Friday, January 6, 2012

SuperSwitcher brings the possibility to display your favorite applications in task switcher

SuperSwitcher is a new iDevice tweak to our sites, launched a few days ago in Cydia that allows us to set a list of favorite applications is opened with the task switcher in Ios. In the picture above we have a demonstration of how to tweak your work and see that empty space remaining task switcher's opening a box which we now add up to 9 applications PUM favorites. Still can set your favorite applications is not the only thing you can tweak your help or we can change because of different settings and IOS: screen brightness, volume level, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc..

Don’t you just hate searching for your favorite app icon in between so many springboard pages? wish you could just “bookmark” your favorite apps in your Multitasking Bar… Now you can with SuperSwitcher!! With SuperSwitch you can bookmark your 9 favorite apps in a menu above the Multitasking Bar, The apps can be set through settings. But thats not all you can also change system settings right from the menu above the multitasking bar like toggle bluetooth, toggle wifi, change brightness & volume, respring, reboot, safe mode, tweet, sms, call anyone, lookup google and alot of many other things!!

Besides the functionality described above, SuperSwitcher offers the ability to write an SMS / make a call, post a tweet or even send an email, all shortcuts using the above interface. SuperSwitcher has a menu settings in the Settings application and can be used iOS iDevice sites that have at least iOS 4.2 installed. SuperSwitcher is available in Cydia in the BigBoss repo for $ 0.99.

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