Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Wants To Be “The Best Player in History”

Short but eye-opening quote from Cristiano Ronaldo in today’s Marca: “Tengo la ambición de llegar a ser el mejor jugador de la historia”. In English please Cristiano:
“I have an ambition to become the best player in history.”
Is that arrogant? I say not. If C-Ron had said he was the best ever, then yes, that would be arrogant. And incorrect. If C-Ron had said he was going to be the best ever, then that would be pushing it too. But there’s nothing wrong with aiming high, especially when you’re as talented at Mr. Ronaldo.
Question is: Can he do it?
Whatever you think of Cristiano Ronaldo’s attitude/haircut/whatever, the man is supremely good with a football. Strength, pace, dribbling, shooting, heading. He’s got the lot. Ronaldo also made a dominating start to life at Real Madrid. Before all that wizard and injury business anyway.
After Euro 2008, I made the argument that Ronaldo could never really be the best player in the world while playing as a winger, simply because he was unable to control the game from out wide.
Obviously I’ll have to retract that argument now that C-Ron regularly plays more centrally. But Euro 2008 raises another reason Ronaldo might struggle for the title of all time greatest. Despite his undoubted achievements at club level, Ronaldo still hasn’t dominated an international tournament in the way of Diego Maradona in ‘86. I’m not saying he has to win the World Cup singlehandedly. But he does have to make a serious impression on the world’s biggest stage. Maybe this summer?
I know it seems like sacrilege to even talk about Ronaldo as the greatest of all time right now. Because he isn’t yet. But C-Ron is currently 24. He’ll turn 25 in early 2010. So we’re possibly about to witness his peak years. That could include a magnificent World Cup campaign and a few years of brilliance at the Bernabeu. If Ronaldo is going to be the greatest player in history, then he’ll do it in the next few seasons.
Like him or not, it’s going to be fun watching him try.

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