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BAISD BHEULACH A shape-shifting demon who haunts the pass Odail of Skye,'s screams can be heard at night.
BAOBHAN Sith A very dangerous female vampire that haunts the mountains of Scotland.
BEAN NIGHE Scottish version of female aquatic spirit specify a particular river. She always wore green clothes and had her toes together. It was not always deadly and fulfill three wishes in certain circumstances.
Bobric A gigantic black bird, which is thought to have lived in Argyllshire lakes. His feet membranes and fed cattle.
BODACH A green humanoid who were predicting the death of members of a particular clan.
BODACHAN SABCHAILL (Little Elder of barn) A spirit that haunted barns in Scotland, with a brown says he is busy doing some activities at the farm.
BOOMAN The name of a brown in Shetland and Orkney.
BROLLACHAN Name the formless being a Welshman, a nocturnal creature.
CAILLEACH BHEUR A witch with front-mounted blue of lands associated with winter and guardian of animals. It could be a part of the triple goddesses worshiped so long ago by the old brit.
CAITH Sith A supernatural cat in mountain areas, the creature was as big as a dog and completely black except a white spot on chest. Maybe it is related to belief in the mystery of black cats that were seized in the region.
CAOINEAG A spirit like a banshee about the clans of the highlands, which could be heard screaming at the bottom of the falls before a disaster or a death in the bosom of a clan.Numele means' one who cries. "
CAOINTEACH Argyll female version of the water spirit, a banshee who foretold his death as members of a clan.
CEASG A siren of sirens highlands which was most dangerous when people have contact with. If he was captured fulfilled three wishes.
CIUTACH A spirit mountain cave located in the provinces.
COLIUNN CHEANN GUN (WITHOUT GIANT HEAD) A giant hulking headless monster that haunts the lands near the town Morar Macdonald House. Travelers were often found mutilated by the creature. He was banned from those places after being defeated in battle by a member of the clan.
CRODN MARA Cow aquatic highlands.
WITH Sith A green dog ghost that haunts the mountains. The creature was the size of a large calf and could hunt in silence.
CUACHAG A spirit of an evil, dangerous to humans, who haunts the city in Inverneshire Cuaich Glen.
DIREACH A monster with one leg and one arm that haunts in Glen Etive.
Doon A spirit that change shape, which could turn into a horse or man or old woman.
DUNTERS Similar to Red Cap, these creatures roamed the old border fortresses. It is believed to be in popular memory, the memory of sacrifices made at the foundation fortress.
Each UISG Aquatic horse that lived in the highlands and in large marine bays. It was usually seen as a beautiful horse and everyone would have tried to ride his skin was caught he had a kind of glue. Then rushed into the deepest part of the lake and devour its victim.
FACHAN A spirit of mountain lands with one leg and one hand on his chest standing and going.
FIDE A water demon who lived near Lake Loch na Fideil gairloch.Creatura used to shoot women and children in the water and devour them.
FUATACH (AN) A general name for the Scottish water spirits who inhabited the sea and rivers. Thread could be found in freshwater and marine bays.
Annisa GENT (Bland Annisa) A spirit which was said to cause snow to fall in spring months (March and April)
Ghillie Dhu DUBH GILL A benevolent spirit of nature which is believed to haunt the woods of hazel near Gairloch. Mosses and lichens wore clothes and had black hair.
GLAISTIG Golden-haired female spirits who helped the smooth running of the farms, guarding livestock.
Grogan A mountain which was brown in tinutuirle help on farms.
GRUAGACHS A type of brown that was helpful in agriculture.
HABETROT A spirit of the border zone associated with rotating.
HENKIES A version of Orkney and Shetland Trow.
JOINT Eater (THAT IS JOIN AND GOLD) An invisible spirit who stood near people and eat their food, so they can not benefit from it.
KELPIES A horse to water that changes shape Scotia.Adesea haunted rivers appear like a horse but could take the form of a man and not to jump on passers-by saw him.
LOIREAG An aquatic spirit is twisted, the Hebrides.
LUIDEAG A dangerous water spirit who haunts the lake from the sea in the Isle of Skye.
Brown Generic name for the supernatural creatures in England and Scotland were generally sympathetic but could also be mischievous if they were neglected. They were small in stature and wore brown.
Brown FROM MUIRS A guard supernatural creatures from the border region of Scotland. He was wearing brown clothes and had red hair and wild eyes and rumpled.
MOROOL A Shetland aquatic monster with many eyes, perhaps a fish or marine creatures ideintificat wrong.
MUILEARTEACH A witch with blue face that could take many forms, is similar to the Cailleach Bheur.
NOGGLE / NUGGLE Shetland horse version aquatic mills is frequently associated watercourses.
NUCKELAVEE A hideous creature half horse and half man with long arms and twisted. The creature had no skin and muscle structure and veins could be seen easily. He had an aversion to fresh water.
Blue Man MINCH Water spirits who inhabited the place called Minch, between the islands of Long Island in Shiant and high lands. They lived in clans in underwater caves and were blamed for the foundering ship.
PEALLAICH An aquatic monster in Perthshire.
PECHS A different name for the Picts, who often were seen as conquerors of nature spirits Scotland many centuries later.
POWRIES Other names Peter the Red Caps Batu border regions.
PUDDLEFOOT An aquatic spirit who haunts a lake near Pitlochry.
RED HEAD (RED CACIULATA) Spirits spooky old castles that bantuiaua border regions, were small in stature with claws of steel and also have red caps. He dipped in the blood of victims bonetele and casings to make them that color red.
SELKIES, SILKIES (MATASOASELE) Spirits of the body of a seal that can take human form on uscat.Se often married people.
SHELLYCOAT A male water spirit border region. He wore armor and could be dangerous.
SHONY A spirit of the islands marine Lewis.
SHOOPILTEE A Water Horse Shetland Islands, were the size and shape of horses.
SLAUGH A name given to a group of very dangerous spirits highlands. They were known as unforgivable death. They were always evil and sometimes thought to be fallen angels.
SPUNKIES A wisp Will a regional name.
TANG A shape-shifting marine spirit of Orkney and Shetland islands.
TARRANS Assumed to be the spirits of children who died without being baptized are manifested in the form of lights, located in northern and eastern Scotland. A similar explanation is used for the Pixies in Western lands.
URISK A very similar spirit, a faun who was half man half goat. It is said that roamed the lakes and waterfalls.
WATER Wraiths (anger-WATER) Female water spirits who were shooting people in the depths. The girls were dressed in green and wrinkled.
WULVER (LUPARUL) A supernatural creature of Shetland, with the body of man and wolf head. It said it would be benevolent, beneficial.

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