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Dance naked ielelor
Ielelor are supernatural female creatures encountered in Romanian mythology, very widespread in superstition, which can not be established but a specific profile, owing to the great diversity of folk variants. However, the most frequently described ielelor handicrafts like virgins, with great power of seduction and magical powers, having the same attributes as nymphs, Naiads, Dryadele, or even as a siren. Ielelor live in the air, in forests or in caves in the mountains, on rocks or on banks of water, in weeds or raspintii, wash it often springs. Is thought to occur at night they moonlight, spinning dance in remote locations (Silvestre meadows, ponds, banks of rivers, crossroads, hearths or even abandoned in the air, dancing naked, naked breasts only with hair disheveled, rarely with garments of mail or waves wrapped in transparent and feet with bells), their specific dance is dance, dance remains the place that burned like fire, grass grows nemaiputind trodden place, and tree limbs around being Pirlita, later, when the grass comes up again, its color is dark green, is not grazed by cattle, and is conducive breeding ground mushrooms of the species' Plump spoon. " Ielelor sometimes appear with the band, only ghosts are sometimes intangible, illusory appearance of cheerful young women, usually young and folklore it is beautiful, voluptuous and seductive immortal goblin up the delusion, vindictive and evil, yet without structural evil.
Ielelor unlimited wine either in or walking in groups of seven, sometimes three, in the latter case (the widespread Oltenia), the legend of Alexander Machedon consider them and their daughters called Catrina Zalina and Marina. There are generally considered the genius evil, Rabun only when they are provoked, offended or seen during the dance (they are usually invisible, and can be seen rarely and only at night), but then the guilty punished him pocindu after they had slept with the song and played around it Horites whirlwind three-fold. Their main attributes are the choreography and vocal song that, like sirens, bewitch their listeners. A tradition of Prahova, spoken of BPHasdeu, says "ielelor night drinking water through wells and everyone will drink after dinsele, pocesc it." Ielelor not lead an individual life: their armies gathered in the air, they can fly, with or without wings, and can move at speeds fabulous' during high and nine new countries "in a single night, sometimes using horse carriages fire. Ielelor appear on the lonely rock in clearings or in some maple and walnut trees, rarely crossroads. In almost all descriptions are received, ielelor acorporale occur. Very important in their system of seduction is clothing. Their garments are often loose, silk or linen, usually the transparent or translucent, through which I see are your breasts. Meeting with ielelor is also extremely dangerous conditions for people. Ielelor are sometimes considered vengeful, purpose that gave them a God or Devil, in this situation are identical to Eriniile Greek mythology (the Roman Furies).
Griefs and follies, penalties Vintoaselor
They say that men and women who work are raised in the Whitsuntide swirls on the ground, tortured and ismintitii. Many householders in the villages told us how, in the crystal clear day, woke up with barely squeezed into the bush godson a sudden shower of pots and got - a kind of vortex formed by eddy currents that form istantaneu and disappear somewhere in the woods. Objects trapped in these whirlpools are scattered over great distances. It also says that people often place the cattle that were trodden by Hora ielelor ironing die mysteriously. Hail, catastrophic flooding and drying trees this time of year are attributed to all the evil powers of these creatures. In the countryside, for example, if a man remains crippled after he lay on the field, people deemed to have been punished ielelor. Neither those who sleep under trees or intangible property ielelor considered by drinking from springs, wells or ponds in their household or from vessels which have been forgotten outside overnight, uncovered, does not escape revenge ielelor. Receiving terrible punishment those who refuse the invitation to the dance or ridiculing gestures mimic them. If, by chance, he hears the song, remains silent.
At 50 days after Easter celebrates the Romanian people for three days a week (regional differences), Pentecost. These are female characters whose existence cvasimalefice happens mostly in the air, summer and into the woods. As ielelor, which are sometimes mistaken for one of their main qualities is very beautiful dance. Dance in the air or on land, at night, sit in a circle, but if you are seen by a mortal, or if, someone accidentally stepping on the place where they danced (when grass is burned), it is very seriously ill from a disease called , in popular language, "Pentecost taken."
Magical Remedies
Ritual magic remedy against these diseases it offered, in the south and in Moldova, Calusarii. Pentecost, feast of Latin Rosalia = roses, consisting in the placement of roses - Rosa - the graves, Pentecost - ielelor category fabulous women in Romanian mythology, Rusal king's daughters, according to popular belief, they take people's minds Pentecost. This myth - holiday page - was subsequently superimposed over the Christian celebration postpascala (Rosati and Domenica rosarum Pascha) of Pentecost and Pentecost Sunday when their homes became imbodobite the branches are green. Celebration is related to the abundance of the summer crop. Fall Pentecost is a frenetic dance to hypnotic sleep crashes, practiced by women romance Whit Sunday Timoc area, but rather it is considered an isolated case of local tradition. In Dobrogea Romanized Rosalia Rose was customary at the end of spring, holiday attire believers in direct relationship with the cult of remembrance of the dead.
The people invented negative actions and remedies against ielelor or preventive - wormwood and garlic at the waist worn in the breast or the hat - both medical-Exorcist: The game caluseresc danced ielelor ide a sick body. Also to avoid rabunarea ielelor, stick a horse skull in the hair of the goal. Choreography is the most significant attribute of ielelor. Horea ielelor Baccantelor dance seem to inherit. This form of superstition is also attested to many people. Tacitus, in "Annals", talks about a group of Romanians who "touched by the delirium, the mob with swords out of the centurion," after seeing a nymph of a fountain, empty, which "gave the lunacy and delusions" . A kind of ielelor exist in mythology Germanic origin Danish: Elves live in forests and dancing. Alder tree is their favorite, but having them and a king on Erlkonig.
Dimitrie Cantemir about ielelor
In "Descriptio Moldaviae" Dimitrie Cantemir ielelor called "nymphs of the air, most often by young love with more beautiful." Not knowing the origin of this myth. "Ielelor" is not a name, but the female personal pronoun "them", said popular. Their real names, mysterious and inaccessible is replaced with symbols that give usually classified into two categories: impartial epithets - ielelor, her, Dragaice, sensation, Iezme, Herod, Pentecost, Nagode, pots and flattering epithets, as am the LORD, mastery, Fine , Musat, Codrului Girls, Goddesses air, etc.. In folklore, but also individual names appear for ielelor, Ana, Bugiana, Dumernica, Foiofia, Lacargia, Magdalene, Ruxanda, Tiranda, Roses, rare Cosinziana. These names can not be spoken by chance, they may become dangerous invocations. Every witch knows nine of these aliases, you can use in spells. And some people devoted to ielelor holidays - Pentecost, layer, or drill Bulciul Pentecost, 9 Thursday after Easter, the Marina, SF. Foca - to be respected, those who ignore these celebrations will have to deal with anger ielelor: men and women who work during these holidays are raised in the swirls of the land, tortured and "insane", just like people who place trodden by Hora ielelor board (in this case the culprits are caught in the dance, a dance that leads them to madness dementia), people and cattle are dying mysteriously appears hail, floods occur, dry trees, houses catching fire, other people are paralyzed or crippled.
All those who were able to learn and sing songs ielelor are kidnapped and disappear without a trace. Neither those who sleep under trees ielelor consider the intangible property, or drink from springs, wells or ponds in their household or from vessels which have been forgotten outside overnight, uncovered, does not escape revenge ielelor. Receiving terrible punishment those who refuse the invitation to the dance or ridiculing gestures mimic them. If, by chance, he hears the song, remains silent.
Holy. Beautiful. Forest Face
Sanziene are flowers of the field, yellow-gold, little blossom, full of strong flavors fan pollen and honey. At the slightest touch, shake them a rain of fine gold, as are the flowers of summer solstice, the sun-loving, and their life is short, only two or three weeks, as long as it is in strength day planet him. Their image has done suave ladies Flower-zianele Sant (Holy goddesses and fairies), perhaps because of their fragrance is unlike any other flower, yet it includes the of all. But the folk tradition, and some creatures Sanziene are unreal, fantastic, called holy, beautiful, bright creatures of air, white, beautiful, beneficial. Because the names are often confused with ielelor, Maiastrele or Vantoasele, which usually are bad fairies. Experts, but the peasants are very mixed when it comes to Fairies, that eventually, everything remains as it may be unclear. As different from ielelor is perfectly safe, because they only good traits: fuioare light wind during the day, night fairies hair turns yellow and white dresses steam dancing under the moon (the star of those born on this day ) in the gardens, moving from one place to another, singing on top with the harmonious voices unheard. Because they are from another world and are so beautiful, "who sees and who does not think he heard them not answer." About them is known to take the cuckoo's voice, that starting on June 24, cuckoo steals over all, leaving the mountain and turns into a hawk bird, the fly on all other songbirds. In reality, the exact day when, really, go cuckoo, lose all hope of regaining a voice, people will not know anyone in the world and no one told there is very subtle in this regard: "When women think men will know when you know when the day goes cuckoo. " Sometimes, out of pity, May Sanziene untie her tongue to play once or twice and after 24 June, but "If only no one would hear him" sing badly because only then to whoever hears it.
Three days after summer solstice, the day already starts to decline; all started assuming the existence of an end. The entire vegetation loses little saps and flavors. Therefore, the last day to collect healing plants is the day of Fairies, and eventually was considered the best day of the year, colors and smells potentandu their powers before they begin to decline. They say the night of Fairies, Flower Girl Forest tops break, meaning it takes strength and grind them, taking them smells, it is absolute master of healing flowers, rare flowers, of the magical mineral waters and thermal energy, wind, mountains, forests, and can occur either alone, or multiplied. Sanziene or holy fairies could be beneficial prenatal depiction Forest, the Great Goddess of vegetation - flowers because Fairies come in all its heritage. As you can see, this was very powerful pre-Christian worship since survives even today.

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