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When I studied the Latin poets tireless, their lyrics were full of these deities campestre: Nymphs, skits, fauna, etc., which were classified with the label "Mythology: poetic allegories." In other words, any, words in the wind. Cayce However, in reading below, taking the Nymphs, grant them the right to exist:
In the city of seven hills (...), entity shepherdess sl time watching their goats in a village novel. The body beautiful, crystalline voice, enjoys a very precise vision. July message knew Peter, Paul and his disciples only to pedestrians (...). Sylvla named the entity follow these teachings, but keeping their balance. During that stay (on earth) the entity knew very well how to play the flute and flute Cimpeni.
That is why today the entity could be a professional musician, flutist, clarinetist or singing or any other derivative of reed flute, which would evoke the deep forests and vilcelele, large spaces, dance of the Nymphs and divinities (ies). She wondered then caress the sun rising above the hill, bouncing lambs and goats on the steep paths and all the splendors of the Earth, which sings the glory of God, One Spirit Creations and its action on the world. For life and dreams of that entity for its activity were the gifts sl. And that was the period when he experienced the strongest growth. (Reading 683-1)
Nymphs Who knows today? Greeks and Latins, who spoke so much about them, believe in them because they saw them. This Nymphs rural world enshrouded in a mysterious light and warm, they could feel the spiritual soul. "Nymphs," says my dictionary Bouillet excellent, "were water goddesses, especially of fresh water. Naiads distinguish between them, Nereid, oceanid (sea, they) ... Nymphs name was then extended to a large number of deities side as Oreadele (nymphs of mountains and villages of Diana), Driadele (forest and tree nymphs in general, but especially of oak: it danced around trees entrust their guard, and trunks served by hiding them), Napeele (nymphs of the mountains valleys, forests, and grasslands CRINGURILE). Nymphs were not considered immortal, but lived several thousand years, had always been young and beautiful, empty or half empty, stretched beside the waters that poured from urn beside them or dancing satyrs . They are offered honey, milk, fruit, oil, sometimes goats.
The ancients believed in them, so they built temples or restricting water in a corner house, adorned with statues, vases, and fountains Bazan. It was Nymphs, Nymphs enshrined. Most times it was a natural or artificial cave. Nymphs habit, "says my dictionary Bouillet - 1880! -" Is still quite common in Italy. "In ancient Gaul, the nymphs were also held in high esteem. For g:
"Goddesses were numerous and they exerted a protective action daily. It was by one in every fountain, every stone to form a shelter in every tree ... earth, waters and forests were animated, the Gauls, a mysterious divine life . spirits were hidden everywhere, everywhere were geniuses (...).
The Druids knew that Nature is hiding beyond the current events, and that beyond those present were the essences World (...).
Druids had made a pact of alliance with forests. This corresponded to a reality when, as forests were alive. What to us is was a true legend and superstition, from three thousand years. Spirits of trees, Nature were geniuses when their land had not been mutilated bodies ... "These prophetic lines were written between the two world wars. What the author says today, when the systematic destruction of forests threaten the balance of the planet itself?
"Now they (the spirits) is not seen by creatures with two left feet, they kill with pleasure. They know that the innocent daughter of the man will think, ducindu the places where they live, than to grab what they have created with love and that is their love, flowers.
In a time when forest vegetation were quiet and when to develop freely, the quintessential living trees to materialize and you may become for some people arrived at zibila clairvoyance subtle world that surrounds us. All primitive people speak of these creatures shy, fugitive kind, which are nature spirits, and all these attributes the same qualities and defects-Lease (...). Nymphs, or fairies driadele beings are the same, but we used them as pure myth. "
I extracted these lines from a great book by Maurice Magra, La Cle des choses cachaes / key hidden things, who deserves to be quoted in full ... He is joined by his desires Cayce on the present nature and playing in reading 683-1, where the young Sylvia remembered Valcele and deep forests, the large spaces, the dance of the Nymphs and (other) gods (the Dells Sylvan, the great outdoors, the dance of the nymphs and the gods, "says Cayce in the text). It should be noted that Cayce, in trance so sleepy (in reading 683-1) as well as awake (in a letter to Ms. 464), agrees with the existence of the spirits of nature, which he describes as the dancing and playing.

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