinosa also said that evidence shows that the animal walks on two legs and only attacks hot-blooded animals and not snakes or lizards of the region.

The Capture

In late May / early June, rumors surfaced that three of the creatures had actually been captured. Reported chiefly by Marcial Campos Maza of the Chile's EFE news service and by Joseph Trainor of UFO Roundup in the U.S. among others, the stories claimed that three of the creatures had been caught in the desert near a mine just north of the town of Calama. In the struggle to capture the Chupacabras, they said, one Chilean soldier had been killed. The Chilean military allegedly would not discuss the matter.

More bizarrely, after the little monsters had been held in an army barracks for several hours, a team of NASA representatives arrived by helicopter from the U.S. (closing the local airport, according to one story) and took them away. How it was assumed that these people were from NASA is unclear, as is where the notion came from that NASA - the U.S. space agency - would have jurisdiction over such a matter, if it were a fact.

"Residents of Calama and nearby communities continued to blame NASA for the apparitions and attacks of the mysterious Chupacabras," Maza reported, "which has killed many farm animals in the region and other parts of Chile... their bodies completely exsanguinated and undevoured by the mysterious predator. It was said that the captured animal was kept all day at the regiment's barracks until NASA experts arrived to take it away."

Why NASA? Some residents believe that the deadly Chupacabras are the result of some diabolical genetic experiments gone awry by NASA, or some other U.S. agency. "The gringos had at least three genetic experiments run away from them," one respected Chilean architect was quoted as saying, but it was not disclosed how he came upon such information.

The Chupacabra Strikes Back

It seemed El Chupacabra was not pleased with having a few of its kind carted away. A new rash of animal killings started to occur in early June. In the backyard of a home in the port city of Talcahuano, 14 chickens were mysteriously slaughtered on June 4 - and Chupacabra was blamed. A few days later, the newspaper Diario El Sur ran a story about another attack in the city of Concepcion:

The strange case took place around 4 a.m. while Julio Reyes and his wife, Carmen Andrade, were still asleep. They suddenly heard a loud noise coming from their home's back yard, a kind of small farm in which they have a henhouse and a garden containing tomato, potato, chocla and pepper plants. "The light outside the henhouse was on. I saw the monster flapping his wings fiercely while the hens were crowing - something they never do at this time. That's when I saw the white one running toward the back. At this time, Bobby [the family's dog] came out to take a look, but when he saw the back gate, through which the hens had fled, he refused to follow and remained standing still. He then ran toward the street gate and began barking," explained Carmen, who did not witness the events herself out of fear that the intruder might be a burglar. "Bobby became sort of dopey and turned back. He didn't dare go forward," Julio said. Around 7 a.m., the couple discovered what had transpired. In the very rear of the backyard - which can only be reached by crossing two gates - their three hens and one rooster were found dead, completely torn to shreds, as if they had been ripped open at the chest cavity and scattered in a 10-meter (33-foot) radius. It is worth noting that the house's entrance is a gate covered with chicken wire."

Chile's national police blamed the attack on wild dogs, but Reyes did not accept that explanation. "Based on several paw prints found on the site," the newspaper article continued, "twice the size of Bobby's, the owner was not satisfied with the explanation, given the difficulty a dog would have had in getting into the area." Also, Reyes said he had previous experiences with dogs attacking his chickens, and they took the chickens away one by one to eat them, they did not slaughter them in this manner.

Two days later, another report was called in to a local radio station. The caller, from the city of Antofagasta, claimed to have actually seen the Chupacabra. He said he was awakened by strange noises his cat was making. When he got up to investigate, the creature saw him and "took off at high speed." He claimed that the Chupacabra had virtually destroyed his car by making deep scratches in it with its claws. And it killed the cat.

Certainly, this is not the last we'll hear of Chupacabra. The attacks might die down in Chile, but the nasty little creature will surface again somewhere else. It might be a good idea to keep all your goats and chickens securely locked up.


The word "tsunami" is actually a Japanese word. The first part, tsu, means harbor and nami means wave. So, in its original usage, tsunami meant a harbor wave. However, the term is now used to refer to waves caused by seismic (earthquake) or volcanic activity in or near the ocean floor. When there is an undersea disturbance, waves form and travel away from the center of the disturbance kind of like when you throw a rock in a pond. These waves can travel as fast as 450 miles per hour. Deep in the ocean, tsunami can pass undetected under ships. However, as they approach land, the water becomes more shallow and they rise up and crash on the shore. Tsunami can be very dangerous. They can damage or destroy coastal towns and villages. (Note: In the image above, notice the man on the left. The photo was taken in April 1946 in Hilo, Hawaii. Click the image for a full size photo.)

Most tsunami are caused by earthquakes with epicenters near or on the ocean floor. Not all earthquakes generate tsunami and some tsunami can be small and cause little or no damage. Because of this, people and surfers sometimes go to the beach when there is a tsunami warning. This is not a good idea because it is difficult to know when tsunami will be small and when they will be deadly. It usually takes an earthquake greater than 7.5 on the Richter scale to produce dangerous tsunami. Click here for a tsunami animation (you will need MPEG viewing software).

Sometimes people use the words tidal wave and tsunami to mean the same thing. However, the two are not related. While tsunami refers to dangerous waves caused by underwater disturbances, tidal waves are simply the crest of tides as they travel around the Earth. Tsunami have nothing to do with tides.

Tutorial: How to Flash your N97 with Phoenix (upgrade, or flash dead phones)

This tutorial can b used to upgrade,downgrade and flashing of dead phones.
BTW, this works for XP n Vista, x86 or x 64!!!

Tools Required:
1.Phoenix Service 2009 suite:
Direct Download:

Download link:
Before Flashing:
- backup your phone number and phone number of important personal information. If you want a clean installation, format your E: drive as well using the built in Nokia file manager .
Lets Start…….
->Run Phoenix Service Software  installer.
>Start Installing Phoenix
-> Now (the boring part) run Navifirm (it takes an hour or more to download the whole patch)…
Note: the reason i don’t use the builtin image downloader because it downloads older versions, from my experience.
After the files downloaded, copy them to C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505\
->Now Run Phoenix 2009
->Turn on the phone (it will start in offline mode because there is no SIM card inside).
->Plug in the USB cable to both the phone and the computer.
->When prompted, select “PC Suite” from the menu list on the phone.
->Wait for *all* drivers to fully install themselves before proceeding. You will see the driver icon disappear when it is complete.
-> Now Choose File Then Manage Connection
->###### “New”
->###### USB, and then ###### Next
->It will then search your USB ports for the phone. When it finds it, hit Finish
->Once it has finished scanning, ###### apply, then ###### close.
->Next, select “Scan Product” from the File menu.

-> Once finished scanning, you can see your model of phone and other details at the bottom screen.
->From the Flashing menu, choose Firmware Update.

->Wait for Phoenix to continue talking to the phone. You will see some information scroll by in the firmware Update window.
->###### Browse
->See the product code section.U should find ur product code in that column.If u see “ur” product code,well and good.
 -> but if u dont see ur code,or dont see anything for that matters,press on the “…” in the given prCode section.
You should see RM505-blabla, select that. Variant version =00. I will select “Refurbish” so that it will restore it to factory set (Clean and default C:).
 ->Press Start

Ignore the warning and click YES
The flashing process takes about five minutes to complete. The first few steps ensure connectivity to the phone.
After it verifies connectivity,Phoenix will automatically restart the phone.
 Once it has completed (a dialog box will popup saying it has completed successfully), you may close Phoenix,
unplug the USB cable, and restart your phone. It should startup with the firmware you flashed to it.

Galesnjak, Heart-Shaped Island Croatian

Galesnjak Croatian island became the main attraction of lovers everywhere, which he considered ideal for a romantic stay, because of its heart shape.

Charming heart-shaped island is in Zadarska Kanal and measures about 110,000 square meters.

Its form has attracted public attention after he was put in the spotlight by Google Earth.

Not even the owner of the island uninhabited, now known as the "Island lovers" did not realize that its shape resembles that of a perfect heart, but after being bombarded with requests from couples hosting.

According to The Telegraph, Galesjnak is global, the island that looks best with a heart.

The island is located between Zadar and the island of Pasman. Croatia is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, even during the summer months being invaded by tourists.

Nobody lives there, so if lovers just want to spend time alone, is the perfect island.

The Danger Lightning

Lightning is one of nature's most awe inspiring and dangerous phenomenon. The average lightning flash could light a 100-watt light bulb for more than 3 months! The temperature of a lightning bolt may reach 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit which is hotter than the surface of the sun!

On average, lightning kills one person in Kansas per year, and about 73 nationwide. In fact, lightning remains one of the most deadly weather phenomena in the U.S., and it can occur almost anywhere throughout the entire year. Lightning occurring during snowstorms has even killed people! Many people incur injuries or are killed due to misinformation and inappropriate behavior during thunderstorms. A few simple precautions can reduce many of the dangers posed by lightning.

    Do you hear it?
Once you hear thunder, it is time to act to prevent being struck by lightning. Generally speakingonce you can see lightning or hear thunder, you're already at risk for lightning injury or death. If the time delay between seeing the flash (lightning) and hearing the bang (thunder) is less than 30 seconds, immediately seek a safer location.

    Avoid being in or near
High places and open fields, isolated trees, gazebos, open sided picnic shelters, baseball dugouts, communication towers, flagpoles, light poles, bleachers (metal or wood), metal fences, convertibles, golf carts, water (ocean, lakes, swimming pools, rivers, etc.)

    When inside a building AVOID:
Use of the telephone or computer, taking a shower, washing your hands, doing dishes, or any contact with conductive surfaces with exposure to the outside such as metal door or window frames, electrical wiring, telephone wiring, cable TV wiring, plumbing, etc.

    If driving:
Stay in your automobile. An enclosed automobile offers reasonably good protection from lightning, as long as you don't touch metal.

Pay attention to weather warning devices such as NOAA Weather Radio and/or credible Lightning Detection systems. Noaa All Hazards Radio and local weather forecasts should be monitored prior to any outdoor event to determine if thunderstorms are in the forecast. Use good common sense if living in or traveling across Kansas this year.

Creating the world seen

Stems from a dualistic conception which assumes a distance between God and world, between the seen and unseen, between spirit and matter, modern man has come to believe again, as seen on St. Athanasius the Great Fall, as there is only what ii is accessible through the senses and satisfies the desires (cf. word against the Greeks, VIII. For him, the world's raw material, devoid of meaning and spiritual depth, the space in which to exercise his dominance. Far God, man value reached unspeakable and ignore the authentic meaning of the world, seeking to impose his technique and an artificial rationality corresponding crooked his obvious intention to build by own power, an earthly paradise. In these circumstances, observed Yannaras Christ, "which we call "progress" and "D" proved to be rape and destruction of nature and man being a constant threat of death (...) "(Primer of faith. Introduction to Orthodox Theology, Bucharest, 1996, p. 70).
Ecological crisis caused by irrational human behavior can not solve than the transfiguration was this view from the perspective of divine revelation that reveals internal rationality and the value of the world, the divine sense.
In this context, reinterpreting Biblical wagging revealed - discredited by his understanding of cosmological models based on outdated - from a contemporary perspective it is urgent to initiate a new dialogue between the Church of Christ and nourished civilization with scientific theories of our time. This paper also aims to outline a possible reinterpretations.

Some cosmological patterns

This enterprise can not only begin by describing the cosmological conception of the perspective of Orthodox theology interprets the Bible about Cosmogenesis and the giving of that claim. Comparison with other cosmological systems is therefore welcome.
Saint John Chrysostom said that "some not allow this world to have a creator, others say that the world and the world would have made for themselves, finally, others say that all things were made from a preexisting material "(Homilies on Genesis, VII, 4). Reducible representations of the world's diversity of three basic patterns, each with important consequences for spirituality and civilization, precisely to the human relationship with the world, which we will call pantheistic cosmology, and cosmology panenteista dualistic cosmology.
Cosmology pantheistic Eastern religions, high specific, based on the premise that confusion between God and the world, considering the latter one being coetema with God and thus divine essence. Pantheism knows, in turn, two types or accents: acosmismul (expressed by "all is God), which denies the world, reducing it to the status of apparent manifestation of God, and pancosmismul (expressed as" God is all "), whom they deny God, considering the world as the ultimate reality. In modern philosophy, this pattern cosmological beyond pantheism of Spinoza said, is called monism (only one is a reality or essence of reality), the two accents recalled becoming idealism (the world's only spirit) and, respectively, materialism (the world's matters only). Much disputed scientist and theologian, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, describes the tension in the very bosom of the scientific community, beyond the act, on the one hand, that science, even if he tried for a while, has not managed to get rid of metaphysics and, on the other hand the issue of ratio between spirit and matter will always be a difficulty. Verbatim Chardin says that "the scientific, materialistic strife between Spiritualists always lasts between deterministic and finalists. After a century of dispute, each party remains on the opponent's positions and shows his good reasons for this constancy" (The Phenomenal humaine, Editioris du Seuil, 1970, p. 41). Graphically, religious pantheism can be represented as a circle inscribed with a cross where the vertical and horizontal cosmic divine reality blurred sign of "great everything." It's the absence of a real relation between God and the world by unilaterally emphasis on divine immanence, and the existence of cosmic missing true verticality. Everything is meaningless repetition in an order "divine" inflexible, in which a man loses his personal identity and freedom, not daring to disturb something that order (cf. Dumitru Popeseu, and modern Orthodoxy, p. 183-184).
Dualistic cosmology specify mosaism, Western Christianity and other religions, the premise is the distance between God and the world, the incompatibility between spirit and matter. Unlike pantheism, where God and the world are confused, it's in the dualism of two distinct realities to separation, but a relation between what is possible. Dualistic cosmology, arranged plot by two different circles, offers several solutions to this report:
a) between vertical and horizontal cosmic divine there is a perfect externalities. It's parallel in eternity two principles, among which communication is not possible.
b) there is a relationship between the two tangent point, given the fact that God created the world.
c) Between God and the world there is an interference space, a sacred space in which the two realities are articulated without being confused. This space is the Church, "City of God" implanted in the "earthly city."
Dualist conceptions precisely distinguish between God and the world, or philosophically, between spirit and matter, but swings between considering the world (matter) is as bad and thus invariably doomed, or at least, deprived of liberty or as invariably good and autonomous from God, the cause is the same: the lack of spiritual foundation and an internal rationality of the world. Today, the first meaning of the latter left the place, which makes this mode of representation of reality may very well be called an autonomous cosmology. Modern science has resorted to Western theology separation between spirit and matter, opting for the materialistic interpretation or "naturalist" of the universe and life, everything that is making the abstraction of mind (today, as we shall see, the situation is complex). In this context, the man escapes from chaining deterministic own cosmocentrismului pantheist, but also replace God proud tiranizand world by trying to order it otherwise by technology (anthropocentrism). Cosmology is the fatal error that unilateral emphasis on divine transcendence, understood as the absence of God in His creation (cf. Dumitru Popescu, op., P. 181-183).
Cosmology panenteista beyond that philosophical namesake, which is just a more elaborate pantheism, is a synthesis of the other two cases, possible only through fidelity to divine revelation. As noted, pantheism emphasizes God's immanence unilaterally, while the dualism of divine transcendence to the world only in the first case no longer seen as the creature world, the second being seen as independent from God. Approaching antinomic relationship between God and the cosmos, its panenteismul Orthodox tradition says while divine transcendence and immanence to the world: God is above the world he created, is supraspatial and timeless, but present in all creation and movement them for purposes of default, the perpetuation of the relationship with God. As noted John Meyendorff (in Byzantine theology. Historical trends and doctrinal themes, Bucharest, 1996, p. 12), it's a theology of God's participation in the life of the world and the world to life of the Holy Trinity, which finds its classic expression Palamas in distinction between nature, people and God's uncreated energies.
Internal relationship between God and the world, loving and free time in the descent of the Godhead to the creation of fire wire and rationality theocentric uncreated energies of the world, manifested in its natural ascent to God in motion or of its creative energies, said both distance between created and uncreated, that unmistakable their properties, and their willingness to unite, to achieve 'theandric way "or cosmic scale generalization of the mystery of Christ in and through the church. Graphically, this pattern can be represented by the cosmological two concentric circles, where the vertical divine creation even beyond horizontal penetrates and fills the world without identifying with it, Christ shines in the center, represented by his cross, the axes of which joined Godhead and creation (cf. Eph 1, 7-10, 2, 14-16).
In this context, the man and the world is no longer in adversity, but to conciliate their natural movement towards God. This is why pantheistic cosmology, that God is in everything and everything is in God (cf. Acts, 17, 28, Ephesians 4 6) or can call theocentric. teonoma (cf. Dumitru Popescu, op. cit., p. 184-187).
The premise of orthodox tradition to biblical interpretation Cosmogenesis e panenteismul essay. It should be noted now that this concept offers the best solution for the relationship between man and universe, capable of promoting a mentality to overcome environmental problems.

Science and faith or how interpretation

Another necessary element of our company's determination to do the work.
I said only in terms of divine revelation has been named as possible panenteism cosmological synthesis. Cosmology is the main source of biblical and patristic conception of the world, which is claimed in the essay about the creation (Gen. 1-2), full text inspired by God and, therefore, normative for theology. This text, written around 3500 years ago, however, presents a major difficulty: expressing in terms of fallen man (Orthodox theology distinguishes between the heavenly man and the man fall, in the way, the intensity of existence) or, more precisely, of the Jews in road to the promised land rendered difficult situations at that time, the entire description is by analogy more or less relevant to contemporary man. It is an iconic language, poetic and descriptive context to be carefully and with the grace of the Holy Spirit (cf. II Peter, 1, 20-21), to be played today human comprehensible.
So, the Eastern Church's cosmology is not teonoma launches world hypotheses about the origin and movement, as happens in science, it starts from a given human and divine at the same time, the essay Bible, which even then did not ignore they engage in a dialogue with the scientific theories of cosmology.
Interesting to note is the attitude of St. Basil the Great, philosopher, scientist and theologian who, in the fourth century, he interpreted biblical essay about the creation of the world in terms of cosmological theories of his time, using or referring only to physical time, he found several contradictions that make him not be attached by any of these theories. But here's what Saint says: "Many have spoken about the nature of Greek philosophers, but none of their ideas did not remain steadfast and nerasturnata, all ideas of the ideas of the first second they broke down, so do not need me to exhibit them vanity. E-sufficient combat by others "(Homilies on Hexaemeron, 1, 2).
Regarding the way in which the Church theology proposals assume science should be remarked, once Vladimir Lossky, as "Greek Fathers cosmology necessarily reproduce the image of science in universities according to their age. This does not depreciate its own fund - called theological comments the biblical story of creation. Orthodox Church theology, soteriology forever, never never entered a deal with any attempt of synthesis of philosophy in the doctrine. (...) lacking any philosophical preference, the Church will always serve with more freedom and philosophy science, in an apologetic purpose, but she will never have the machine and changing the relative truths, appear as unalterable truth of its dogmas. Therefore, the teachings of modern cosmology will not affect the fundamental truth revealed no Church. " In this way, theology gets along well with any scientific theory about the universe, provided that the latter was not to exceed boundaries and daring to try to deny what is outside the field of vision "(mystical theology Eastern Church, Anastasia, p. 132-133).
It is a selective method, assuming a critical scientific interpretations, by the direction of St. Basil the Great in the Homily XXII by young people and, specifically, in Homilies on Hexaemeron not abdicand from Scripture or science refusing any value , a method that avoids the idea of double truth, that there is a truth of faith and one's intelligence (or the philosophy of science), but did not seek any corresponding price. The method involves selective use of scientific concepts as "vehicle" for the giving revealed in effort and in-depth understanding of its current exposure.
This is why orthodox cosmology not conflict with the scientist known as happened in the West, where theologians have seen an ancient cosmology Philosophia perennis or the last word for wagging biblical interpretation. In this context, the dispute is not with Scripture science, but a theology of Scripture understood wrong. Resolving conflict remembered today seems closer than ever, theology, on the one hand, and reviewing statements and returning to the revelation, as was expressed dogmatically follow the church in filtering inspired by the Holy Fathers, and on the other part of last century triumphalism abandoning science and opting for the "apophatic" in the moment was not satisfied with the analysis, but seeks to understand the significance of the world, the essence of mystery is created as unfathomable as that of divine beings, for sending incessantly. Tension gradually disappears while today, fizicenii at least, try a metaphysical approach that explores the reality.
Mircea Eliade, talking about what he called "Gnosis of Princeton", says "it is surprising to see physicists, especially astrophysicists and specialists of theoretical physics, reconstructing a universe in which God has his place, and the idea of cosmogony , The Creation "(Trying maze, Cluj, 1990, p. 114). In this way the scientists responsible for her attitude earlier "metaphysical blindness" of many contemporaries, seems to become a new spiritual leaven (cf. Yannaras Christ, op. Cit., P. 53). Must be noted also that the new cosmological representations and, in particular, microphysics theology offers the possibility of building a new contemplation of the world.

Short text near

Our effort will be trying to spend a fair relation between the traditional interpretation of biblical and pre current scientific theories of cosmology. Even though it may seem a unilateral selection of patristic texts, the author decided to give it the old cosmologies suggestions to highlight insights of the Fathers inspiratele consistent over time with today's science data. In other words, you decontextualized traditional patristic cosmology, keeping the elements capable of promoting a dialogue with current science. This spirit is taking comments on the essay Byzantine Bible, the author relates incessantly.
Text structure is very complex. Although at first sight is a history of creation, the essay does not propose a biblical chronology, but a focused and functional perspective. The order of "days" is more logical, following the plan and to affirm God's direct involvement in bringing the universe into existence and in the organization. This is why the Fathers insisted that "it is God who makes them and pretend it all and arranges them (they ordinates, on) all by His will" (St. John Chrysostom, op. Cit., II, 2 and 3, see St. John Damas-chin, Dogmatics, II, 6). St. Basil the Great says more precisely that point: "you must not talk of making heaven and earth as a preparation made of themselves, as some have imagined, but as a work-and is due to God "(op. cit., I, 1).
Concentric perspective is evident in the progressive specification of the theme. From the statement that God created the universe, heaven and earth, Scripture deals only visible cosmos, then our planet, life and, ultimately, the human consciousness sum of creation and life, as in Chapter the second man to be proposed as an archetype of all life on Earth (see issue "distinctions" in Saint Maximus the Confessor, Ambigua 106).
It should be noted, first, that this enriched perspective, culminating in man, is updated scientific so-called anthropic principle, according to which the universe was "programmed" to be compatible with man (cf. Hubert Reeves in Azur Patience - cosmic evolution, Humanitas, Bucharest. 1093, p. 170, John D. Barrow, The origin of the universe, Humanitas, p. 25 and 110, Jean-Pierre Longchamp, Science et croyance, detaching from Brouwer, 1992, p. 177-179 ). On the other hand, the same perspective precludes any definitive statement of theology in terms of extraterrestrial life: Scripture does not allow any assertion or refute it. Thirdly, Scripture concentrismul explain the absence of problems in cosmology Church "inflationary universe" or expanding (although one can guess, with something positive, commenting "on" the first creation), which allowed the invasion of Greek thought on world issues in buildings less true revelation of theologians.
Also, that's intentional disclosure of the divine plan of the world or logical construction of the world, not a timeline that could be interpreted and by chance, resulting in duplication and "days" of creation:
I light. - IV dome
Earth's primordial ocean and the atmosphere II - V aquatic creatures. And airlines
Land and vegetation III - VI land animals and man

The sequence of "days" indicate not a strict policy for development in the history of creation, but the introduction of elements to the extent that they come true function, each step being the prerequisite is in the latter. In this sense, each "day" is "Morning" from the previous (ie, exceeds the increased materiality of the world God's plan), but "evening" for the following (and which exceeds a new statement of intent God). It must be said again that the biblical creation of a logical plan is confirmed by current scientific cosmology, which speaks of a purpose, a programming and a draft of the universe, all by sending a designer (Jean-Pierfe he Longchamp, op. cit., p. 176-177).
These elements show that the entire essay is built on biblical symbolic images, in analogies from everyday experience of Jews from the time of Moses (cf. Saint John Chrysostom, op. Cit., II, 2). Even the term "day" is used to designate a time not twenty-four hours, as long believed, but by comparison with the "day job" to indicate the active presence of God: whatever exists is It worked! E imotivul strongest for billions of years to include science has not scare him a theologian and not look like a lack of devotion to the almighty, divine, "working day" speaks of a God who assert dignity and strength through chenoza, by lowering the possibilities of creation, as it had done for the salvation.
Fapul it's the "working day" and indicated the structure is almost identical to the six stages of creation, God commanded through His word and all are powerful, the Creator assess their work, seeing that she was "good" / "beautiful" , Or thought about it comply; creature gets a name, that shall show the meaning and function, and where living beings, they are blessed, that receive power through the development and replication of "participation" in the power of the Creator (this blessing has been addressed with Certainly, the entire creation, but the pace of movement, more slowly, hardly leaves her complaint); end "and was evening and the morning were," suggesting the dynamic development of the universe according to divine plan drawn up before the world was. It's a "work" through speech, pointing aiming beautiful world, shaping of its artistic it (for the Holy Fathers, God is a technetes, ARTIFEX, artist par excellence): "The world is a work of art to be put before all seen and contemplated, and the wisdom to make known its Creator "(St. Basil the Great, op cit., I, 7). Very interesting that scientists now use category and aesthetics, of beauty to represent their logic universe (Jean-Pierre Longchamp, op. Cit., P. 175).
Structural complexity of the text tells us "not to exceed our measure," because "it is impossible for man to know God's perfect creation (St. John Chrysostom, op. Cit., II, 2). Any interpretation of biblical essay about creation, even by means of contemporary science, apophatic attitude requires a reservation (cf. Saint Maximus the Confessor, ambiguous, 79a and 79b). Therefore, neither the author's effort is not viewed as a haughty attempt to say the last word in interpreting the biblical text about the creation of the world.

Text Interpretation

The paper begins with a biblical general statement: "In the beginning God created the heaven / heavens and the earth" (Genesis, 1, 1). The sentence contains a variety of information. St. Basil distinguishes several meanings of "beginning" or origin of speaking time as a dimension of spatializarii, widen the cosmos (so confirmed by contemporary science, for comparison, see John D. Barrow, op. Cit., P 103) or a "pretimp" the first creation of God or of eternity, "beginning" par excellence (cf. op. cit., 1, 5 and 6). Most performers connects this "beginning" of that of John, 1, 1-3. However, it is obvious that the world has a beginning of existence, it's not coetema of God and being created, it's an extension of the divine essence or deity, that emanatiste systems (veins, Gnostic, Origenist). The existence of the world is not necessary, that God is not determined by something to create, the universe is the work of rational liberty, the will of God.
In "Introductory Study" in Romanian translation of works atanasiene (Collection Fathers and ecclesiastical writers, vol 15, p. 15), insists that the Holy Father Athanasius Dumitru Staniloae introduced for the first time a clear distinction between the theologically birth, so that relationship between Father and Son eternal, and making that bring the world into existence.
To show the ontological difference between Creator and creation, it was later emphasized that the world was created "from scratch" (cf. II Maccabees, 7, 28), statement of great importance to assess the relationship between God and the cosmos, in this respect, Saint Athanasius the Great observed that "others, among which is the Plato, the Greeks at large, say that God made them all from pre-existing and uncreated matter (...). Having said that, they do not understand that bind God's weakness. For if the cause is not itself material, but makes things a pre-existing matter, he is weak "(Treatise on the Incarnation of the Word; cf. Saint John Chrysostom, op. cit., II, 4 ). It is evident that ancient cosmology, and contemporary face the same problems in articulating the idea of mobility cosmos divine omnipotence is owing to the design and building of a transcendent Creator, is surprising, therefore, many physicists today option for creation of anything similar solutions (cf . John D. Barrow, op. cit., p. 119-121, and Stephen W. Hawking, Brief History of Time. From the Big Bang to Black Holes, the second edition of Humanitas, p. 23 and 25).
The origin of the world in divine creative act involves its fundamental unit (because they are all reducible to a single term, "creative," says St. Athanasius against the Arians in the second word, 58-59), beyond the diversity or complexity: the world is while "heaven and earth." The Symbol of Faith, the Church interprets the "sky" as invisible or intelligible aspect of creation, "earth" representing its appearance seen or sensitive. Disclosure of this complexity in the drive beyond the dualism so that said distance between sensible and intelligible, between spirit and matter, and claiming monism. is the existence or spirit, or matter. Correspondence and convergence of the two aspects of creation is based on their common spiritual or those seen in the fact that it is based on the unseen (cf. St. Basil, op. Cit., I, 5). For contemporary science, cosmic unity is beyond doubt. A proof is really very important cosmic motion isotropy (cf. John D. Barrow, op. Cit., P. 29-30). Interesting to compare the double movement of the universe (expansion and intrication), expression of this unit, the images used by St. Athanasius (orchestral polyphony cosmos as the Logos) and St. Maxim (dance around the cosmos as the Logos, manifesting diastolic -systolic-extensive and intensive).
There is a paradox of unity in diversity, evident in the issue of the relationship between part and whole. Thus, although the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, any part of it contains and reflects the whole. For example, man's hand, and synthesis in the small world.
Attention now focuses on Scripture "earth", the visible aspect of creation (Gen. 1, 2). "Unseen and netocmit" (or "netocmit and void"), "earth" is a "deep" dark mystery of unorganized yet created essence, which portrays parents as being the potential of the universe, the "primordial matter" created following the being organized by the wise Creator. We can not speak but only matter in a very broad sense.
The text introduces another analogy, that of "water" indicating inconsistencies and internal dynamics of this "earth" original. St. John Chrysostom great surprise, noting that "water was full of life energy", "water was not a mere water, but one that was in motion, which raged and included everything" (op cit ., III, 1 and 2). In turn, St. Basil speaks of a "spiritual light" of which the universe was created (op. cit., I, 5), because most holy fathers share the same opinion (in fact, this concept is evident in the Romanian mentality in the cosmos it's "world", meaning light). This complex and indefinite tense today confirmed physical theories that were seeded the reasons of all things, was still controlled by the Spirit of God (the symbol of faith. "Maker Lord of life"), which "carry over water" or, as St. Basil, "and gave life heated water hen the image, which empowers life and hatching eggs (...), that is preparing for the birth waters of life (op. cit., II, 6). It is a sign that further development of the cosmos was achieved through the combined energies of Spirit and "water."
Have been introduced so far two of the persons of the Trinity: "God" (Father) and "Spirit of God." The text continues with "And God said," words that recognize the ecclesial interpretation, comparing the prologue of John's Gospel, the person of the Logos, the Son of God who is eternally in the bosom of the Father and that all were created. In this way, the involvement of the entire Trinity is revealed in the act of bringing the world to the existence or the fact that after the expression commonly used by the Fathers, the Father created everything through the Son in the Holy Spirit. Tanta important this statement is overwhelming. Bringing it into existence by the Logos and Spirit, the Father established the rational world (that etched the Logos) and spiritual (the seal of the Spirit). Logical and spiritual foundation of the world, confirmed the physics of our century (which speaks of a substrate and relational-band energy in the cosmos), reveals the depth, value and meaning of creation theocentric, not only showing its movement paradox of diversification-unification, expansion- step, upward or vertical direction but also the cosmic process.
The world appears as the words of Father Dumitru Staniloae as plasticized rationality, because any act of God is the creator and developer. Bringing the existence of every creature is synonymous with sharing of information, the manifestation of a thought or a divine reasons that pre-exist the world, but is not forever, but developed into a "pretimp" the divine Logos. Logos If you would not be rationale thought or paradigms (models) creatures or creation was a necessity for God, by linking these reasons the divine essence (as in Origenism) or not there would have been an internal relationship between God and the world (cosmology as automatic). For the Eastern Fathers, the antinomy, the reasons are both in the Logos of God, and how things have a dynamic that is being even uncreated energies of the Godhead, making an internal connection between the Logos and creation. In this way, only because it has a rational point can be known throughout the world through this man has access to the ultimate rationale. In other words, the true interpretation of the world makes light of the Logos and Creator of the universe (cf. Saint Maxim, op. Cit., 13).
"Earth" initial (visible universe), described as "deep" dark and "water" in the Holy Spirit work was organized in six "days" (rounds). These steps indicate a movement, a development of the cosmos, as stated in its evolution, but not a random dynamic (subject to chance) or only some immanent determinations (as in the Roman Catholic concept of "second causes", typical for a cosmology