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THE devil hill

A compelling story about an elf that help the household chores. Resemblance to the spirits of the house which is spoken in the traditions of other peoples, especially in Western Europe is striking.
Take first an egg from a black hen run over by a black cock. The egg will hatch for forty days. When cracked eggshell, the egg emerges "something", a "creature" that can make you the richest man on earth. The scattered villages of Bukovina still alive and well today, "suspect" who made a pact with the unseen powers of the underworld. In full third millennium, the reality of the Romanian villages magic is still alive and active. An exceptional circumstance, which deserves to be recorded and investigated by specialists
Black Chicken
"At first, when you are young, who else thinks what will happen? Who would not want to have as a servant of the other world powers that make him rich? To give only one command to silently and unseen Someone rushing to fulfill your wills? Have luck with money, cattle ... When you're young you're stupid, they want everything at once, who else thinks of Judgement, then? "
My guide has blue eyes and they remain there, lost in the distance mountains full of misty peaks. We have to make a journey together. We climb to the villages of those wild, hidden in clouds. Only now confesses that he feels do not know how, like a little fear. It hesitates. Do not know if good. Never heard much talk of "suspect". About spells in the mountains, which houses guarded by diabolic creatures. He Iurniuc Nicholas, was a dreamer. He wandered the world, had countless trades and mishaps in life. It was far from the village. Do not know-or no longer live if such people. "We must be careful to be very careful, that's not the joke ..." Once he saw. She has heard thousands of stories about them. He was born there, in a village, Paltinu, spread over three mountains, neighbors sat a few miles away across the sky. Can not forget the old one in the nation today Vasilcilor - Fedosia, park-and-so said - that the whole held a gathering looked into the soul: one, terribly low and long, a giant woman, whom he saw sometimes emerging on top of a hill is round and green, thick as the wheel carrier picking bouquets of field flowers. That's always made: picking flowers. Though it looks like any old woman of her age, they remained thin fingers up-in instant death. With glossy nails, royal, neplesnite of work. And this woman had a burner on, always remembering that Nicholas Iurniuc, since she was a child and a panda in grass, at the foot of the hill: cheeks pierced you with her eyes burning like embers, although one woman seemed moored , pressed for a mental anguish. "He was so, how to say, a deep sadness. He looked at me there, above, and it seems to me begging for help, if it was only a cry of distress you look great and come to her to help her. "This woman had done that had made many other" suspect "before her . He had some land, but hardly lived in a house collapsed. She had a thrifty man, honest, but a little quiet and it seemed "too good". It felt so happy. Until one day, when he followed the advice ancestors. He sought first a black hen, yes, black no white flake through it "and a black cock. He was there and looked black cock trampled when the black hen. The eagerly awaited first egg. Necessarily be the first! She rushed, took, came from Poiata valvartej, as would be housed in their hands a treasure without price. It was locked in a dark room and sat over the egg. Hatched uninterrupted for forty days, standing right, mute and motionless. Forty days he has not seen the sun. Fasting and praying at a power unseen gasped. From time to time, go to her husband, bringing her water and helped her to make a char and needs. When the egg broke, she cried like a birth of infants. Not knowing when it is day or night. He was still young. He was exhausted. It has stood up and looked. In a trembling shell black creature ...
Few are those who know what it looks like the devil creatures, who only saw the mountains are witches, but they do not tell. We want actions not talk. Some argue that it would be a "tapuc" horn, which does not increase above the human knee. Others, it would be a cool mat, a mat with eyes closed. Others, that it will look like a chicken with the horn. And others, that it would be even a child as a palm, egg-born. Hard to say and, of course, to believe. It is certain however that when the "hatching" such a creature, soon after he broke the eggshell, even at that moment, you have to utter these words, as follows: "You're mine, but I'm not yours!" and, since then, you can use all your life, you and your descendants. Did it do as they say, "servant." I help all the household chores, a "someone" more powerful than all the hardworking people. However, one thing is undeniable, verified by absolutely everyone: from that moment on, any hot, no matter how clever it is, can not approach the house without being caught. If you took a straw on his land, house owner "knows." Well, it happened that the woman from the wrong race Vasilcilor little words. Frightened and worn out, barely able to babble: "You're mine, I'm yours ...". A wrong word. Cuvintel the wrong one and ... Nicholas Iurniuc fill his eyes with his hands: "O, woe was a !...". Shortly, her husband died, but the household began to flourish. People are wondering and make thousands of crosses her: how could, in just a few years to transform the house that collapsed in a pride? The cattle barn was filled with fat, with round eyes and sweet. With bright plumage poultry yard leaping through. How long was blessed day, Fedosia stood up in the narrow cerdacutul house and watched their fortunes increase. And at night, all night, someone was mowing the grass high mountains, Stogu womb and hay in haystacks smelling, tall man as four layers. How can you not wonder? How can you not surprised when, at sunrise, see imasurile shorn like a lawn, though not ordained any COSAS site owner? People have started to go around, and she have seizures in the increasingly strange. He says that the mere utterance of those words, "I'm Yours ...", should be made a kind of" wife "of being in the egg shell. They lived together as spouses. Neighbors often saw a toss up in front of the house, striving frantically to an unseen power, which raged all over the place and a slam. And woe to the man was approaching to land her, wanting her to make them or only peteasca yard ... It was on the monastery, about witches, but no one could escape her mysterious spell. When I went through the front of the house, people spit in there defiled, the dedeochi. As a child, Nicholas Iurniuc saw it once, while the already wrinkled, round and green hill at the end. Sunset. Suddenly, the woman escaped the huge bouquet of flowers and branches collapsed in the grass. One time I had seen her. Then, he saw only white legs, uncovered, toss with the long stem flowers. "There was nobody there, but she screamed as pleasure. Finally got up, he cleared the skirts, turned to me and smiled ... "Then, on time, did not understand. Only later, the baby started to understand what he had seen ...
Fedosia died, but the unseen servant remained near the house. Always stay on the land of the devil who "hired" to take care of him, further descendants. This time though, the curse was too strong and his followers were scattered pan 'to one. Nobody knows anything about them. However, Nicholas Iurniuc believes that, for mountains that look more old people are still living well "suspect." Do not know villages or human names. But know that they must exist. People still alive, people who have made a contract with the unseen power. "But be careful, God, be careful!" And run.
Yellow-haired old women

Where to start? Attack by mountain forests by the ocean's the easiest, west on the road and Carlibaba Ciocanesti, hoping the afternoon we reach the top, to the sources of Moldova and Suceava, in the heart hutulimii. What questions will the reporter? "You've heard of people who have demons in their house?" Who would dare to cleveteasca about that? Or, if I find such a "suspect", what would I call it? "Do not get mad, you have the devil in the house man ?..." I look at my left, begging for solutions. He sits motionless, looking through the windshield forest. A face like leaven in the likeness of which he passes mountains, Roscovan, rough and sharp and spiky hair and unshaven beard, his eyes shone blue in the clouds. It passed through many Hutsuls dreamer. It was the cowboy, forestry, road digger, lathe operator, driver or porter to the port surveyor at airports and lab chemist. He had only bad luck in life, although it is a smart man, a spiritual man, with great faith in God. Now, at age 57, he started a new job, as his dreamy nature. It is a professional ... treasure seeker. He borrowed money and bought a metal detector American, very expensive. However, he knows these mountains with palm palm. He knows where they were buried fortunes from those of the Dacians to the last outlaws. And he's convinced that eventually all the luck will smile ...
It seems Carlibaba. A large village, up the Golden Bistrita, until recently a Jewish settlement and nemteasca only an "El Dorado" prosperous, which keeps the minereasca some of the old nobility. Heard my guide here a mos. One that could have links to our adventure. Sits somewhere at the end of the village and has nearly a hundred years. Rumor is that some of his people had once learned from some great mystery of the German witches' inchegatului water, most powerful craft Wizard of how many are in the world. As these ancestors earned wealth and power only showing in front of people, just "letting them look" at what we do. We find a dwarf box, with one room, at the foot of an old German gold mines. You say in nohow to have 98 years. His face is still smooth skin and ruddy, like a baked bread. In a recently cheek was pierced by a boar. Under vigorous nose bend a great mustache, with strong thread, inspiring manhood. Hears and sees twenty years. And today could dizzy a deer with the sledge wrist, if it would fade right in front. "I wonder sangur me, sir, how I still live today says !...", relentlessly. Witchcraft occurrences bypass them with incredible cunning. Talk more about himself, about the torments of his life, how he saw around him dying in a division full of soldiers in fighting in the front line in Odessa, and he remained the only survivor, but mostly about hunting feats after his fudulele war. "Once I told a uncheas one" s you Tane forest and deer meat, man! So you live. " Maybe true, that many nights I slept in the woods sangur with flint beside me and 'only' the sky is empty. And I ate deer meat so damn much ...". Only in the end I hardly confesses, the fragments, something about old women witches. I understand that yes, once lived around here some "yellow-haired babe, just came from Germany with charm and that, indeed, two ancestors of the hospital to have managed to steal science. "They lived together both. On a call Fratana baba, the old man his name Trufin. Lands' and their house was guarded like a charm. Long jump world Vinea them with fake, and, who paid, he did. I've seen and sorcerers together. Baba exorcise up in the house. Mosneagu 'comes out and put it under the chimney and only' there exorcise. At home, the old woman was in front of a bowl with water. And after boscorodea, olny dejtu touching the 'water in water bowl and father clot imprejuru' DEJTA. Freeze! Dad tightens water imprejuru 'DEJTA Babii, so ... such as gelatine. Oaminii made "Wow!", Meaning he wondered. Some said he had Fratana power so great, that rivers could congeal. "But I can not say this, because I have seen ..." Maybe something to say but I already begin to stir doubt. This is at a crossroads Carlibaba counties and roads, to Maramures and Bistrita. Well, you old Moisa a mortis that somewhere near Bistrita, was until recently a "fair devil" in a corner of the fair at large. As if you had more money and courage, you could go to that fair, to buy a "guardian" and bring him home in his bag ... I feel like laughing and telling me in mind of my daughter that Santa was crazy.
Black ball
We climb back into the car and head to the Springs, the road is hard, always rising and elbow. My guide back in silence. Only in a later whispers something, like a hurt on the window: "I know it will seem crazy. But it is true ...". What's true? "That was so fair. Maybe in May and are kept secret and give. I have talked about it a lot of people. I knew myself beyond the valley Moldovitei, a man who said it would be bought "chicken" ready ...." hatching "Devils on the package, buy the market?" Wonder. "Yes, really. That man just brought in a sheath, the armpit. And got rich over night, came at once the richest man in the village. He told me my grandfather a chance with him and my grandfather was the only man whom I met in my life that never lies. He said that one night, rain, passing by the house this man saw a ball, a black ball, which rolled out the gate and toward it. It made a noise like a wing flap. At a fulgeratura has seen better: yes, rushed to him! A-ncremenit! He was standing in the middle of the road, in rain, eyes closed, waiting to hit him. Prayed silently. And then he struck again and opened his eyes and saw ball lightning in the light, as he turns and tumbles back to the house and closed the only door, quick, behind her. There was a lot of people have told me this ball, seen in front of the house in question. But Grandpa I really believe him. There is one very important thing: that Santa had a brother. I know him well on this brother man niece. We are friends. And this man told me that his uncle had received a letter from a left somewhere consatean Cacic parties. He read it himself and it says clearly: "I know that the family has recently bought something from Bistrita, for help in the household. I would like, if possible, sell it to me me. " And banet offered a considerable sum. So, work was well known by everyone. Uncle did not have anything to sell them in Cacica applicant because he did not have to be asked in the letter. That "something" has remained there, on land where there was "hired" the first time. From there he could not steal anything. You went to a night on the mountain top of his arm and you took a fan, and the next day the man came to you: 'Hey, why did you steal? To goback to what you get ...". You always someone unseen news. She will tell her something, then it's impossible not to believe me: I met a Peter, what's the neighbor that we have slave mosul on unclean. Once owners have left home and they asked him to guard the house. I said, 'Hey, Petrea, look, the food here. Can you walk me through the house, everywhere, yes, 'please, there in the closet' which do not enter. " Petrea a state as a state, but the pan "after all no lo left heart. "Take me to open a little," and when he opened the door asaaa, inceeet ... olny what one saw a matte black with some pink eyes like diamonds, one of the two laser stripes, as you can see by those American movies. Petrea said that a paralyzed. Crying because she could not move and with one last struggle.Leaving, managed to close the door. In the evening, when an old man came 'home, the first thing he said was:' Hey, Petrea, 'Why have you forgotten pantry' which? I asked nicely not to forget ... You do not want to get hurt bad, boy ..."."
Impielitatu sleeping pill '
Cross the long and purple lupine fields. Rare flowers, and some pyramids fleshy petals. Purposely planted fields of Hutsuls for their tasty sap that gain ground. Above, on some distant grow, Nicolae Iurniuc loom makes me some strange rocks. Megaliths long caress of mist, like pillars of heaven, of which one is the human profile. He says there, between the peak megalitii Tapului, once people gathered wizards. "It has been held up here, the second war. He was once at a festival, summer ...", but no longer remembers the celebration. The few people gathered there "some", were a huge fire and dancing. Dance secret pagan dances that were held all night. And the common people looked to the fire on the ridge with fear ...
Bobeica. You feel that, indeed, have reached the end of the world. A few huts scattered on a hillside bloomed, some mosnegi lived in heaven. We find a hundred years old house payment, sinking into the ground, to ferestruicilor box. Inside, in darkness, a lone babuta, completely broken by people who are surprised by the tears of our visit. Ceiling beams, painted in pink, is so low, knees that do not fit in any room. Hear old hard and does not speak Romanian. Nicholas Iurniuc change a few words with her in that language, soft swinging, bizarre mixture Ruthenian, Ukrainian and if you and the woman is scared a few signs with his hands as "Ni!, Ni", then give her more and more, go to about. When we bend the door to get out short of a meter, my guide can not stifle a laugh with joy. Urging me to enter quickly into the car and I said barely there, squeezing my hand a victory: "The Moldova-spear."
Moving beyond, the valley ingaduitoarea Moldova, and blessed to reach the pavement. Moldova-Spear, a large village, the true capital of Romanian hutulimii. Knocking on the gates, wondering bypassed dozens of people. Many say that I have heard so hardworking wizards, yes I can not say that there. " "One, you have not where to dovidesti. Two: if you go at it, do not say anything right. I very "deplomat, yes he knows what he feels coming. And last, if I povistesc you and your mat and go at it bother him, he is angry and I can make one thousand havoc in the household's power ... "One of those I have also repeated all e Vasilena Ceciuleac words, middle-aged resident of houses with walls filled with flowers. He heard the "brooding Satan," but as far as she knows, do not remove the first egg, but the eleventh. "So my dad a povistit: unspe eggs was placed under the black hen. The first ten chickens dad had to leave, if an approximation of 'ready, that's not ISEA unspilea properly. But what if Daddy iseau live the unspilea Then you take him and him and slightly brooding omu '. And ISEA, na ... so kind. Anu 'last one died in our village an old man, Donec Bobe, who had it. Phew, my Lord forgive me, the manager was that good! ... His household and money, health and di not have made absolutely nothing. Dracovenie know what to do? My Lord forgive me, I see now on park: whistle nose! People say that when the nose whistle, his name Dansu ', for what he needed. "But not now, he died. You know how it happens? If you like something dead before you really need to let a soul! Giving a soul in Neamu 'your soul' of a man who was most dear to you. This Bobe lo son gave him a good boy, very good. And her son hanged not long after Santa lo put in the ground. That one was blestemu '. So one had to be ... "Vasilena guide me to a woman Benea, village down the valley throughout Moldova, a Droniuc Areta. The suspects - "just say no suspects and she sent me" - it is suspected that someone in the family old man had something.
Areta comes to the gate it crosses a beautiful orchard, caressed by the sunset. Walk slowly through haystacks long fan poured resinous pine lazy to look. When you arrive, I say quiet, serene, always smiling, he does not want to talk to me. Why does not? "Look at that." And slowly returning home. Half way stop, a little frown and say: "I think about tomorrow. Come at ten. "
Unseen Shepherd
So, at ten o'clock the next day. We again there in front of the goal. Areta is another woman. As if we would not be seen yesterday, even seems to enjoy that I came and pathetically craving inside. Show me and her man, Basil. A man of thick and short, military co look well finished shirt. Although he does not seem too old, his father was born in 1887. Subject, let him speak more on it and I must admit it was not easy to get to my topic "delicate" Basil is part of the fifth generation of followers of Hrihorie, founder of the spear, and had to listen First the history of the settlement. Only when the tree reaches his father, my uncles, some salt in your ears, John, brother, grandfather and "super rich", the richest in the entire region. In 1886, the year of death, had two big mountains, 47 horses, 270 cattle, "sure, corn" and over 600 sheep. I insist, asking how a farmer could have in years that such a fortune, and my answer, I Vasile doubtful that: "Deh, whatever it had, he had a ...". However, what she had? "Hmmm, how would I say? Omu 'this ... did not have fences. He had no fences, sir. One hand with the bat like cattle and guarded them from health parties, give 'no one who is empty. A single cow in the herd is not wandering! Often, the videos are up on the mountain, unguarded by anyone. Vitaii sanguri cows went to nurse and after suck, be obedient pulled aside. Cattle aside vitaii aside. He had no injuries, no illness and no one steals your hand. And he does nothing. He olny "directing". Father if someone made them work, how to lie shepherds. When one died uncheasu ', it was autumn. He had no copchii, and brothers, all poor, so-divides the legacy. Cattle to be split fathers brothers. Three links, cattle never wanted to leave one there. If someone wore three links to a wheel so relentlessly, ran cattle tits around, you could not get their hands on them, ran up-n Batca Manaila health and get back back to Rabid. Numa 'after three links gave them a peace. Almost a week a state slamming down, so tired were saracele. And only then could be taken and one-divides. Ah, that I remembered: it is lying as uncheasu 'one bought it then, recently, something somewhere in Transylvania ... um, like at Bistrita. There was a fair Dacus who kept it until now, in our era. Yes, that's really her. So went there two housewives from here, from us to buy an Unclean. I've known them, were my neighbors. And that's where a ZAS made them a kind of test. What challenges, gods know. One of them said that it spariat so hard when one put it to test 'what, that no longer have him. But what about the other I bought it as a form of a "tapuc" black, which brought home lo and helped a lot to gain money, my dad lives. You know how he fairs this? Did it sell, "you have to tell him what you need. For work-in household, for money, trade, for cattle, he has only 'one role. He did not make your service twenty, you only a 'sangur for which you paid and have hired him. Have luck with money, the innkeeper, to be attracted to your pub world, you enter the world was there in the crapper 'terms and drink vodka. Times for livestock. And, apparently, uncheasu 'I bought a cattle Unclean ... "Before he left, look at him and interrupting him in the eye on it barbatus" Sir "Basil, such people are alive today ?. And he responds to me as firmly, without hesitate: "Yes, still alive." "I know?" "Yes, I know. "But I can not tell you who I am."
With egg on armpit
A take it to trial, asking the restaurant with "the best luck." And to be honest, after what I've learned about "crave" a spirit. Are directed at the pub in the center. Closed. Lucky's owner also has a grocery store, but this ale wife does not seem at all a woman of that. " Dishes and nice, we go behind the shelves, a table to cool, and puts us in front of two men "storytellers." One, Dumitru, Areti race is even, burly, unshaven and a little mouthy. The other, Aurel, is elegant, fresh father in the village teacher. Shorter hat, cloth molicel, white checkered jacket, a smile full of nuances of meaning, all give the feel of an Italian actor of the '50s. In a spirit, tongues untie easily. Needless to say we both know what I'm interested. Yes, Dumitru personally knew one of those "egg hatchery. "I call Starciuc was young. It was said that he hatched from an egg from one armpit black chicken and a black Cucos, yes until he no longer could endure Chicken and it wanted to use by itself to a ball in the village. And a ZAS in the thought 'it's co to use by itself, with egg' on her armpit and take care of him, not crack. Nobody knew that he "hatching." "But it happened, big as in sara 'lo not old as the ball left to use by itself. And how not let him and hold him in clothes that do not leave the house, he escaped egg 'from the waist, and a coat and it fell below the break. On the floor was just 'empty yolk. And even that night, omu 'ala hanged her. Yes, even the other night ... "
Sad man bows and drink the cup. The other takes off his hat molicel felt like to face a mormantari. From their mouths, the stories flow. About another son of a "suspect", which his father sold him his soul in the hour of death and that you have found hanged after a little while about fifty miles away from the village, in a dense forest and unknown ... They fit well to tell the two men. Although it seems annoying to talk at once, the two are actually supporting each other to remember the entire story, rounded to the multitude of details. And, as one did, remember, in the same moment, the name of an old man: "Bohar! Phew, my God, how we thought we'd take him on dom 'reporter old man' that from the beginning ?...". Near the top I take, I'm out of the pub, shop and drive me to the flat top of a hill, behind the church.
Room without windows
Bohar Hutsuls Athanasius is one of those "old", which still carries binoculars around his neck, even when sleeping. He sleeps on the bed in its box beams smoked, but i thought everything seems to be sleeping in the woods, under heaven. I'm sorry to tears after times "before" when "Flint house was protected by law" when no "politaru '" was not allowed to take your gun in the room, from whom. Now at times these clothes, he feels lonely without his flint. I still sometimes have the waist, without any sense, "porosnetul" with gunpowder, over two centuries old. Porosnetele stag horn with silver edges, true works of art Hutsuls ... And he's still hat adorned with "to badger" and the grade teeth doe - noble Hutsuls sign of wisdom. This old man is one of the richest people in the stories throughout the upper valley of Moldova. "You know what? It is this world is seen and unseen world. Fuck these guys are born and give the gods are devils. That give the gods is more polluted, more powerful, why not talk to omu '. Still born with that you can talk ... "Athanasius saw dozens of cases of" hardworking hatchery. Known, moreover, that "guy" had to be maintained, nurtured. "He Cornoratu ', do not eat anything. I had to go there in the secret closet where you sit, milk unsalted unsalted corn polenta and charm. As if you gave him something salty, tat Then you slam your house, you made nazdravaniile tits in the world. And when he died stapanu 'He remained in the house, do not go anywhere. From someone else in the nation had to get to overlap, to give him food, absolute tat. At home, Cornoratu 'must have a separate closet, olny's. Really! May we remember a retan 'Lesenciuc Dumitru, who wanted to make Brodina house on a place where it was once a household "of that." Lo hired on a 'Polenciuc, a renowned master in Bukovina father - that he had done even churches and monasteries. A master tied tits Polenciuc house beams, cool nice to roof. A jump over. And when they come morning, I see my dad battle home. S-cross. Master 'which was intalept, called a two hardworking neighbors. The two one ZAS "Ohooo, well what I am when she got spotted and we are here. You know what we did? I made a room without windows for a man who left these lands ...". Then master 'a planned change' house and it did not so: a small room without windows Necuratu '. And her house is demolished and Dumitru Lesenciuc May that never in his life will not open that closet, no lo May never embarrassed anyone in his life. Yes, Cornoratu 'remains on the land owner who hired lo' yes' if stingheresti him nor he do not stinghereste you. Look, a house was so "certain", on, down into the Campulung. Master 'dead. Nobody had the courage to stone in the house 'far. Once, after the war, a refugee from nordu got there a 'Bukovina. She was so tired and wanted to share. A day inside his house, a patu litter "and it went to sleep jump. A sleeping olny up at three in the morning. When they woke up one was a wedding in the house. In juru 'bed's were many people drinking, playing and park on dansu' do not see it, rejoicing in their world. Frighten omu 'her out of bed and ran a saw where her eyes ... Good. A time and passed a house-n 'which one she got another man. Like the primrose ': and a bed litter "and it went to sleep jump. When she got one, olny that door and they look ahead ... a boy. A boy so small, but very like my father in male form in nature and sharp voice. Baietalu 'lies: "What do you want, you stay here?". "But I want to stay, no place to sit, lie omu '. Baietalu 'is artagosaste and lies: "Okay, sit here. hNo!

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