Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marine Aquariums

The main difference between freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums comes from the fact that sea water contains many salts which give some specific characteristics important to know.Sea water contains more than sixty different amounts of elements, the main element is chlorine which is 54% DNI total mass of salts, sodium is second with 30%. These two elements together form sodium chloride and is the largest salt from sea water. Besides the two Elements as important are: magnesium, sulfur, calcium, potassium and bromine.
Among the features that are important marine acvriilor are:- Ddensitatea, pH, TAC, nitrogen cycle, temperature.- Density varies with temperature (decreases when the temperature increases) is measured to estimate salinity. Density should range between 1022 and 1024.- PH in a marine aquarium should not fall below 8. and varies between 8 and 8.5, if you exceed these limits physiological problems.- TAC (Fully Alcalimetric titre) measures the amount of carbon and calcium and magnesium bicarbinati. It is important to maintain pH and coral growth that are composed of calcium carbonate.
The aquarium should be a permanent balance between oxygen, carbon dioxide, plants and fish. Number of aquarium fish have special imporatnta both in terms of eating and excretion of oxygen but that turns into nitrogen, which is very toxic, then giving rise to nitrates nitrites.In a well-balanced aquarium not to exceed the threshold limit for nitrates. During the day due to photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide breath comes from bacteria to fish but also to extract the carbon and oxygen necessary for growth and remove.
Marine fish aclimatizeaza especially difficult depending on diet, considering their compotamentul (ages, group, need a territory) marine fish may or may not live together in the same aquarium.Few marine species regularly breed in the aquarium, except clown fish, fish beloved children of famous cartoon "Finding Nemo" anemones play an important role in reproduction of these fish, the fish they delimit an area near where they lay their anemones eggs on a substrate can also reproduce from 2 to 4 weeks.
In a marine aquarium and invertebrates have important because anemones and corals. Anemones live attached to the substrate by foot which acts as a suction cup, they are resistant to a water tank but be a good light. Corals live in a limestone skeleton that can be withdrawn, are very difficult to maintain in an aquarium and aquarium containing coral therefore be equipped with reactor is used together with a recommended CO2 with a pH controller maintaining constant the value of the marine aquarium calcium and pH. The calcium reactor is introduced into the aquarium to another form of calcium, which helps keep the coral alive.
Of marine fish are: squirrel fish (Adioryx cornutus), red soldier fish (myripristis murjdan) gaterinul zebra (plectorhynchus orientalis), Hamlet blue (hypoplectrus Gemma), Hamlet gold (hypoplectrus gumnigutta), lemon butterfly fish (chaetodon miliaris), fish angel, clown fish (amphirion) etc..