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Craftsmen from the gates of eternity

- Cosau Valley in Maramures are past masters and keepers of stories past. A chain of worthy men and immortal, which take place in the ancestral village of the world ...
Forest Face
He knew my mother stories ... uiuiuuui!, NIME-n the world. In those days, people are still face-ntalneau Forest with Omu 'Night with solomanarii strigoaiele or rain, yet people still feared the gods. The girl and saw her mom! Lies that once came from Cavnic, with more people in the carriage, passing the water's edge, beside a large rock, as his big our house. And down the rock that a human being (wash) Burn, prana them (hit them) with a pranic (May) there in the water. Inaltaaa, inaltaaa, the highest cliff, naked, ugly, all started singing and ntalegea not nobody like her there, singing in her native language. A saw that it was all in the cart, give 'an' a bad spoke to her - run away, Satan! - And lo old dad pulled the clothes, because I knew that you allowed to remove any word to Forest girl, yes a lie that was too late and it took the man and the voice of one year. A one year left numb and no longer able to utter anything. We copchiii, Daddy sat there and we hid cuptior pa girls-n undertaker (large pillow) in fear. Aste tales is not things, is ghiavolesti things worse. Forest girl can get any girl. One of them I saw myself with my own eyes even then, when I was copchil of any doispe you. In a day of testimony (fair), us tramis father and me my sister Copalnic Manastur, cart, to sell some pigs. We got a jump and a new non-fo 'Rusan Durnea us to ask the people emoticon. So we put in Podu 'Manastur, Caru we put there, I tied the horses to the wheels and we both slept on hay. And olny once, at midnight, we hear a loud noise above the bridge, such a move Masan, yes everything does not end zgomotu 'one. Rumbled and rumbled. Then you, when I look up, God protect, I see a horse as a cane, his legs before the balustrades of the bridge and look down on us. My sister sees, he starts crying and says to run. "But where to flee? Beyond the bridge were just casi casi deserted and desolate diavolu has more power. " Both horses come and go before them pantre casi those - my sister was up in the car - and when they arrive about the middle of the road, olny that stepping on a cat. Yes', say, radical upward mo, mo threw as a power there that I've never seen or even horses have been or spariat and given back all but fall-back in the water. Eventually, I managed to pass those casi and I reached some guards at a warehouse that we said: <<May, copchii more, well you've taken you there? ... You know that that's an unclean place? Forest girl girls there change their>>. And we got to a Durnea to juveniles.
So in November when I was living with fear. I had to always be with God in prayer and soul, because you could never know when you come in the way poive (ghosts) as those. He was a man in the village, dialogue Ion, said Raiu cousin as a mother. Cool hats he also was very famous artist, even though he had only his right hand. Honest to say, I'm hardly one thousand two, and he made them co single hand was a mighty clever in felu 'him. Yes ', especially I can say about omu' ala that was not afraid of anything. It was powerful and, IOI, the bully, I saw one day the old baths Ocna as four zdrahoni beat him once. Well, omu 'that he once saw one in a fall, a nice and ripe corn in a chain around here and thought it was alive at night sterpeleasca cucuruzi some of that flour, as to make a good polenta for Parga. Yes', not to catch him gornicii a zinit on the back, on a strait, a valley narrow passes old hair. And once razeme to strain a little hair, so they could pass. Put his hand through your hair, squeeze a little and make each other sama like that was not bark, but the flesh. And olny that looks up and sees a great woman, as the hair-high sentence, which begins to give way, with branches in one or another - trooosc!, Trooosc! - And all horeasca c-so-perfect voice, thick as ntalegeai not sing anything. He said omu 'cela <<ma, when I grew mi-a vazut-o, frica...> paru' pa head>. He tried to escape-a-back, yeah 'Forest Girl, again with the wind' ala wholesale, HAD, olny that named him cry: <CEO and more, Ion, and you shoot the CEO there p ? Fuji Poai not, as I olny one hand I reach for you and all you agiung ...>>. No okay, okay 'says he no longer knew how she arrived home. It seems like someone went up and lo olny that it woke him in the yard, crying, crying big as a baby. " Telling the story, too real to believe that they are mere legends, of Serb cloparul like to try and rekindle some of his own life, a life that always ran between two worlds and who wants to sift, to understand how of it was pure chance and as it was a miracle. "If it could happen, Then you can mean anything," he concluded each of his stories, going to another and another ... "Well, if you would tell me that some people in the village were implanted in the heart of a pleated carutii in that wooden cross, which makes the pole cart, and when pulled out of there pleated flowing with milk, if I told you it, Then you think you have me? If I said that there were some women who knew Melita milk from the milk timber, did you think? No. "But I will say that I met people in all nature, saying that they saw these things with their eyes.
Once told me an old one that no one involved will never forget, forever, live as sheep. Mother was a sister of mine and have two granddaughters that I liked them a impretenit and me. "But it was not going to get ever-sunny with vruna of them. And when I saw that their little family shoot me, I began to withdraw about. So why my old one so ZAS <<Ma, mi-i if you have not ti-a mie, bridegroom quiet life of the world these days tale!>>. I still have not made her bargain. I was young, we do not take sama. I did this boy with his mother fair to Ionucu this, and not-so accomplished a one year until I fell seriously ill. Since then, one was always ill, until today. And now the entire right side paralyzed ie, lame worse, yes worse than ever I could not get intalege. When we gather, seems to-assemble two snakes together. They seem to be not guilty of anything, I just, I do not want it bad, I do not want. God forbid, olny intalege we can not at all. "But no! I thought him a devil between us, let us not get closer, to touch us. And the word will say any soothsayer and sorcerer I've been freed, olny not wanted. Numa 'when I saw said: <<Anything, anything, yes it does not! I can not>>. And how it is done, many of the wife no longer stay with me - we were not divorced, so 'stay at the front, Budesti - I'm still very ill and is now left alone with baietasu' that's mine and I can not son and mother and father at once. So yeah Celeia old lady comes to so-accomplished: I'm not a quiet of my everyday world. Never. "
Night Man
How long will run Ionuc Ion and hats to the fair, street crossing gate Opris opincarului Four. A man long, bony face and the earth, a man who never laughs, and he seemed tired and old deep trouble. In his barnyard are four people on four chairs. But those four are not together, but scattered through the yard over, without even talking, even without looking at each other. Four Opris quickly understand "about wanting" to immediately start up and work, to show me "about how to do it." Meanwhile talk. "Once they sell yoke and four hundred a week, now not sell three hundred in any one year. I learned to make the father be forgiven, many were opincari all these valleys, yes he was the most famous. Now I, at 53, is most famous because singuru-s'. Last one. Daddy is gone. Now do not ask me to make than old, winter, yes old old, who can not step to something else. As her mother me ...". Only when the eyes to linger more than dance, and I startled old says, smiling a tooth, she's there "since a world made gods." "IOI, ioooi, Dumnezaule, as I lived ... I paste 85 years, I lived two lives, not one. Had recently taken to hiu ... "Why? Because the world today enjoys much less than "that which the gods did." I ask, more in passing, how to wear sneakers on my feet. "Well, do not wear - it is rasteste. View matt 'as marg with them? I sit on the chair. I stand, not marg. I can not walk with-AIST, park related hi-ace. I'm not ndemana. Eu amu winter olny with opchinci marg. Do not wear anything-nothing cripple. I have some thick wool socks, flour, pulling pa legs, and taken over the place opchinca-s! In his feet opchinci hodinit, aiestea I gather, I knock on DEJTA. Yes' to opchincile toe like flying ... "Master piece of gum bend peaks (old no longer work with the skin) and makes opincii a" corner "vicious, back-up, a sign that the pair's" youth ". I speak again of old. I say cloparului plague across the street, about the fabulous girl's meeting with the Forest, about the curse with my wife and she says yes, she knows that happened and dancing, all this only sometimes there was many a cure.
Very curious. Although fear of all these curses and visions, which they call "ghiavolesti" I can say with confidence that, somehow, these men are sorry you no longer meet today that no longer have adventures and then to fearful return home. We are sorry that no longer have to fear. "Really, and what's not happening with Padurean, Forest Front. Asara Tumna lay by Four as amu 'no longer face Forest videm pa, pa no Omu' Night. I do not know why. And then, more recently, her father empty the jump ... The Night Man I've seen it with my eyes in a corn. Near the village, we had a corn and a mother lying jump: <<Tu, cocoana, mane-om du-te marturie, apple and the porci...> ada>. And in malaiu 'cela, settled in' to a path, you see. As one was great, as you look at the eaves. Ioooi me, how big it was, Maar, dezbaracat, his hair pa c-eye on sangur tumna here in front. I grab cosu 'with cucuruzi and go!, And run! I get home, I cling to her mom and larch trees lie: <<Vai of mine, mama, let that man in malaiu' mare-i nost'!...>>. And my mother take me a hug and kiss me. Amu, where it be Omu 'Night? Not. Go now pan village at three in the morning, and you ntalnesti olny people drink that night dad whack when leaving the pub. Then it was people like amu. Durnea world. Amu her tits strace things ... "Four Opris tales end with the sandals. I finish them and make them present.
Ghosts love
I reunite with the two Barlea and head towards the other end of the village together, to the other craftsmen of the Serbs. Me and Hatter in front of the boy this time we supervise on-both on the water occasionally to Cosau flickering, barely touched by sunset. He could hardly wait for tomorrow morning: we go fishing. Come a long last orchard at the end of which, including red apples, let loose a box. Yes, John Joseph's home, said Ionut Deac, the old blacksmith and carpenter craving we also welcome to sit in the wooden porch and taste of wine. It's the first artist in the village for several months to quit the business. He had a hard life, tortured, can not. He went to prison at Gherla sentenced to 15 years hard labor for "conspiracy against social order, was beaten and humiliated, suffering dug in his face a sad way he's nobility, gained for years. They closed, he says, "just because he would not be communist." "I wanted and ready. Mo asked him to work at Security marg me a ZAS: <<Hai, you're istet, veleitati, noi, let you be good to put Masanori ca-ti to scara>> and I never wanted to go . This is it. People came from the straw thresher empty-in allowances and wheat remained malaiu 'and collective ovazu-n ... No one liked me at all. " We stay on the porch, the two masters of the one part, and I Ionucu in front of them, listening with his mouth and yawn, that some ignorant novices, like the disciples came for the first time in their masters, mysterious and difficult to learn a craft. And down again in the story ...
About Face Forest, smith says he can take a thousand faces, from woman to cat and horse, but as he saw it differently. "We march in a mountain sheep. I was in a farm before, shepherds in front of the cattle coming from Bogdan Voda to Vladimiresti and olny once drongile the sheep hear loud zuruind everything. What'll it be? I get the shepherds in Dragomiresti and ourselves there a light gravel, and now seem to see how they see the moon, very beautiful. And shepherds lie: <<May, it put the firm pantre a large sheep, sheep she co Guba pa health-o-madness, and her spinning wheel Pang-November, pots we put it between his legs and we were frightened spariet hard. ..>>. We eat. I put my horses before, pa lipideu 'hay, and just because I adurnit co Bota ciobaneasca in hand. And once they hear the sheep again, in gravel, the miezu 'night. And I see in front of a Masan. A glossy Masan, war, discovered, with four people inside, which is put between the sheep. Stragea unto them: <<Ce do mai, oameni?>>, jumping and other shepherds of sleep and olny Masanori I see with my own eyes, it appears, as in the moonlight and pan disappear 'after unto Saliste it melted. A Darkness ate it. " The next day, the mountain merem Gavriluc, shepherds in the mountains and I stay downstairs with a 'vassal lu' Siridomu and a 'Calin Ionut. Vassal lu 'Siridomu me pulled me aside and lies: <<May, you know what you saw Asara, Masanori what? That a fo 'Forest Girl. I wanted to speak between Pacurari was not afraid to sit pa sie mountain. Multamaste I lu 'Gods do not get a shower pan' Who knows what the forests to kill ...>>. Just like in all the helium may be Forest Girl ... I usually ugly, yes it can make beautiful and bitterly, such as your pride or the steps the firm that you liked 'you. A unches the mother Mitru Four, a once in Magura Durnea to Breb and was a big stone, and there colibii made before the fire. And, at midnight, olny that a cheek pa samtat something cold, something like a kiss, give 'lies that way, a whole meal kiss. Open your eyes and sees a girl pa Forest in his tent, naked and beautiful hard-hard. And lying to her name pa <<Patrule, n-ai lucky as me jump anything that te-as pa tine, put foc!>>. How would lie, something made in Tuesday's jump - trousers, Burn, tights - as in Tuesday's jump Padurean has the highest power. Or someone else, George lu 'Rascu, who was once in a hillside Cavnic, and comes with wood from the forest road pa night. From Varfu 'he climbed a hill in a cart the firm young fromoaasssa! everything. And zinind pa road omu 'could not resist it and it all swept over her and her chipait her and put her hand when she steps back, sees that he has back as he scooped it back as a trough empty. S'apai spariet it hard, a car jumped out and ran it all through the woods, he heard horses numa'n froind and steps back laughing emoticon the firm and, for some time after a long run, it returned the furisu- 'and saw horses and a quiet, moonlit woman and disappeared. He heard the olny rasetu 'them away, in the forest ... "
"It was a 'story so that George Miron, co got enamored of a beautiful girl, not knowing who's that girl. And it would be ZAS: <<Mai, Gheorghica, that, now let's go home to mine, te-oi riding calu' meu...>>. And the lies that, when there, Calu 'them was a buffalo. It was a bad weather, a blizzard blowing big girl climbed bivolu lo 'and he went quickly that Vantu lo', more like flying both, up-n tumna Varfu 'Gutinului, where she had a box. That, spariet fine, not a word ZAS. Girl stuck in the house lo, lo humanity, then it started a beat to spin wool. Lies: <<May, Gheorghe, now you'll make some trousers. You heat up a little fire there ...>>. And when it warm up, olny that lies unto Padureanca dansu ': <<No, May Gheorghica, fa' si-un little man now dragoste...>>. Lo lo tat S'apai ridden and kissed and so, not spotted anything, yes I no longer know how she arrived home. Numa 'what a wake up in the room next to his wife. "
Today, all the people poivele-s
Joseph smith is inserted on the porch and stories flowing, flowing steadily uraitoarele enter the scene, they heard the window when a baby arose, who knew the bosorcoaiele sever the man's wife "only" going pantre her c a thought and that a stick with a snake-one split of a frog, werewolves men, who left wives next night transforms into a beast full of blood and morning came and pulled teeth, which brought strigoaiele boys on top, the sky, riding Melita, anywhere they wanted and how far they wanted ... Joseph smith on his ears heard a boy screaming in the air and even saw them bloody body through the shadows of clouds passing. "Roared from the sky, poor '... <<Oh, where are you taking me? Oh, you do to me?>> And it brought tumna bosorcoaia Catania, ba him and wore some low altitude, to torment him, to hurt the tree tops ... Or hear from old times (say a mother and her from stramosu auzat 'Mitru) that early on, here lived a wizard, which I lay solomanar (shaman). He says that once a plague of rain zinit so great, that her father spariat world as ready, so bye all people angry gods. Then up steps the forest path, a solomanariu appeared. He was a man. Pa bead path, c-stick in hand and only one 'as they did with Batu', up and down, and lying as Moina and ice all over the village blew it gathered olny that the forest path. Bead it before and ice after the ice where his head and he wanted the dance ... There were some good wizards for the people. And now we would have some-solomanari of those because, videti, more floods and plagues comes upon us ... Where are today solomanarii, where his daughter Forest, where's the Night Man? Where are all? ... Videti your books that he did not write copchii that her writing beautiful stories of those who remain in an 'at someone else, from generation to generation. Where you are girl Forests, if they Cutting health or forests? A down here, bye lane. Today, Girl ghiavolii and Forest and Omu 'Night, and in man-tits. Tate and the people, peasants, in the Lord, even ba-n kings, bishops and-n, and Dad walking street pa loose, spot. Tate and the people ... And you know what? Pantru that people can no longer see a 'bye someone else. Brothers to each other, parents with children can not see a 'bye someone else in the eye. Pantru that is not love, dear sir. Pantru that is not love ... "
Ion and Forest Girl
Once, in a summer, and made hay while "The seat" and play the mother of fire, down the hill from him, two men in power, father and son, and they came out to mow, take the time to Ion's good. From dawn, as they began to mow, but they heard a woman beating clothes in the brook in the woods with tamper. How big was the day, she has not stopped beating your laundry and mowing the two men with the fear in the breast. He had made plan that will spend the night there in the hut, and the day will focus on how it will crack mowing day. But the woman could no longer finish washing clothes, and down at night, so the couple took their coasele topside down into the village, iepureste. The next day, meeting him John, asked him if he heard someone washing clothes in the woods. "Yo I did not hear anybody, so you luck," John answered them. They were assured however that they had been around Forest girl who does not bind the ion, because countries are not in mind, the woman had no power. And it was something like it today, but also crazy.

Random forest girl
And Lila comes from a family of miners. Her father, Elijah, died young like his grandfather, Niculae, who died younger. When she turned ten years, Lila has been very sick, could not breathe, air is not reached, as if someone steals, pushing her neck. One day the end of September, Lila went to the forest with her mother to gather ferns and dry talus mattress. Then he saw a tall woman with a very small head, a hazel bush. She wore a blue dress and had pockets full of peanuts. Lila called her at her, gave her and told her to eat peanuts every day to peanuts and nuts-and pass that disease. Then she entered the forest, dragging her blue dress, full of dry leaves and thistle.
Grandmother told her daughter that the woman was never left the forest and leave her home alone. But Lila took his cuckoo green clay, and hang him by the throat, blowing two or three times in her mouth and she ran into the woods every day. Do not be afraid of anyone. He knew that there, among the trees, it's good that woman who takes care of her. The state expected. Once he saw a badger, once in a spring chicken hedgehog saw some eyes glued to the nail and soft and pink. But mostly he liked it when, one morning, saw that coming spring. Swollen buds of the trees sold in the least, when she went to run from one to another. It was enough to touch a twig and buds, hard and stiff like eaves kid, one stings and exploded one by one. Wherever he came back, saw the same thing: trees stretched towards her, the soft pop, raw leaves and sour, just good eating. He ran from one end to another of the glade, the narrow path to the hollow oak, the birches and to always sunny side of the valley and shriveling carpenii everywhere was the same. And when he fell exhausted on the grass near the rough and when he looked hazel-round, it was already spring. Woods had raised a ripple in a hurry, and she, tired and happy, he knew that girl took Forest to her disease, because although he fled so, can breathe freely, no one can smell the air and steals quiet wet moss.
Today, Lila old and lives alone in the forest. It's a tall woman, and because his hair in a strange blue scarf, as if his head is too small. Walk easy coconut, fresh fruit and spring shoot growth is always in the pockets nuts and peanuts that you throw it after the children laugh and shout: "Forest Girl", "Forest Girl."

Forest Face Song
In Cupseniului woods, a girl can meet the Forest. I would have thought, if the story I would not have been told by a teacher from Targu-Lapus, Maramures passionate researcher of folklore: Mrs. Virginia Bilt. Her grandfather had seen it clearly. "One day on Sundays, my grandfather came from home toward the village. And under a mountain ridge, on the other side of a river, a woman from (to bathe). Washes and tangled hair was all wet and comb now. A grandfather cry: <>. And she answered: <>. And now I get goose bumps when I remember. I said that at first, remained a little surprised and somewhat disquieted: she was not like anyone in the village, was a disjointed voice, <>, as if people did not know speech. He asked her once: <>. She said again: <>. Grandpa was scared to death and fled as he knew. Understood: it was Forest Girl who said <>. Later, I asked the woman who will not let come into the village. And remember that when my grandfather looked at me with astonishment in his eyes that troubled me. The wonder that I, who was then a child, I knew the answer beforehand. I stroked his hair and he said to me: <>. "
I ask now if the story Mrs. Anica Butcure Bilt may be true. "D-Then you, of course it's true," he replied immediately. "We hear it today on Forest Front, colo-n realm, horind nights in a row. And so proud horeste, beware Saint '... Amu, not much, a village a boy was he a co sazut face. Yes no lo son Pops IEIE wife left her. Then FECIORU 'sheep led her into a pit on the border of <> and sat there angry at night by the fire. And her face near a forest, he began to weave it, to comfort him, to love him - it was pretty hard - and lo-so-mpletit there in the forest, lo typed up in the fire. The next day at noon, "came to us a father-su, the Ilisei Macon, and a beginning, a Stragea: <>. She was crying so hard that you broke my heart. These are spells and strengths, not play. Once a hearing if the girl horind Forest, cantecu not get rid of 'them. At bozgoanele aiestea olny descantecu 'if you give head ... "
Randomly between two worlds Witch of Breb
Mary Lu 'one
Live alone, separated from the world, dilapidated Casoaia "after the bridge" at the upper end of a hamlet under the ridge looked Gutinului Maramures. He has land, animals, wealth, husband, nothing.
For decades, stands with thick curtains on the windows. In the light does not enter her room. Do not want to see someone by getting them in front of windows, does not want to have to do with anyone. Sometimes I see people carrying heavy baskets of clay from the field. Him over with his bare feet and repair the floor and plug their tărnaţul or roof with him, beat him coming, he's cracked all over the place and the room's rain. A strip of light slanting down from a hole thicker, dark, dusty breaks and reaches hat in porch, the old benches, where she sits and reads the Bible or other pagan and forbidden books.
Her name is Maria Covaci and that. He has no nickname, like other women in the village, placed before his name is not that long line of ancestors, as is customary in Maramures nations. She is Mary Lu "no." Latureanca "Venice of the parties Sapanta, stray over here after a husband who was ruined long ago.
Forest Face
"In '54, I married a man that. It was not bad man, yes, "was also a heart patient and the disease was always a very nervous, I could enjoy it. Twenty-five years I cared to bed, Daddy apple money on drugs . S "water twenty-five years after a death. We had six guys with him, two died as children to me, yes, "my dearest one was the first. Ion. The boy" that, one wanted to steal it once my face Forest. It was night in the winter of "56, had done tumna hat beams house near the woods, my husband was in hospital in Sighet, sick sick and I sat alone with coconu than half a year. Changing I, I co invalidity towel on his head and I sat beside him in the porch, to Durnea. What to see? I tapureste coconu. Yes "the night is not good to say to copchil named, as his name. Not allowed. S" Then you get out of bed, beat him back and so lie: <<No, shut up in May copchile, shut up, shut me ...>>. cocoon I never named ZAS <<ma Ionica>>. Yes "when the tapuri copchilu-started, only what it's been a vavuie (female) Maar, uraaata, Guba co-behind, and arinii plopchii high as the next valley! See outside that day month. Zac: <'Lord of the Holy Father know that asta-i cer, Padurii...> girl>. Amu, I knew that girl Forest <<instimba>> cocoons, to you and you take your place in one place 'of her, <<zalazat>> in-one and ugly. A tumna it came as a big shadow, sneak up on the harbor, as I steal adurneam coconu of bed. IOI me, what I spariat ... I fell in prayer: <'Lord of heaven and the Holy Father Holy Mother of God on Vavuia Padurii, Preacurata, depart from Omu Noptii, go there and inserted unde-o nu-mi IEIE copchilu" meu!...>> . Suddenly, a quiet coconu. Vaai, vaai, so when a wind passes over the house, I samtit Vajai right beside my ear as you give me a hand - pooc! - over his head. And it was gone Forest and one girl left me a break copchilu. No lo stolen.
Then you, I see myself as small-and, yes that's my coconu a beautiful rose, "tall and strong. Manure and some had a chest like a bear. A boxior was in Bucharest, his speed of punch was 75 pounds, as he boxioru "American cela <<Casclei>> (Cassius Clay - No). Now," nine years, she came to the village. One drank coffee, gave her in hand - in <<scandeber>> - c-a boy, entered a house, put her on the bed and once when he shoes off their feet, only "what one died. Heart. It took me lo Forest Girl, I got lo death. I buried here in Breb. I have three other children scattered around the country - in Timisoara, Satu Mare, Oradea - yes I do not how much ever. So I think that I did nothing copchii,-I do not care either. Do not want to see me, mo curse, is mad at me because I married a man that crazy. Yes, "I never knew from the beginning, what kind of man her that. Only "later I found that copchii sama were right. I married with a werewolf

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