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Holy Grail

From the very beginning, we should mention that exciting body of legends and beliefs surrounding the subject of the Grail is completely unknown and unrecognized in both Romanian beliefs and customs, and traditions of the Orthodox Church in general. Fascination with the Grail, the chalice or vessel alleged that the Savior would be served during the famous Last Supper, is strictly related to the cycle of epic Knights of Western Europe, as well as several texts and traditions of the Catholic catechism. Legends say that the Holy Chalice has magical powers, and he who possesses it becomes strong and protected from all harm. Grail conspiracy theories abound in locating various points around the globe. The following list gives the most probable locations of the coveted object.

10. Accokeek, Maryland, USA

One local legend tells of Accokeek, on their lands should be approached sometime famous Captain John Smith sailed, sailing up the Potomac River, somewhere between 1606-1607. On board ship there is also a Jesuit priest who owned a part of the material and spiritual heritage to the Knights Templar of Jerusalem in Europe. The story says that the priest was in possession of the Grail which he had brought from England, where the sacred chalice disappeared when grave robbers treasure jefuisera legendary King Arthur. It is not known even today as it reached the Grail in the hands of the mysterious priest who wanted to hide from pursuers in the New World, where no one knew yet miraculous powers of the object. Locating in Accokeek Grail is unknown, but including enough enthusiasm today wandering around the settlement, armed with metal detectors.

9. Oak Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

"cave with Money" is a karst, discovered three rifles who were playing on the island in 1795. The legends that stretch wraps, but, over centuries and six men were in the foreground who died in their attempts to excavate the alleged treasure cave. The more digging and dig more after the treasure, they play tricks on both imagination and began to lose sense of reality, as it came under a heavy curse waves. Vagaunii fame increased with age, so that nowadays, people have forgotten all about the treasure, in the hope rests in the earth beneath the Grail itself. Locals put tempted into a strange theory building that dominates the island. It is a huge cross, made of massive boulders, which has a length of 250 meters and width of 100 meters on the horizontal arms. "cave with Money" has its entrance in the south end of the cross, as the sacred symbol would indicate that the cave is hiding something. Curious grotto investigating armed with metal detectors indicate the state that large deposits of metal devices, hidden in the ground. But nobody is advantageous to look for, as local legend says that more must die a single man cave, until the Grail to be found.

8. Rosslyn Chapel, Roslin, Scotland

According to a legend that was used in the controversial author Dan Brown novel "The Da Vinci Code, " Rosslyn chapel hides a system of rooms and tunnels that connect to nearby Rosslyn Hill. Decorated rooms and tunnels would be very strange writings and symbols: for example, the chapel is decorated with designs that are corn, a plant unknown in Europe at the date on which construction was completed dwelling. Even more bizarre, Christian chapel is adorned with green goblins and elves, ubiquitous in the pagan Celtic tradition. The elves were entities of Nature to symbolize spring and summer in pre-Christian beliefs. Rosslyn Chapel was built in 1456 by William Sinclair, noble knight believed he was a descendant of the Templars. Over the sculptures that adorn the chapel lasted over 40 years, Sinclair Knight died shortly before finishing last. Legend says that the Holy Grail is buried or at the largest pillar in the chapel or in the family vault Sinclair. The tomb is sealed, and the descendants of William Sinclair, who own chapel, deny access to anyone trying to investigate the mysterious crypt.

7. Glastonbury Tor, England

Tor-term is that the old Celts called it the cone-shaped hills which had an important role in the festivities and ritual magic. It is believed that the site of Glastonbury Tor rested himself King Arthur, retired here to heal the wounds caused by Mordred, traitor knight that killed the king in an epic battle. The place is also called Ynys yr and Avalon, in Old English, because in 1191, on top of the hill would have discovered the coffin rested Arthur and Guinevere. Historical and archaeological speaking, there was no evidence to support this, but Hill has served as a fortification since 600 AD Arthurian legends and Templar are often inseparable, and the chivalric tradition says that Templars were back in biblical sacred relics First Crusade, were headed to the British Isles where they hid the precious artifacts. Grail was buried somewhere in your Glastonbury Tor.

6. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Israel / Palestine

The legends of these places say that the Grail would have been buried somewhere near the place where Jesus was crucified. It is believed that the place would be somewhere between two rocks, one of which was eroded and was ditrusa, and the remaining is still visible. The whole ensemble is in top of a hill that today is the famous dome of the Rock. The place itself is problematic because the three major monotheistic religions regard as sacred and each and both claim it as well. In this place, Judaism says that Abraham was ready to jerfeasca own son, in the name of God, until an angel stopped him and offered, instead, a ram for sacrifice. In exactly the same place would have been fixed between two rocks, the cross was crucified Son of God. Islam affirms, in turn, that the exact same place the Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven, riding on his horse Burak. Holy Grail is not only valued for being the Savior of the vessel from which to feast. Grail was the dish, bowl, platter or cup at the base of the cross, which dripped blood vessel in Jesus Christ. It is believed that the Holy Sepulchre was led by one of the apostles, Virgin Mary or Joseph of Arimathea.

5. Cathedral di San Lorenzo, Genoa, Italy

Following the lead of other legends, the Grail would appear to have been lost, but was discovered and exposed the multitude of believers. Remnants of the Grail is so exposed and our zielele in the middle of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa. The artefact is a vessel of green glass forged, which is thought to be emerald until Napoleon Bonaparte broke by mistake ... Nobody knows the exact origin and provenance of the dish, but William of Tyre wrote in 1170, the vessel was taken in 1101 from a mosque in Caesarea. Alleged Grail has not yet been carbon dated to the age of lies.

4. St. Mary's Cathedral, Valencia, Spain

Another contender hiding place for the Grail is in Valencia Cathedral of Santa Maria. According to specialize in the exegetes phenomenology around the sacred chalice, this location in Spain would have the chance to host the coveted artifact. The vessel here was dated with carbon-14 in 1960: it was established that was made between 300 BC 100 AD and the material it is made would come from the Middle East. Spanish Grail is composed of dark red agate and set in a gold frame. The vessel has a base of chalcedony and serves as the official communion cup of the Roman Catholic Church.

3. Santa Maria de Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia location is in close touch with German legends about Munsalvaesche, Corbera another name for the castle where he lived and was born King Fisher Sir Galahad, who discovered the Grail tradition arthuriana. Munsalvaesche The Latin phrase is the German word for "Archbishop salvationis - Salvation Mountain. Montserrat means, in Catalan, "jagged mountains. " Building between the Monastery and the Abbey are toothed peaks of the mountains, and the Grail could be hidden somewhere under the church's stone floor or in a secret hideout in the mountains nearby. If so, you may not ever be found because the terrain is very rough and the rocks are absolutely huge. Highest peak is called Sant Jeroni and is located near a road that has been widely used medieval Templars.

2. Underground Jerusalem, Israel / Palestine

There are many traditions and sources as medieval Knights Templar who would never have found the Grail or Ark of the Covenant, arguing that the underground network in the Holy City was extremely large and tangled - it is the best place to hide an artifact so valuable. A place where the Templars have never penetrated. Throughout its history, Jerusalem has been attacked many times and believes that Jews who lived in the disappearance of the ark, hid the artifact in their city underground to protect it as the king Nebuchadnezzar, who sought treasure, during the invasion of year 286 AD Legend says that the apostles of Jesus knew the location of the ark and hid the Grail in the same place in the mysterious underground. Currently, the Israeli government prohibits any excavation, except those made by archaeologists specialize in major universities worldwide.

1.U.S. National Fort Knox, State Kentuky
If until now all the assumptions were based on legends, myths and traditions, must be taken into consideration and most popular theory of conspiracy theories. Namely that claims that the Grail is owned by Americans, who had hidden in probably the safest place on Earth, Fort Knox of Kentuky. This place should be located near Highway 31, about 200 meters from the building itself. Fort security system consists of several rows of electrified fences, alarms of all types, video surveillance and satellite, plus guards armed to the teeth. How's that? Well it's the Fort Knox of no less than 30,000 soldiers are available from Apache helicopters and M-1 Abrams tanks, until the entire range of the latest firearms. If someone, by absurd, somehow manages to enter the Fort area, is part of the minefield and elite snipers. Treasury's central vault combination is said to be composed, in fact, 10 different combinations of the institution owned by 10 employees. Conspirationistii believe that the fort is part of a long suspected for some simple security and protection of gold bullion which is found in most American banks. In fact, another such treasure guarded by an entire army. And an important element of it would be even Grail. According to rumors, there's a camera somewhere in the huge vault made of steel, a room that does not contain any astronomical sums of money or bullion pyramids, but the Grail, the Ark of the Covenant rests with the Old Testament. 

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