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Since 1969, when he published his book "Passport to Magonia" (Passport to Magonia) of Jacques Vallee, have written a lot about the similarities between nature spirits and alien today. Stories from the Bible and those in many medieval writings led him to launch a serious challenge Vallee ufologists community and take into account the many stories that appear over time in different historical sources. Links can not be denied, even if these are not always clear, it pays to examine more closely these parallels ...
Transforming the human body - Those who are abducted by aliens often mention how they are subjected to procedures designed to tune their bodies to some parameters aliens. The same report if meetings with fairies. The eyes are anointed with ointment or water from the Fairy Land, which is intended to allow the person in question to see the fairies, those abducted by aliens while talking about how liquids are given that are designed to charge "higher vibrations" . Then talk about how to enhance their skills and get to see parapsihice repeatedly alien ships and their occupants.
Morphological Freedom - As with literature about nature spirits, is full of reports about ufologists beings who can change appearance at will. In both cases it can meet a mutime of reports of strange beings who appear to be close relatives who have died, or being that radiates light, and later to transform into hideous monsters.
Further meetings - It seems that once you have been kidnapped or had a meeting with extraterrestrials Grade III, more than likely will have other meetings, a situation that often reflects on fairies in literature: you get to experience about the Land Fairies, it is unlikely not to happen again.
Romantic relationships with beings from other worlds - Both faeries and aliens were involved in romantic relationships with people.
W.Y. Evans-Wentz in his book "The belief in fairies in Celtic Countries" tells a story about a Scotsman who became the subject of excessive disease from a fairy-woman. They were so much involved in an emotional relationship that left Scotland for America, and she followed the faith. Wentz commented: "This curious fairy-story suggests that some women who were lured to their love very much resemble mortals, unless it's the same thing with sucubii of medieval mysticism. The number of marriages reported in the Middle Ages between spirits of nature and people and prove that they had human characteristics and appearance. Palntagenet Kings had a fairy ancestry, the second wife of King Country Conn., was a fairy. Bertrand du Guesclin wife had as a fairy, the Sieur Bourlemont which also was master of the Tree Fairies, around which he danced with Joan of Arc when she was little.
Regarding those who were involved in relationships with extraterrestrials can remember about the case contacted the famous '50s, Bethurum Truman, who was involved in an emotional relationship with a beautiful woman named Aura Rhanes alien from the planet Clarion. Contacting Hward Menger had a similar experience and apparently even his beautiful sister married an alien visitor. In November 1957, Klarer Elizaberth entered into a spaceship where she met her boyfriend on the planet Meton, Akon, and left for four months on this planet in Alpha Centauri, where they gave birth to a baby alien hybrid, named Ayling.
Inducing amnesia - "The mind of a person who came from the Land of Fairies is removed from what he saw or did there." Compare this text with what if Contacting UFO encounter: in Geer is difficult to remember what happened and apparently, this happens as a result of deliberate instruction UNR similar post-hypnotic suggestion, which are required to look experience. It may be a similar reaction to post-traumatic stress meant to cushion the effect on memory of those who have been abducted by fairies and aliens.
Reproduction and fertility - ...
"Fairies ... do not care about the elderly. They take only babies and women and young men."
"Mothers of the Earth are required expressly to breastfeed children fairy (because it seems that the milk fairy is not as nutritious).
"It will be seen that several reasons were due to capture mortals use the acquisition of slaves, making love, enriching the musical talent brought from human milk for fairy children, but probably the main reason was the human blood and vigor."
"Fairies desire to take over people's children is one of the oldest parts of the belief in fairies and theft is a specific form of fairies."
The most common poestiri on fairies are those in which they steal children and people they need for proper human midwives fairies ... It seems that people need to give effective blood fairy race. "
In the last quote, Katherine Briggs stated firmly that the most common reproductive recall stories of fairies. David Jacobs in his book "Secret Life", which is a benchmark for learners abduction (alien abductions), after he talked to a woman who was taken to a nursery that contained a lot, if not hundreds of Baby hybrids (half human, half Alien) says:
"She hears another direction: Take care of your baby. Put your baby to your breast and feed him! Woman says: But I did not milk! I shall answer: Put your baby to your breast and feed him! Needless to say no. If she preclude aliens will put the baby to her breast at any cost. The baby puts his mouth to the woman's breast. He has a weak sucking reflex. In many cases, women are surprised to find that they contain breastfeeding and breast milk. When that happens this baby will suck her milk part. However, many times, baby breastfeeding is unnecessary, but it seems like this give satisfaction concerning aliens. "
Social order - ...
"Among the glittering orders does not seem to be an individualized form of life: that if one of them raise both hands, everyone will do the same if one of them will drink from a fountain of fire, others will do the same, it seems they manifest their real existence and have their being in one of their upper body and they reprezita it ... A swarm of bees has been described as a single body cell disconnected, as do some of these tribes seem to being brilliant be a manifestation of a being that is expressed by a variety of beautiful forms. I here refer only to beings of light: I think in terms of cloudy or Sidhe beings in the heavenly world, there is a spiritual unity and stronger but at the same time a greater individualisation. "
Compare this quote with ufologists literature, which is described in exactly the same kind of behavior when meeting with small robotic grii or gray. Otherwise we find a parallel on high cenusiii which are assigned a higher will and individualization.

Deception - ... And when it seems that people will benefit from these beings, the apparent purpose of cheating:
"In a single mortals have won the first two games and lost the trophy, instead supernatural freaks have earned him the third and required to be carried through a pregnancy fatal, have asked what was impossible to happen. "
In today zielele, aliens speak through "channels" (people mediums), offering high-accuracy medical diagnoses or making accurate forecasts, especially in terms of earthquakes. Once people have been led to believe in the accuracy of these estimates, the next prediction turns out to be false, leaving those who believed embarrassed and discredited.
Same way to work - ... The following quote will be quite familiar to many UFO abductees:
"... A lot of elves have come to the window, queuing up like bees from a hive. They filled the room, they lifted her out of bed and took her through the window, then she did not also remember anything ... "
Fairy gold - about both types of creatures can report that special materials properties that go beyond the technological capabilities of the people. Often, the gold from the fairies took turns ordinary metal. Such metals taken from the fairies, from materials found in UFOs seem to be impossible to store, there is almost always a way they disappear, even if this is done inside a secret lab or if it was consumed as a result of inconclusive tests.

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