Saturday, January 8, 2011

Did you know ...

Man receives 83% of external information by sight, by hearing 11%, 3% through smell, tact and 1.5% by 1.5% through taste.
"Man sleeps approximately one third of our lives. The normal duration of sleep in adolescents is 8-10 hours, while a newborn baby needs 16 hours of sleep per day.
"The human brain contains about 100 million neurons. Each neuron can be done about 10000 synapses.
"The average weight of a man's brain is 1350 grams and 1200 grams for women.
"The nerve fibersof the the body measuring 770 000 km ,ie distance from Earth to the Moon and back .
»most common occurrences in dreams are failures, repeated failures in carrying out certain actions, activities related to workplace sexual experiences, attacks or chases.
»12% of children born in Europe and the U.S. are twins.

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