Sunday, January 9, 2011

They most dangerous animals are those who often overlook them because of their small size.

Top 10 most dangerous animals on the planet in January. The most dangerous animal in the world is a fierce four-legged or a giant sea creature, but a seemingly harmless insect, which often have to do: the mosquito. Ordinary mosquito buzzing us when we sleep is sweet, is considered by experts the most dangerous "animal" in the world. Of course there's a logical explanation for this finding: In addition to itching and discomfort, can be transmitted through mosquito bites them a lot of very dangerous diseases, just because it comes in contact with the blood of many individuals, some of them carriers of these diseases. Thus, diseases spread easily in the case, experts find many times overwhelmed by the situation. It is estimated that 2-3 million people die annually after being stung by mosquitoes. Most of these individuals live in Africa. The only viable solution to combat epidemics transmitted by mosquitoes remains annihilation as many, but this is very difficult world.

Top 10 most dangerous animals on the planet 2. There are approximately 2,000 species of venomous snakes, but only 250 of them are capable of killing a man. However, between 50 and 125 die every year of thousands of individuals after they are bitten by venomous snakes. Most cases are recorded in Africa, Asia and North America. A method of protection is to avoid locurillor indicated where snakes live, especially in conditions in which most attacks are caused by man. Theoretically, a venomous snake does not attack unless he feels threatened. But we do not recommend that you check this theory. When you walk in the mountains or nature, it is advisable to wear boots as tall in feet is generally the most exposed to possible attack.

Top 10 most dangerous animals on the planet in March. The third most dangerous animal is still small size: Scorpio. There are 1,500 different species in the world of scorpions, but only 25 of these represent a real threat to humans. Scorpions are more active at night, and after the attack injects a large amount of poison victims. Number of people who die annually from this cause is approximated at 800-2000, but it is speculated that the figures are actually higher, since quite isolated areas where scorpions live. Africa, Central America and Asia are the main areas that house these creatures.

4. Four of the top position is reserved for big cats. Although all these species include fewer animals, remain among the most dangerous in the world: not more than 800 people are victims annually. Registered especially in Africa, North America and India, most of the accidents are caused by participating in the safari tourists and does not respect the security rules. The best way to avoid attack is to stay and watch the cat's eyes, no way to come back and run.

Top 10 most dangerous animals on the planet 5. Crocodile is a prehistoric animal "set" to kill any move, the number of its human victims recorded each year ranging between 600 and 800. Most crocodiles live in Africa and Australia. To prevent their attacks would be best to avoid swimming in water first you have mastered these predators.

6. A pleasant and peaceful animal at first sight, despite its proportions, the elephant is extremely unpredictable and really make a lot of victims annually. There were cases in which employees of zoo elephants have been killed by their caregivers for over 15 years. Elephants live in Africa and India and the annual challenge between 300 and 500 people.

7. Seventh ferocious animal, hippopotamus may seem like an elephant, gentle and friendly. This is however a prejudice that often becomes fatal. The hippo lives in lakes and rivers in Africa. An animal is very wrong and unpredictable, making annually between 100 and 150 deaths.

8. The jellyfish can kill a human in minutes, is one of the most dangerous marine life. Every year I fall victim to some 100 people. Killer jellyfish exist in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Top 10 most dangerous animals on the planet in September. One of the most dangerous predators, whose aggressive behavior has long been debated and overrated film productions, is actually less dangerous than some of us might think. The shark is less than 100 lives annually, and especially attacks occur in Florida waters, Australia, Hawaii and South Africa. Although the number of victims is relatively small, those who were attacked by sharks or who witnessed the deaths of persons reported over time a series of scary scenes, their degree of risk must be minimized.

10. Bear our top end of the 10th position. The grizzly bear is dangerous species, which lives in North America and Canada, making the annual 5 to 10 fall victim. Other bear species living throughout the world, including Romania (Carpathian bear).

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