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The oldest vampire legends have survived four thousand years old and come from the Assyrians and Babylonians of Mesopotamia. They feared Lamastu, a demonic goddess who blame people. In Assyrian legend, Lamastu (in translation, one to remove "), daughter of the god Anu, at night sneak into homes, steal or kill babies in the womb or even swings, guilt and adults, young men sucked blood, causing disease , sterility and nightmares. Often described Lamastu with bird wings and claws, and sometimes - with the lion head. To protect it, pregnant women wore amulets with Pazuzu, another evil god who defeated her on Lamastu sometime.

Lamastu is associated with Lilith, a prominent figure in some Jewish texts. Writings on Lilith vary widely, but most circulated version of the story is that it was the first woman. God could have created Adam and Lilith from the earth, which had emerged between them soon cause misunderstandings. Lilith refused to submit is May and Adam left Eden, newborns and their children. God sent three angels to bring her back. Because she refused, the angels promised that I would kill 100 children read every day until you decide to return. Lilith, in turn, vowed to destroy the children of men. Lilith's image as a killer of children, it seems to have been taken directly from Lamastu legend. And Lilith is described as a demon with wings and sharp claws, which comes at night to steal children or babies fetuses of pregnant women. Although described as a terrifying creature, Lilith has seductive qualities. The Jews believed that the men she comes at night as a Succubus (female demon who maintain sexual contact with men while they sleep).

The ancient Greeks feared similar creatures, especially Lamia, a demonic head and torso of a woman, but with the lower body - the snake. One version of the legend about Lamia, it was one of Zeus's mortal lovers. Full of jealousy and anger, the wife of Zeus, the goddess Hera, the mad Lamia her and she ate all the children. When he realized what he did, Lamia was furious so hard way that it turned into an immortal monster of jealousy, began to suck the blood of babies. Empusai Greeks feared and daughter's evil goddess Hecate and witchcraft. This, and can change his appearance, coming out at night from Hades (underworld) in the form of a beautiful woman, seduced and pastors of the field, devouring them. A similar creature, Baobhan Sith, is also present in Celtic folklore.

Vampires appear in Asian mythology. Among the nightmare described by Indian folklore, are Rakshasa (a creature who can change shape and devours children) and Vetal. Both demons took over and attacked the people living corpses. Chinese folklore tells us that some deaths may rise from the grave and return in the world. This happens when a person's spirit (p'o) could not reach the afterlife, because of bad deeds committed in life. Spirit, angered by his horrible fate, his body brought back to life and attack people at night. One dead - very dangerous, also known as Kuang-shi (or Chiang-shi), he could fly and take various forms. It was covered with white hair, his eyes red, shiny, and bite victims with sharp teeth.

Nomadic tribes and traders have different legends about vampires spread throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Over time, various elements of these stories are combining, creating other myths about vampires.

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