Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reptilians leading global masonry. Illuminati alien reptiles are rare breed

Ruling elite of the society on Earth, the Illuminati, the top of all Masonic organizations is actually composed of reptilian aliens who have the ability, "morphing"-meaning they can take human appearance, support of increasingly more adept at conspiracy theories. Leading politicians and they had copies of the breed. These aliens seek to obtain total control over people's lives.

They are carnivores - in fact they need human blood to capture the vital energy of it, and to maintain their human appearance! They are also obsessed with the right symbols and their magic power. Follow energy vortexes to place all objects, monuments, buildings designed to modulate the planetary energy, color it, load it with information that allows them control mental and even spiritual mass reports. For example, there would be no chance that the seat of power even arranged a little odd in key points of geometric figures drawn by streets (Star of David and pentagrams are among the most used symbols), or around some impressive domed buildings obelisks is that by chance (obelisks are symbols of phallic symbols and cupolas are female, joining them is meant to increase your energy and you can even create artificial vortices). What role have these vortices in the big cities? Be used to dominate the psyche of their people.

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