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El Chupacabra


A legendary cryptozoological creature reported in parts of South America and Mexico. The Chupacabra is believed to be a predatory creature attributed with the killing of goats and other farm animals giving it a name that means 'goat sucker' in Spanish. Descriptions of the creature vary but it is frequently described as a short lizard-like animal with large eyes and a series of spines running down its back. Some believe it to be an extraterrestrial life form.

Recent media coverage

The Chupacabra has been featured in media for some time including in TV shows such as the X-Files. More recently there have been a series of claims from local news stations claiming to have photographs and footage of alleged Chupacabra corpses however these invariable end up being coyotes, dogs or other wild animals suffering from mange giving them an unusual appearance. So far no conclusive evidence for the existence of the beast has ever been found.

Rules of politeness in Britain

Over the years, the English were associated with a type of conduct and a strict set of rules of etiquette gave the status of a civilized nation, but rigid - and often the unwritten laws of society have made it look cool or snobbish in comparison with other cultures, considered more open and welcoming.

General Rules
Punctuality is vital for England, but to get a few minutes earlier, surely, is supported.

The English are not very familiar with strangers and do not like effusions in public. The standard greeting is a simple handshake. Also, personal space (distance from other people) is strictly adhered to, and touching in public, even without non-explicit sexual nature, must be avoided at all costs.

Also avoid the British to talk about thorny issues or themes considered almost taboo such as religion, salary, private life or sexual themes, change the subject in the agenda, which is completely harmless one, namely ... time. Also, avoid negative references to the royal family.

Transportation and traffic
Most tourists do not know the features that accompany the British daily trips on the bus, subway or taxi, but you can very quickly since the very first day. First, in London as in other cities of Great Britain, is standing in line, regardless of how long it takes to get to the bus or subway, train, etc.. It is considered rude to jump turn, and often can even get a reprimand from an older person.

For Metro, the descent on the escalator, right side is reserved for travelers who do not hurry, so those who prefer to go down the stairs at a normal pace, and the left is used by those who wish to increase the pace to catch the first metro . Frequently, tourists violate this simple rule of politeness, to the displeasure of local residents.

It is also considered good sense to offer your seat on the bus or subway elderly people with various disabilities, pregnant women, mothers with children or help someone to their luggage. The means of transportation do not eat things that have a strong smell, drink alcohol, no headphones and listen to music than do not speak loudly. In addition, it shows a lack of common sense if you stare persistently look at someone in public transport (the English expression and look specifically for these persistent and uncomfortable - "Staring").
In traffic, traffic rules and regulations letter are very rare for them to be violated, especially because of large fines. For example, seat belts is compulsory for both front passengers, and for those on the back seat. The rule applies both to car, as well as taxis and the fine for violating this law is about 300 pounds. Honking in London and the rest of the country is allowed by law, but is not considered as evidence of good conduct. Consequently, it is used only in cases when it is absolutely necessary and may take months until you get to hear a claxonand driver on a street, no matter how busy they are.
In societyThe English are very protocol when it comes to titles, so you have to pay a special appearance and address, when you talk to someone. In universities, but also at work, there are different degrees of familiarity that should be respected as such. For example, if a superior position include a PhD or Professor (in Britain, the title of Professor is the highest), then we need to address or refer politely to the person in question, always using the title that was granted unless you are asked to give up the formalities. However, non-academic society and outside work is very open and free of unnecessary formalities. Often, in the university are permitted familiarity, especially for young teachers who have the title of Lecturer and will insist he tutuiesti.
The English put great emphasis on good manners, so I always hold doors for other people, especially men to women, and always in a room is entered in order of rank.
If you accidentally bump with another person on the street or the subway, is essential to say "sorry", and one even said the same thing. "Yes, please" and "No, thank you" are on the agenda and perhaps you will hear constantly in any situation or time of day, so we recommend you use them, regardless of where you are, from supermarket 5-star hotel.
In pubs and restaurantsIn the pubs of London, and the rest of the country, no waiters, bartenders only, so all orders, including food, will command bar. In some pubs orders not bring to the table by bartenders, but must be collected. If you are part of a larger group, it is considered rude and otherwise inefficient, all to go to the bar to ask for a drink. Usually, tradition requires that someone will buy the first drink, followed by others. In pubs, bartenders do not give tips in general, but if you insist you can offer them a drink, a gesture that will be seen as a sign of friendship.

In restaurants, tip consists of at least 10% of the total amount of the note, and can be included or not, therefore, you should always look at the note, to see if the service was included or not in In general, it is polite to wait until everyone has received rations before eating, but between friends is not absolutely necessary.

Usually, one who is invited to pay table note - of course, that's not true between close friends, which usually divide "nemteste.

Though many rules and habits are common, there are significant differences of temperament between comporatament and even British, Irish, Scottish and Wales.

Bermuda Shorts : A Brief History of the Devil's Triangle

Limbo of the Lost. The Twilight Zone. Hoodoo Sea. The Devil's Triangle. The vast three-sided segment of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, did not receive its most famous nickname until 1964, but reports of bizarre happenings there, or nearby, have been recorded for centuries. In fact, many claim that Christopher Columbus bore witness to the Bermuda Triangle's weirdness.

As the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria sailed through the area in 1492, it is reported that Columbus's compass went haywire and that he and his crew saw weird lights in the sky, but these events have mundane explanations. From the account in Columbus's journal, it is thought that his compass's slight inaccuracy stemmed from nothing more than the discrepancy between true north and magnetic north. As for the lights, Columbus wrote of seeing "a great flame of fire" that crashed into the ocean -- probably a meteor. He saw lights in the sky again on October 11, which, of course, was the day before his famous landing. The lights, brief flashes near the horizon, were spotted in the area where dry land turned out to be.

Another historical event retroactively attributed to the Bermuda Triangle is the discovery of the Mary Celeste. The vessel was found abandoned on the high seas in 1892, about 400 miles off its intended course from New York to Genoa. There was no sign of its crew of ten or what had happened to them. Since the lifeboat was also missing, it is quite possible that they abandoned the Mary Celeste during a storm that they wrongly guessed the ship could not weather. But what makes it even harder to call this a Bermuda Triangle mystery is that it the ship was nowhere near the Triangle -- it was found off the coast of Portugal.

The Bermuda Triangle legend really began in earnest on December 5, 1945, with the famed disappearance of Flight 19. Five Navy Avenger bombers mysteriously vanished while on a routine training mission, as did a rescue plane sent to search for them -- six aircraft and 27 men, gone without a trace. Or so the story goes.

When all the facts are laid out, the tale of Flight 19 becomes far less puzzling. All of the crewmen of the five Avengers were inexperienced trainees, with the exception of their patrol leader, Lt. Charles Taylor. Taylor was perhaps not at the height of his abilities that day, as some reports indicate that he had a hangover and failed in his attempts to pass off this flight duty to someone else.

With the four rookie pilots entirely dependent on his guidance, Taylor found that his compass malfunctioned soon into the flight. Taylor chose to continue the run on dead reckoning, navigating by sighting landmarks below. Being familiar with the islands of the Florida Keys where he lived, Taylor had reason to feel confident in flying by sight. But visibility became poor due to a brewing storm, and he quickly became disoriented.

Flight 19 was still in radio contact with the Fort Lauderdale air base, although the weather and a bad receiver in one of the Avengers made communication very spotty. They may have been guided safely home if Taylor had switched to an emergency frequency with less radio traffic, but he refused for fear they would be unable to reestablish contact under these conditions.

Taylor ended up thinking they were over the Gulf of Mexico, and ordered the patrol east in search of land. But in reality, they had been heading up the Atlantic coastline, and Taylor was mistakenly leading his hapless trainees much further out to sea. Radio recordings indicate that some of them suggested to Taylor that Florida was actually to the west.

A search party was dispatched, which included the Martin Mariner that many claim disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle along with Flight 19. While it is true that it never returned, the Mariner did not vanish; it blew up 23 seconds after takeoff, in an explosion that was witnessed by several at the base. This was unfortunately not an uncommon occurrence, because Mariners were known for their faulty gas tanks.

No known wreckage from Flight 19 has ever been recovered. One reasonable explanation is that Taylor led the planes so far into the Atlantic that they were past the continental shelf. There the ocean abruptly drops from a few hundred feet deep to several thousand feet deep. Planes and ships that sink to such depths are seldom seen again. The deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the 30,100-foot-deep Puerto Rico Trench, lies within the Bermuda Triangle.

Combining the circumstances of the failing compass, the difficulty of radio transmissions, and the absence of wreckage, tales of mysterious intervention befalling Flight 19 began to take form. Theories involving strange magnetic fields, time warps, Atlantis, and alien abduction began to appear. Even an official Navy report intimated that the Avengers had disappeared "as if they had flown to Mars."

About 200 prior and subsequent incidents have been attributed to the inherent strangeness of the area, which was forever christened the Bermuda Triangle by writer V. Gaddis in a 1964 issue of Argosy, a fiction magazine. Public interest in the "phenomenon" was whipped into a frenzy by Charles Berlitz's 1974 bestseller The Bermuda Triangle, a sensationalized and thoroughly inaccurate account that shunned the facts in favor of mysterious excitement.

There are two major obstacles to taking the Bermuda Triangle legend seriously. The first is that most of the associated mishaps can be explained by rational means. The second is that most of the associated mishaps did not occur within the Bermuda Triangle. If you plot all of the alleged instances of the area's malevolent influence on a map, you find that only a handful have actually happened within the Triangle's borders. Sea disasters as distant as Portugal, Ireland and the Pacific and Indian Oceans have been blamed on the Bermuda Triangle. We might then just as well rename it as "The Worldwide Curse of All Seas." Some have turned this fact on its head by proposing this as evidence that the Devil's Triangle is expanding in scope.

Others may respond that it is evidence that accidents will happen -- no matter where exactly on the land, on the sea or in the air they take place.

Tutorial (step by step) How to flash LG KP500 - cookie

In this tutorial you will see how to flash lg cookie with new firmware.

- First off all you should make a backup of your phone files (contacts, messages ...) because after flashing, all the files saved on the phone will be erased. I recommend that you use LG PC SuiteII.
- Dont forget to unplug your phone.

FIRMWARE LG KP500 KP500AT-00-V10n-DEC-17-2008 (v10N) NEW!

FLASHER LG - MultiGSM ver 3.0 + kp500 .dll file

(Don't connect your phone on computer yet)

Downloaded files should be un-ziped (I unziped them in one folder which i made it on desktop)

You got next files:
- KP500_081002.dll

- KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008
- KP500AT-00-V10n-CIS-XXX-DEC-17-2008.bin.mbn

3.1.) Install GSMULTI (SETUP_GSMULTI_V30). The icon will shows on your desktop otherwise the program install on C disk, folder GSMULTI
- start GSMULTI
- select: Settings/Configuration

- put .dll file and firmware file in and choose USB then click OK and close program

Drivers to be found in install folder of GSMMULTI program. My path is C:\GSMULTI\UsbDrivers

- First install INFINEON


- Now u take a phone (shut it down) and remove, BATTERY, SIM CARD and MEMORY CARD then
- conect it with your USB cable to computer (I suggest that u connect only in one USB port on computer)
- wait about one minute that comuputer recognize new device

- Run program USBMap_V01 (which can be found in C:\GSMULTI)
- Select INFINEON and then click MAPPING START

-WAIT (about one minute) that USBMAP will find USB port where is the phone connected
- When the port will be found click on (select it) and press SAVE&EXIT

- Run GSMULTI program (shourtcut is in your desktop)
- Check if settings/configuration are the same like we set it before (otherwise look step 3.1.)

- Now its everything ready to start flashing
- Check MODEL and SW VERSION and if that is correct just click START and wait until the program finished

- And voila, here we have a new firmware version

That's it.

Tutorial: How to debrand and flash newer firmware to your Galaxy S

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to flash firmware onto your Galaxy S, this can be used for debranding your phone from network operator firmware which is normally slow and full of logos etc.

A couple of things:

  • Flashing new firmware doesn't unlock your Galaxy S
  • Flashing firmware other than the original operator will most likely void your warrenty. Find your original firmware as a means of back up.

I've tested this myself on Windows 7 x64. Here's the steps involved.

  1. Download and install the lastest Samsung Kies
  2. Download and install Odin3 V1.0 with the included Samsung Galaxy S pit file
  3. Download the selected Galaxy S Firmware you require. You will have to register on Be careful and download only a suitable firmware. For example if your current firmware is i9000XXJF2 stick to i9000XXxxx firmware. XX European DX = Asian markets. To view your current firmware version type *#1234# in the phone keypad.
  4. Make sure your phone connects and sygic fine with Samsung Kies
  5. Start your phone in download mode. Power off the mobile. Remove the sim and mircosd. The hold volume down, the home key (middle button) and power button at the same time. Keep holding them till you see an Downloading Android logo.
  6. Connect your USB cable to the phone. Wait for Windows to install the usb download mode drivers.
  7. Once done reboot your computer to be on the safe side.
Galaxy S flashing / debranding procedure:

  1. Start Odin3 and then connect your Galaxy S via USB (Still in download mode)
  2. Odin3 should then report Com7 has connected
  3. Select the pit file and then PDA.tar from the firmware you download over at Only select the PDA / Code file.
  4. You should have the following as per the screenshot below:
  5. Start the download, allow it to finish 100% and then reset before disconnecting the usb cable.

Tips if it doesn't work:

Sometimes Odin doesn't start the process and sits there in cache.rfs. Don't worry, you can disconnect the mobile. Normally if all goes well flashing takes about 1 minute a little more and you should see a blue progress bar
on your phone at the same time. (Dont remove the usb cable or power off the phone if you see a blue progress bar)

If it fails and you get a failed to start, service logo (USB and phone logo with !) Don't panic. Remove the battery, replace it and then enter download mode again. Restart Odin3 and try again.

These phones are very hard to completely brick. So don't worry

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Sony Ericsson W660i flash tutorial

Warning, this tutorial is for flash phone, not unlock it. In free translation by flash, the phone will not be used except with the Orange card. For decoding, you should call an authorized service and pay a fee. Just need to proceed and to get the necessary programs on the Internet, so I advise you to call your phone service than it will knock you head, especially if you are not opinion as to how in the field.
Ok, let us begin.
1. Download all files attached to this post, and then unzip them (less than HB1_06_Gen_CDA102568_4_R8A_GENERIC_MEDITERR file, which must remain in its original form, the zip archive).
2. After unzipping, make a folder on your desktop with the name of the firmware, you put W660_R8BB001_FS_MEDITERR_RED52.fbn file, zip archive file W660_R8BB001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED52.mbn and above that is not a need to unpack.
3. Prepare for your operation. Make sure the phone is loaded at least 50% before starting to have on hand and the USB cable that was in the phone box. Remove the battery from the phone for a few seconds and then put it back without starting the phone.
4. Connect the USB cable to your computer but not online yet.
5. Open Seetool2lite program and make the following operations:- In menu 'Phone Type' choose the W660i;- Click on "Add, and select the file, W660_R8BB001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED52.mbn ';- Give again click on "Add, and select the file, W660_R8BB001_FS_MEDITERR_RED52.fbn ';- The menu, move files, "select the file, HB1_06_Gen_CDA102568_4_R8A_GENERIC_MEDITERR,,, attention, file must remain in the form of zip archives.- Flash button, hold down the C key on phone and, simultaneously, connect the phone;
6. If you've followed these steps correctly, will begin the flash. It will take somewhere between 5 and 10 min, is normal, the operation is not instantaneous. Do not disconnect the phone during this time or the USB cable from the computer.
7. After flash, disconnect the phone from the USB cable and turn it on. SE logo appears on the screen and then a window with the message 'Please wait', until the phone will complete a series of operations. This process takes about 1-2 minutes.
8. Congratulations, you now have an mobile phone free.
WARNING: flash process leads to loss of all phone data (messages, contacts, notes, settings, themes, games, etc..). Save them before payment.
WARNING: Not responsible for any problems / malfunctions occurred in the resfotare. This is done at your own risk .

Flash tutorial samsung s5230

(These are the steps followed by me .. I noticed that there are several tutorials on Samsung S5230 resoftarea but each has something different .. it is created and proved to me but it has to rely on others)

1. Make sure the phone is not coded (Call * # 7465625 # - SIM LOCK must be OFF) and that your computer runs Windows XP SP2 or SP3 or Vista ,WIN7
2. Install USB Drivers (if you can not install USB drivers download the latest version of Samsung PC Studio New - contains the USB drivers) and download the V5.56 Multiloader SGT-S5230 (after installing the drivers, usually have to restart your computer).
3. Backup the phone book with New Samsung PC Studio (found on the CD and phone).
4. Download the firmware S5230XEIG4 (new menu, not Romanian, gets java card).  
5. Make sure that in New Samsung PC Studio have not turned on when you start resoftarea.  
6. Unzip the firmware archive to a folder. 
7. Turn off your phone and remove SIM card. 
8. Without turning it on press volume-up phone + camera + power (on the phone screen should appear "Download").  
9. Enter your phone data cable. 
10. SGT-S5230 Open Multiloader V5.56.  
11. Select BRCM2133, Boot Change and Full Download.  
12. Click on the folder and choose Boot boot files in the folder where you unzipped the firmware. 
13. Click and pick apps_compressed.bin Amss  
14. Click and pick Rsrc_S5230_Open_Europe_Slav.rc1 Rsrc1 
15. Click and pick Rsrc2 Rsrc2_S5230 (Low) _RU.rc2  
16. FS Factory click and select FactoryFs_S5230_Open_Europe_Slav_RU.ffs FOTA, ETC Tune and be left free. 
17. Click on the search port (usually in the Search box appears in the Port "S5230").  
18. Upload files folder again to boot.  
19. Check the boxes that boot buttons, Amss, Rsrc1, Rsrc2 and Factory FS.  
20. MUST NOT be marked Master Rom. 
21. Click Download (in case it says "Serial port error, retry in paragraph 17).
Now you need to quickly upload files to boot and reboot. If not restart and begins to install directly Amss probably have not followed all the steps above me and resoftarea not successful. But it is very serious because it can resume with more attention to paragraph 7. I personally have had two unsuccessful attempts resoftare, I had chosen a bright red screen. 3rd time was lucky - I followed exactly the steps and above and now I have a phone with some pluses to the initial state.

Handling Giordano Bruno: he was not burned at the stake for heliocentrism

How many of us know the legend of burning at the stake of Giordano Bruno? One who ardently supported the heliocentric theory, despite the opposition of the Church who believed that the sun revolves around an Earth, called the center of the universe. And for that, he was burned at the stake by the evil exactly Inquisition in 1600. Here's how the Catholic Church and its instrument of torture, the Inquisition, was opposed to scientific progress, trying to keep the darkness of the Renaissance man. Stop! It's well-known story, that all schoolchildren are taught (and only them). But, as expected, school history and gives us a lot of lies and legends totally false. Because you know by now Giordano Bruno is a far cry from the truth ...
Strange Universe's spiritual vision of Giordano Bruno
But what is historical truth? Giordano Bruno, his real name, Fillipo was born in 1548 in the Italian city Nola, near Naples. He took the name Giordano, having joined the Dominican Order. Bruno's philosophy of life that sustains it in its main works (Della causa, principio ed uno ',' Dell 'Infinito Universo e dei Mondi "," The Architecture Compendiosa "" triple Minimo "," The Monad, Numero et Figure ") was a strange mixture consisting of elements Neoplatonism, materialistic monism, mysticism, rationalism and naturalism.
Giordano Bruno argued the following ideas: - That God is one and the same world (materialistic pantheism); - That matter and spirit, body and soul are two phases of the same substance; - That the universe is infinite, and behind the visible world is an infinity of worlds; - That the Earth has a soul, and that each part of it (the mineral kingdom, plant or animal) is animated; - That all souls are related, and thus is impossible transmigration.
Calvinists, Catholics deadly opponents, Giordano Bruno excommunicates him for disrespect
Of course these ideas quite strange, and other religious nature (looking at you God) drew attention to hatred against the Catholic Church. But if you believe that Giordano Bruno Catholic Church was just ugly, terribly deceived. In 1579 he came to Geneva, where it seems that he became Calvinist, embracing the Christian faith as a reformist, a fierce opponent of the papacy. But he did not reconcile well with the new religion, as he was excommunicated by the Council Calvinist, as a result of a disrespectful attitude towards the leaders of this church.
Giordano Bruno it offends the renowned professors from Oxford, which it believes are drunks
After being forced to leave Geneva after he lingered for several years and through France, where he also published several works, Giordano Bruno and reached London in 1584, the famous Oxford University. Since it seemed to be a great world figure, Bruno asked to take some courses in this prestigious school, but is refused. In retaliation, he published a small pamphlet entitled "Cena delle CENERI" in which he attacked the renowned professors from Oxford, about them saying that they know more about beer than about Greeks!
After becoming a Lutheran ... Giordano Bruno was again excommunicated because of his pride ... naughty!
After an unsuccessful attempt to reconcile with the Catholic Church arrives in Germany in 1587 where he became Bruno ... Lutheran! But Lutherans and to show him the same "full of impudence pride, being excommunicated by them soon Hemstadt.
The arrest and trial of Giordano Bruno
In 1591, Bruno comes to Venice, Mocenigo's invitation, which interest him in its system memory drive. Unable to obtain from Bruno secret "of its natural magic, Mocenigo denounced the Venetian Inquisition. In front of them, Bruno denied any errors and doubts as regards the Catholic doctrine.
Why Giordano Bruno stayed closed for six years without trial?
Meanwhile, the Italian philosopher and came under scrutiny by the Inquisition in Rome, who requested the extradition Venetian. After some hesitation, Bruno has been extradited to the authorities in Rome in February 1593, where it stayed closed for six years without trial at all. Historians have worked hard, but I have found absolutely no documentation to explain the delay in the trial of Giordano Bruno, the conditions under which a trial is conducted fairly quickly Inquisition.
Bruno was not condemned for the heliocentric theory!
In the spring of 1599, the beginning of his trial, and although the Roman Inquisition has given few chances to retract statements and doctrines spread, Giordano Bruno refused. He was sentenced in January 1600 and on 17 February 1600 was burned at the stake. However, Giordano Bruno was not executed because he claimed that the sun is fixed and that the earth revolves around it (as many of us believe), but to support theological doctrines incompatible with Catholic Church teachings, for example, that that Jesus Christ was not God, but only a magician, that the Holy Spirit is the soul of the world, the devil will be saved, etc..
Bruno heliocentrism could not be convicted, since that time he was not prohibited
That Bruno was not condemned for heliocentrism (but maybe played at most a minor role in his conviction) that emerges from the Catholic Church did not express an official position on this sentence until 1616, so 16 years after burning stake of Giordano Bruno. So in 1600, heliocentrism was not prohibited by the Church, so that Bruno would not have been convicted on a work which was not banned! The church did not have any official position to heliocentrism until 1616, when Paolo Antonio Foscarini (1565-1616) published a book that heliocentrism conflict with Scripture. In publishing this work, the Catholic Church was forced to take a position on the idea heliocentrism. However, even in 1616 heliocentrism was not sentenced by the Catholic Church, this coming year until 1664, when Pope Alexander VII took a bubble which banned all books that supported movement of the Earth.
Also an interesting fact to note is that one of his inquisitors Giordano Bruno was a Jesuit theologian Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621). It is later Cardinal Bellarmine (since 1616), who as head of his Collegium Romanum, was commissioned by Pope Paul V to examine ideas about heliocentrism Foscarini's book. In none of Bellarmine's writings about heliocentrism not mention any reference to the case of Giordano Bruno, which took place 16 years earlier.
Giordano Bruno was not an astronomer, but a philosopher! So why the fuss as he struggles because he claimed that the earth revolves around the sun?
What surprises most about the story of burning at the stake of Giordano Bruno is that he was portrayed as a "martyr of free thought, as a proponent of the modern vision of the universe, as a symbol of intolerance towards the new scientific ideas (like those of heliocentrism). But many do not realize is that Giordano Bruno, in his work, little to do with astronomy. Bruno did was not an astronomer, but a philosopher. In one of his major works 'Dell' Infinito Universo e dei Mondi ", ie" On the infinite universe and other worlds, the focus is not the heliocentric system, but of pantheism (the theological doctrine that concerned him very much) . Heliocentrism was nothing more than material support to support the thesis about pantheism.
Bruno has bet on the winning horse!
Bruno was indeed a brilliant philosopher, but at the same time, he was also cantankerous and self-destructive. In his writings can not find anything new that may have contributed to the progress of astronomy. In addition, those who advocated the claim that Bruno was extraterrestrial life (in his work "On the infinite universe and other worlds") will be very disappointed that the Italian philosopher did not bring too many ideas in this regard, through the pages of his work. But Giordano Bruno betting on horse winner, due to stubbornness and gâlcevii turned his "martyr unwillingly" and became a sort of hero of science, rather than a mere footnote in a book of Renaissance Philosophy .
History is funny like that!...

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Pandev and Bogatinov take FYROM awards

FC Internazionale Milano's Goran Pandev and FK Rabotnicki's Martin Bogatinov were honoured in the annual awards in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

FC Internazionale Milano striker Goran Pandev has been voted the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's foreign-based player of the year for a record fifth time with FK Rabotnicki goalkeeper Martin Bogatinov securing the domestic award.
National-team captain Pandev, 27, finished ahead of 1. FSV Mainz 05 central defender Nikolče Noveski and FC Dynamo Kyiv left back Goran Popov in the poll of Football Federation of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FFM) regional associations, experts, the media and fans. Pandev, his nation's all-time leading scorer with 23 goals from 56 appearances, rejoined Inter from S.S. Lazio in January and helped them win the domestic treble, UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup, opening the scoring in last week's 3-0 final win against DR Congo's TP Mazembe.
Pandev previously took the award in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008, but was unable to attend the Skopje ceremony due to illness. Receiving the prize on his behalf, national coach Mirsad Jonuz said: "Winning the European and world club titles has written Pandev into Macedonian football history and I wish him many more successes in his career."
Bogatinov, 24, completes a memorable year in which he became his team's first choice goalkeeper in July, helped them through three rounds of UEFA Europa League qualifying – losing only to Liverpool FC – and made his international debut last month. "This is my first award and I hope it wouldn't be the last," he said. "The prize is an extra motivation for me for further successes with my club as well as with the Macedonian national team."
Parma FC midfielder Stefan Ristovski who was celebrated as young player of the year having moved to Italy from FK Vardar upon turning 18. FK Metalurg Skopje's Serbian midfielder Milan Djurić was honoured as the First League's best foreign player.
Jonuz's assistant Vlatko Kostov was named coach of the year for the second time in a row, having led FK Renova to their maiden league title before his summer departure. Renova were also voted team of the year.
Midfielder Nataša Andonova took her third consecutive women's player of the year award in the month when she turned 17, having become the first female from her nation to join a foreign club in her September transfer from ZFK Borec to European and German champions 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam. She also impressed in the UEFA European Women's Under-19 Championship finals on home soil.
Zoran Leveski was honoured as futsal player of the year having helped KMF Zelezarec Skopje to the domestic title and scored four goals in their run to the UEFA Futsal Cup main round

Cristiano Ronaldo Wants To Be “The Best Player in History”

Short but eye-opening quote from Cristiano Ronaldo in today’s Marca: “Tengo la ambición de llegar a ser el mejor jugador de la historia”. In English please Cristiano:
“I have an ambition to become the best player in history.”
Is that arrogant? I say not. If C-Ron had said he was the best ever, then yes, that would be arrogant. And incorrect. If C-Ron had said he was going to be the best ever, then that would be pushing it too. But there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, especially when you’re as talented at Mr. Ronaldo.
Question is: Can he do it?
Whatever you think of Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude/haircut/whatever, the man is supremely good with a football. Strength, pace, dribbling, shooting, heading. He’s got the lot. Ronaldo also made a dominating start to life at Real Madrid. Before all that wizard and injury business anyway.
After Euro 2008, I made the argument that Ronaldo could never really be the best player in the world while playing as a winger, simply because he was unable to control the game from out wide.
Obviously I’ll have to retract that argument now that C-Ron regularly plays more centrally. But Euro 2008 raises another reason Ronaldo might struggle for the title of all time greatest. Despite his undoubted achievements at club level, Ronaldo still hasn’t dominated an international tournament in the way of Diego Maradona in ‘86. I’m not saying he has to win the World Cup singlehandedly. But he does have to make a serious impression on the world’s biggest stage. Maybe this summer?
I know it seems like sacrilege to even talk about Ronaldo as the greatest of all time right now. Because he isn’t yet. But C-Ron is currently 24. He’ll turn 25 in early 2010. So we’re possibly about to witness his peak years. That could include a magnificent World Cup campaign and a few years of brilliance at the Bernabeu. If Ronaldo is going to be the greatest player in history, then he’ll do it in the next few seasons.
Like him or not, it’s going to be fun watching him try.

Mathematical calculations show that there were no vampires ever

Costas Efthimiou, a professor at the University of Central Florida, your replacement has used mathematical calculations show that vampires did not exist before!

In an interview, Costas Efthimiou said that what led him to undertake this research was disturbingly large number of people who believe in vampires. Legend has it that vampires feed on human blood and turn their victims into vampires themselves.

American professor of Greek logic is simple. According to his calculations, the number of inhabitants on Earth on 1 January 1600 stood at 536,870,911 people. Accepting the assumption that the first vampire appeared on the world at that time and that monstrous creature attacking at least one person a month, then at 1 January 1600 the Earth would have been two vampires already exist and more than a month - four etc. Consequently, only two years and a half, Terra would have been besieged by vampires, who desperately looked for a possible victim, to feed. "People would not be able to survive in such conditions, even for a double birth increases every month, " concluded Costas Efthimiou.