Thursday, January 5, 2012

Types of goldfish

1 Goldfish differ only because of the color of his ancestor, the Prussian carp. Can be found in a wide range of colors, including red, orange / gold, white, black and yellow or the color "lemon". It is the closest relative of the common carp. Highly resistant to high temperature variations are very well suited ponds and aquatic facilities.

2 Caras Comet or comet tail is the most common variety in the United States. It's actually the only variety developed in the USA. It resembles very well with common goldfish, except that they are somewhat smaller and thinner and are distinguished mainly by the tail elongated, comet-shaped. Tail length in some cases exceed the body length. Japan is known as tetsugio. 

  3 Caras Shubunkin - Calico Goldfish
Shubunkin is very similar to the common goldfish, but is more colorful and is appreciated for the color blue, in combination with red, brown, orange and yellow, in contrast with black spots. Can be raised both in the aquarium, and in ponds. The tanks must be secured large enough volume of water, since we can reach up to 20 cm long.

 4 Caras Black Moor
Black Moor is a tireless scormonitor for food. It will feed continuously if left. It is appreciated for special colors, deep blacks, velvet. Reach up to 20 cm at maturity, so it is suitable for small aquariums. Because telescopic eyes, protruding gauge arrangement is not recommended aquarium with rocks, castles, stumps. Also, if there is competition in the feed tank, is likely to remain hungry.

 5 Caras oranda
Oranda is one of the most popular goldfish and tidy Redcap (red hat), is the favorite variety. Knob is visible at 3-4 months, but completely developed until between 1 and 2 years. Except hat is red, it is entirely white. It is considered a more delicate, with a low tolerance to pollution and low temperatures. Hood is sensitive to infection with bacteria and fungi, which is valid for all hooded varieties.

 6 Caras Lionhead
Crucian Lionhead is the most popular and best known of dorsal fin without carasii and one of the best round of his peers. Caudal and anal fins were double. In some copies, the entire head except the eyes, nostrils and mouth, can be covered by that knob, raspberry-shaped, reaching even to restrain them. Can be found in a variety of colors: red, orange, brown, blue or black, and even combinations of three colors: red, white, black.

 7 Caras Ranchu
Crucian Ranchu from China is then developed in the 1800s in Japan. As Lionhead, and dorsal fin lacks knob that have shaped berries, which covers the head, but unlike it, curved contour of the body to the tail is more pronounced. Most varieties are bicolor: gold / white, white / black, but there are monocolori: red, white or black.

8 Caras Bubble Eye
Crucian Bubble Eye is one of the strangest varieties of carp. Presents a round body, double tail and dorsal fin missing. It comes in all colors: mono, bicolor or tricolor. The eyes are facing upwards. The most peculiar feature of Caras Bubble Eye is of course, the two bumps below eyes. These bags are filled with water and grown so great that restrain the fish to swim. Bags can break easily, heal slowly and sometimes not grow back. Although usually recover, will have a different shape and size of the original. They are also susceptible to infection.

 9 Caras Telescope
A curious feature of Caras telescope is located at the end of extra eyes, located on both sides of the head. But they will not begin to occur before 6 months. This variety was developed in China in early 1700 and was called 'dragon eye'. Later they were produced in Japan and is called Demakin. Today are available in different versions, one color (red, blue, brown, white) or bicolor (red / white, black / white). Version black / white is known as Panda, there is also a version of exception, brown and orange.

 10 Caras Veiltail

Crucian Veiltail tail is known to double extra-long hanging behind him. Modern standards require veiltail Caras has no sign or signs on the edges of caudal fin very discreet, like a bridal veil.

 11 Caras Fan - Fantail Goldfish
Crucian range is form west Ryukin variety, has egg-shaped body, a dorsal fin and a long and rich high caudal fins, quad. Unlike Ryukin has no hump back that feature.

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