Thursday, January 5, 2012


This is goldfish
Buy him a roomy aquarium
Once you go looking for an aquarium, not only take into account as Fish or their number but also their needs.
While the purchase may be chicken, fish can reach mature size until about 30 cm. Also, do not omit the fact that it is very energetic and likes to spend time swimming. So, one copy will need an aquarium of about 60-100 l.
For each additional purchase added more than 30L to get the right capacity. If you are not sure of the correct size, consult with your seller's Pet Shop. This will help you choose suitable aquarium decorations you can tell what to use or how to care for him.
The aquarium can be decorated with plants and an artificial reef or a rock band where you can hide. Of course, you can opt for other decorations that have the same purpose.2 Buy the necessary accessories
The lamp. You need to buy a special lamp for aquariums. Opt for a fluorescent. You lit the lamp at least 10 hours a day.
Thermometer. It is designed to measure water temperature. Although not very demanding carasii, can live in waters with temperatures from 5oC to 25oC, would be ideal to be permanently TEMPERATURE values ​​between 18-21oC. Maintaining water heating is performed using a fluorescent lamp.
Oxygen pump. Although fish are very active and they oxygenate the water and naturally, it is necessary to have a pump oxygen. If you possess a single pump is not necessary, but if you have a large number of fish you have to buy one.
Water filter. Goldfish are a lot of misery every day. A filter helps keep clean for a long time and even prevent tank contamination with different bacteria.
Sand substrate. It is recommended to use a sand substrate, as is wont to seek food crucian and sand, not only eat it from above. Using a high sand or gravel, the fish can hurt during this process.3 Feed it properly
Feed him at least twice a day. It is advisable to give fixed amounts of food, so that no debris remains in the tank. This can lead to fouling and contamination of water with algae and bacteria. Also, you should establish a quantity of food they give to him regularly. If the fish will eat in excess health problems can occur.
Caraselul gold is omnivorous, meaning they eat both meat and vegetables. Offer special goldfish food that you can find in any Pet Shop. Besides it is better to give him from time to time small pieces of boiled peas (unshelled), spinach or lettuce.
To give you like when you give too much food, supravegeaza it while eating. If after 10 minutes remaining traces of food in the water and stopped eating fish lowers the amount of feeding them.4 Keep the tank clean
Using a clean filter helps keep water for a long time. In this case it is enough to change half the water weekly.
When you want to clean the tank and replace water entirely, make sure you reach another smaller aquarium in which to move fish. Natural plants will be replaced from time to time. If you opted for some artificial, is enough to clean them very well.
Accessories and tank cleaning is done using hot water with salt.WARNING! Do not use regular detergents. If salt water is not enough to remove inpuritatilor buy a special detergent to clean the aquarium. You can buy from pet shops.
To replace the water, you can use tap water or well water. It must first boiled and then left overnight to cool and settle. This eliminates chlorine and other harmful substances.

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