Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mammoth could 'revive' the next four years

There are chances that the mammoth to see daylight again. A group of Japanese researchers managed to clone cells frozen for 16 years of a mouse, and now scientists want to try cloning the giant mammal.

So far, Japanese specialists from Riken Center for Experimental Biology mammoth mother decided to be a female African elephant, and soon will leave for Siberia to search for frozen mammoth tissue, writes The Telegraph.

In about 20 years ago tried to 'resurrection' mammoth, but without success as specialists samples were frozen too cold. However, hope has been restored by a teacher researchers from Kyoto University, who managed to clone a mouse using cells frozen for 16 years.

"Surrogate Mother mamult future will be a female African elephant, will take about two years as a female elephant is pregnant, followed by another 600 days, as is the period of gestation. The success rate rose to 30% and now I think we have a real chance to clone a mammoth, "said one of the scientists at the Riken Center.

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