Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monster from a lake in Canada

Barbara Malloy, a resident of Newport, Canada, said he saw a monster in a lake, named Memphremagog. Like Nessie of Loch Ness, Scotland, or Champ from Lake Champlain, Memphremagog is hero to local legend.
It is the first appearance of the creature because there are numerous testimonies about its existence in the great Canadian lake. Sightings dating back to 1840. A local newspaper, The Stanstead Journal reported the occurrence of something big and winding around the lake in the 1840s. On 21 January 1847 a witness said: "I'm not the best person to tell about strange animal nature, the unknown, which resembles a snake and lives in Lake Memphremagog." But the monster was known long before. According to stories in the past, American Indians said that the first Europeans arrived there was something in the lake.
Ms. Malloy first sighting in 1983 in the island waters and then in Northern Horseneck. It is assumed that look somewhat like a plesiosaurs, a water dinosaur Jurassic period, brown or black, with four spade-shaped fins, with an elongated and rounded body and long neck. It seemed long for about 15 to 20 meters. Popular designs or handicrafts that it is the animal skin turns green, but it usually depends on the witness. This time Mrs. Malloy said he saw a black wave, which raise and lower the water, then disappeared. She said she and another resident of Newport has confirmed the occurrence, only that she saw a big back like a mound rising from the water but did not want to announce publicly visible.
In time, others have come to add new reports about the appearance of the monster. Jacques Boisvert, a noted local diver and historian, has collected a lot of these mysterious tales collected throughout the lake. A monk at the monastery of Saint Benoit near Lake Memphremagog dracontologie proposed deadline for the work done by Boisvert. Dracontologia, the English version, is a branch of criptozoologiei, for all sorts of mysterious and legendary creatures.

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