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STORIES THERE mermaids for centuries and is a large part of folklore ABOUT AQUATIC supernatural beings, especially around coastal regions CORNWALL ENGLAND SUCH AS IN SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN ISLANDS. WAS CONSIDERED FOR THE SIRENS bad sign, heralding HOSES great turmoil. There are numerous folk tales describing their interaction with humans.
Mermaids is very similar description of Cornwall to the Outer Hebrides. Their upper torso was a beautiful woman with long hair, and from the waist down, was that of a fish. In many of the classic descriptions mermaids sitting on a rock close to shore, fluttering her hair, singing sweet and admiring their beauty in a mirror you hold in your hand. Their beautiful song lures men much like the sirens, and the unfortunate victims either drowned, or eaten in their world in the depths of the sea. Mermaids Rock is one such place near Lamorna, Cornwall at the eastern end of the site. This was a place haunted by the mermaids singing them fishermen, lured him to death. Sometimes sirens are drawn from the water by some singing. The Mermaid of Zennor in Cornwall, claimed Mathew Trewella because his beautiful voice.
In some tales mermaids are more benevolent, and have the ability to grant magical powers, but is usually a high price to pay. In the story Lutey and the Mermaid (Bottrell, WEST CORNWALL STORIES FROM YOUR TRADITIONAL "), Lutey, a fisherman finds a stranded mermaid on the shore while he was walking on the beach. He helps her get back into the sea and she offers him three wishes. He chooses the power to break spells, the power to compel spirits for the good, and that these gifts would pass to his descendants. She wishes but pulling him close, just before her waving a stiletto (supernatural creatures are usually terrified of iron) leaves him in the embrace. After nine years when he used his powers intaorce siren after he takes him into the depths. Since then every nine years one of his descendants said to have died at sea.
Although most stories describing the sirens to be dependent on large, they are not restricted to the sea and there are several stories about mermaids haunt rivers and deep lakes. Mermaids Pool below Kinder Downfall in Derbyshire is one such location. Siren is here on a specific date and usually has a deceptive nature. Black Mere, near Leek in Staffordshire was also thought to be haunted by a mermaid. It is possible that the term, the siren was used to describe a wider range of aquatic creatures supernatural.
There is belief in creatures half fish, half man thousands of years. The first references to these creatures found in the form Oannes god who was lord of the waters, worshiped at the beginning of civilization in ancient Babylon. There are several other such gods to queue up, but the classic mermaid known in Britain is likely derived from Celtic folklore, folklore and stories of local sea, in places where people were in contact with the sea as part of everyday life .
There have been few actual sightings of mermaids in the last hundred years, even in the 20th century, especially in places where old traditions die hard. In the northern Gulf Sandwood in northern Scotland was long thought that the sirens are being reported as recently as the 19th century, today the area has established a reputation for being merged another phenomenon, perhaps related in some way with the older releases. While these occurrences do not have credibility, may be related to the same mechanism that causes people to see ghosts, black dogs, etc ...

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