Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tutorial: How to debrand and flash newer firmware to your Galaxy S

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to flash firmware onto your Galaxy S, this can be used for debranding your phone from network operator firmware which is normally slow and full of logos etc.

A couple of things:

  • Flashing new firmware doesn't unlock your Galaxy S
  • Flashing firmware other than the original operator will most likely void your warrenty. Find your original firmware as a means of back up.

I've tested this myself on Windows 7 x64. Here's the steps involved.

  1. Download and install the lastest Samsung Kies
  2. Download and install Odin3 V1.0 with the included Samsung Galaxy S pit file
  3. Download the selected Galaxy S Firmware you require. You will have to register on Be careful and download only a suitable firmware. For example if your current firmware is i9000XXJF2 stick to i9000XXxxx firmware. XX European DX = Asian markets. To view your current firmware version type *#1234# in the phone keypad.
  4. Make sure your phone connects and sygic fine with Samsung Kies
  5. Start your phone in download mode. Power off the mobile. Remove the sim and mircosd. The hold volume down, the home key (middle button) and power button at the same time. Keep holding them till you see an Downloading Android logo.
  6. Connect your USB cable to the phone. Wait for Windows to install the usb download mode drivers.
  7. Once done reboot your computer to be on the safe side.
Galaxy S flashing / debranding procedure:

  1. Start Odin3 and then connect your Galaxy S via USB (Still in download mode)
  2. Odin3 should then report Com7 has connected
  3. Select the pit file and then PDA.tar from the firmware you download over at Only select the PDA / Code file.
  4. You should have the following as per the screenshot below:
  5. Start the download, allow it to finish 100% and then reset before disconnecting the usb cable.

Tips if it doesn't work:

Sometimes Odin doesn't start the process and sits there in cache.rfs. Don't worry, you can disconnect the mobile. Normally if all goes well flashing takes about 1 minute a little more and you should see a blue progress bar
on your phone at the same time. (Dont remove the usb cable or power off the phone if you see a blue progress bar)

If it fails and you get a failed to start, service logo (USB and phone logo with !) Don't panic. Remove the battery, replace it and then enter download mode again. Restart Odin3 and try again.

These phones are very hard to completely brick. So don't worry

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