Thursday, January 6, 2011

Romania Bucegi blackmailed to hide secrets

Bucegii always had an aura of mystery, especially because of the Sphinx and Old Women, stone structure that seems to be dreamed up by man and not a blind action of nature.
Even if birth Bucegii witnessed many legends, but few have managed to reach in our time. Among those who have once again brought to light the beauty and mystery of the most important symbol of Prahova, and why not, in Romania, the Sphinx, are, surprisingly, Daniel Ruzo, a Peruvian explorer who asked about possible links to international attention Markawasi of civilization and the Geto-Dacian. He noted a number of similarities between the Sphinx of Bucegi and monolithic sculptures of the Andes.
Unfortunately, its findings are not supported by reliable scientific careers. Ruzo launched a case, deemed insane by the scientific community, explaining that human civilization is made up of ages, each lasting 8608 years, which in turn are made up of four solar cycles of 2125 years. Potivit this era we are now in the fifth. Every 8608 years, the Earth suffers a catastrophe. Monuments around the world, including the Sphinx, marking places where people could hide.
Here comes one of the legends conteporane based on imagination and can descoperorile Peruvian. One of the rumors circulating on the Internet especially, is that under the Sphinx and Mount Omu would find a cave about 20 kilometers long. From here, the story becomes more fanciful. Cave would be protected from energy fields and even the Americans had conducted the excavations, under the protection of Romanian authorities with the help, of course, the Masonic world in 2003. Unfortunately have not managed to penetrate the indestructible shield. omu2
Conspiracy is not complete, if the middle does not take a quasi-governmental organization. For Romania this is Zero Department, an organization that transcends the recent Romanian democracy which has its roots in communism. Zero Department was responsible for uncovering illegal U.S. action. Romania will make public the findings of the Bucegi, but was stopped by a blackmail the world.
Even if these stories seem insane, from time to time something happens to give a little credence to the fact that it is still something special in Bucegi. In 1993, a series of earthquakes occurred only in the Sinai and Busteni. They were officially explained by the proximity of the Vrancea area, but there are several witnesses who say that before strong earthquakes rumble was heard, and many area residents said they suffered from insomnia.
With or without mysteries, Bucegi Mountains remains one of the most important monuments, natural or not, Romania and should be treated with more respect than we do today. Who knows, maybe when they might be forced to shelter us in any cave.

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