Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mathematical calculations show that there were no vampires ever

Costas Efthimiou, a professor at the University of Central Florida, your replacement has used mathematical calculations show that vampires did not exist before!

In an interview, Costas Efthimiou said that what led him to undertake this research was disturbingly large number of people who believe in vampires. Legend has it that vampires feed on human blood and turn their victims into vampires themselves.

American professor of Greek logic is simple. According to his calculations, the number of inhabitants on Earth on 1 January 1600 stood at 536,870,911 people. Accepting the assumption that the first vampire appeared on the world at that time and that monstrous creature attacking at least one person a month, then at 1 January 1600 the Earth would have been two vampires already exist and more than a month - four etc. Consequently, only two years and a half, Terra would have been besieged by vampires, who desperately looked for a possible victim, to feed. "People would not be able to survive in such conditions, even for a double birth increases every month, " concluded Costas Efthimiou.

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