Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sony Ericsson W660i flash tutorial

Warning, this tutorial is for flash phone, not unlock it. In free translation by flash, the phone will not be used except with the Orange card. For decoding, you should call an authorized service and pay a fee. Just need to proceed and to get the necessary programs on the Internet, so I advise you to call your phone service than it will knock you head, especially if you are not opinion as to how in the field.
Ok, let us begin.
1. Download all files attached to this post, and then unzip them (less than HB1_06_Gen_CDA102568_4_R8A_GENERIC_MEDITERR file, which must remain in its original form, the zip archive).
2. After unzipping, make a folder on your desktop with the name of the firmware, you put W660_R8BB001_FS_MEDITERR_RED52.fbn file, zip archive file W660_R8BB001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED52.mbn and above that is not a need to unpack.
3. Prepare for your operation. Make sure the phone is loaded at least 50% before starting to have on hand and the USB cable that was in the phone box. Remove the battery from the phone for a few seconds and then put it back without starting the phone.
4. Connect the USB cable to your computer but not online yet.
5. Open Seetool2lite program and make the following operations:- In menu 'Phone Type' choose the W660i;- Click on "Add, and select the file, W660_R8BB001_MAIN_GENERIC_FY_RED52.mbn ';- Give again click on "Add, and select the file, W660_R8BB001_FS_MEDITERR_RED52.fbn ';- The menu, move files, "select the file, HB1_06_Gen_CDA102568_4_R8A_GENERIC_MEDITERR,,, attention, file must remain in the form of zip archives.- Flash button, hold down the C key on phone and, simultaneously, connect the phone;
6. If you've followed these steps correctly, will begin the flash. It will take somewhere between 5 and 10 min, is normal, the operation is not instantaneous. Do not disconnect the phone during this time or the USB cable from the computer.
7. After flash, disconnect the phone from the USB cable and turn it on. SE logo appears on the screen and then a window with the message 'Please wait', until the phone will complete a series of operations. This process takes about 1-2 minutes.
8. Congratulations, you now have an mobile phone free.
WARNING: flash process leads to loss of all phone data (messages, contacts, notes, settings, themes, games, etc..). Save them before payment.
WARNING: Not responsible for any problems / malfunctions occurred in the resfotare. This is done at your own risk .

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