Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flash tutorial samsung s5230

(These are the steps followed by me .. I noticed that there are several tutorials on Samsung S5230 resoftarea but each has something different .. it is created and proved to me but it has to rely on others)

1. Make sure the phone is not coded (Call * # 7465625 # - SIM LOCK must be OFF) and that your computer runs Windows XP SP2 or SP3 or Vista ,WIN7
2. Install USB Drivers (if you can not install USB drivers download the latest version of Samsung PC Studio New - contains the USB drivers) and download the V5.56 Multiloader SGT-S5230 (after installing the drivers, usually have to restart your computer).
3. Backup the phone book with New Samsung PC Studio (found on the CD and phone).
4. Download the firmware S5230XEIG4 (new menu, not Romanian, gets java card).  
5. Make sure that in New Samsung PC Studio have not turned on when you start resoftarea.  
6. Unzip the firmware archive to a folder. 
7. Turn off your phone and remove SIM card. 
8. Without turning it on press volume-up phone + camera + power (on the phone screen should appear "Download").  
9. Enter your phone data cable. 
10. SGT-S5230 Open Multiloader V5.56.  
11. Select BRCM2133, Boot Change and Full Download.  
12. Click on the folder and choose Boot boot files in the folder where you unzipped the firmware. 
13. Click and pick apps_compressed.bin Amss  
14. Click and pick Rsrc_S5230_Open_Europe_Slav.rc1 Rsrc1 
15. Click and pick Rsrc2 Rsrc2_S5230 (Low) _RU.rc2  
16. FS Factory click and select FactoryFs_S5230_Open_Europe_Slav_RU.ffs FOTA, ETC Tune and be left free. 
17. Click on the search port (usually in the Search box appears in the Port "S5230").  
18. Upload files folder again to boot.  
19. Check the boxes that boot buttons, Amss, Rsrc1, Rsrc2 and Factory FS.  
20. MUST NOT be marked Master Rom. 
21. Click Download (in case it says "Serial port error, retry in paragraph 17).
Now you need to quickly upload files to boot and reboot. If not restart and begins to install directly Amss probably have not followed all the steps above me and resoftarea not successful. But it is very serious because it can resume with more attention to paragraph 7. I personally have had two unsuccessful attempts resoftare, I had chosen a bright red screen. 3rd time was lucky - I followed exactly the steps and above and now I have a phone with some pluses to the initial state.

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