Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adrian Mutu

This formidable footballer born in Pitesti 32 years ago it seems that neither today not mature in the true sense of the word and you since childhood. Since the days when playing for Chelsea was detected in anti-doping control for cocaine, an especially stupid on his part that "when Chelsea" was the peak of his career. Of course after this monumental blunder he was sacked by Chelsea club even more was sued because he broke the club's image. Eventually he was transferred to Fiorentina Mutu, a club which for him meant a new beginning ... maybe for the better. After a very good time spent by him at the Italian club, was found again in an anti-doping control for sibutramine consumption ... in fine, was suspended for nine months the boy has been training all alone. After nine months Adrian was also found in the middle of a scandal: he mutilated as a restaurant waiter to speak apologetically that he was offended by it. Considering the fact that Romanians in Italy are very ugly look about them are right here. However, a player with such claims as Adrian Mutu should not have to resort to such act. After all the scandal with Adrian waiter returned to the ground. Na played in two games as he did a silly (games in which he also scored). This time it says that Mutu would have had trouble with his coach during a workout. This time the club more forgiving and not firentze practically refused to pay for salary and even more to put on the transfer list. Anyway my question is, what will solve this problem then? Too bad because it is a formidable player, with a lot of talent, a great striker! Why all this? : (

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