Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Harppe, there really vampire

Thomas Bartholin, author of the seventeenth century, reported as a magician named LANDEL whose work was never published, an event which must be spent by the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

A man from north Harppe named on his deathbed, told his wife to bury him standing in the doorway of the kitchen, to still enjoy the smell of roast, which he liked so much, and to can easily see what is happening in his house. The widow of her husband's desire faithfully executed. But Harppe few weeks after his death, was seen frequently occurring form of a horrible ghosts that kill workers and neighbors beat his plight so that nobody would dare to remain in the village.

However, a peasant named Olaus Pa was bold enough to attack him as the vampire, împungându him with his spear and causing a wound. Spectrum disappeared and the next day Olaus opened tomb. He found the body of the lance Harppe, jabbed the exact location where the ghost. The corpse was still whole. It was brought out, burned and the ashes thrown into the sea, the world's appearances funestele being released.

His body Harppe really came from the grave. He had to be tangible and vulnerable, because he found the spear wound. What came out of the hole and as he returned? That is the question. The fact that the lance found in the wound, it should not surprise us, for we know that the wizards who turn into dogs, cats, etc.. human body wearing their wounds they received on the same body parts that have turned and they appear.

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