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Top 10 most deadly animals in the world

Of all the animals of Earth, with whom we share more or less territory, 10 of them were killed, kill and still kill people. Below we have prepared a list of the most deadly animals on the planet.

Venomous dart frog

This ambfibian has adapted well to living among predators, specifically managed to steal a deadly weapon, venomous skin. All the more than 175 species of this breed shows bright colors and loud, to warn any predator. Venomous dart frog one day produce a quantity of toxins that could kill 10 people.

African Wild Ox

Species males frequently reaching weights about 900 kilograms, which makes a dangerous opponent even African buffalo and a pride of lions. However, not only its size, coupled with a pair of horns exposed, have led to his reputation in history dangerous animal. Uniquely among herbivorous mammals, African buffalo proves unusually aggressive, complete with a thirst for revenge and a remarkable intelligence, as any connoisseur can confirm. During a hunt, if a buffalo is wounded, withdraws into a bush invariably starts tracking where hunters whom he most often attack from behind.

Polar Bear

The polar bear is the bear that lives in the Arctic Ocean, the largest land predator met. Even if they seem very cute at the zoo, in the wild they eat elephant seals for breakfast.

The polar bear is a large mammal, its weight in reaching up to 1000 kg to 700 kg for male and if female, height and length from 1.8 m to 3 m. It has a white coat. Claws large and powerful are able to break natural enemies. It has a layer of fat under the skin, which helps to protect against the cold, this feature is also found in other animals of the tundra. It is an excellent swimmer.

Normally, the man is not part of the polar bear diet, because fat deficiency. However, White is responsible for killing bears most people of the Arctic.


Not every elephant is as friendly as Dumbo. Elephants kill more than 500 people annually. African elephants weigh about 6 tons and reaching a height of 4-5 meters. The huge mammal was and still is hunted by poachers for their ivory horns very precious. All species are endangered elephants. The elephant is the only mammal that can not jump.

Saltwater crocodile

The largest of reptilian, giant saltwater crocodile holds the ultimate predator role in the region of Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Indochina Peninsula. Able to hunt almost anything that passes through the area of action, from fish to the Indian buffalo, crocodile remains one of the largest natural enemies of man. Saltwater crocodile is the only species that can live both in its salty waters of the oceans, as well as in freshwater swamps. Adult male can reach 6 feet and can swim as fast as a dolphin. This species of crocodile is responsible for most attacks on humans of all species of crocodiles.

African Lion

Even if the lion is the second largest feline after the tiger, it leads detached top people eating cats. Why? Africa's population has increased rapidly lately, and some people were forced to enter the lions. Because of this, more than 70 people are killed each year in Tanzania alone. Even if these figures are quite high, the lions have developed an enormous pleasure for man meat. The only people who hunt of them are wounded, the elderly or those expelled from their territory. They realize that man can not resist such an antelope or a buffalo, so that after the first kill, the lions continue to look for prey near human settlements.

Great white shark

Known as the largest fish predator, white shark waters impanzeste Sicily, Mexico, California, Florida, South Africa and New Zealand. The mostly white sharks do not attack people for the same reasons as polar bears, humans do not have too much fat. Shark attacks on humans are caused by the illusion that causes surfers figures, they asemandu with the seals, the preferred prey of white sharks. Another cause of shark attacks is due to curiosity, which bite everything that comes your way, to determine consistency, nature and temperature. If bitten man starts to bleed easily, the attack is inevitable.

Australian jellyfish

Australian jellyfish is the most dangerous creature of the seas and oceans, the number of human victims killed each year exceeds the sum of all victims of sharks, sea snakes, poisonous fish and baracudelor. These jellyfish use two types of poison, one with low toxicity are used in the game and very toxic, which is used strictly for defense. A single tentacle of the 60 it has produced a sufficient quantity of venom to kill 60 people. Australian jellyfish lives, of course, in Australian waters, the Philippines and Vietnam. From 1955 till now, over 5500 people died because of jellyfish.

Asian Cobra

Even if not the world's most venomous snake, cobra, its leader in reptiles that have caused death among men. Cobra length does not exceed two meters and is considered an aggressive animal. Moreover, the cobra uses to launch numerous warnings to attack animals and humans. However, over 50 people die every week in India, because of vipers. The reason given by experts is the demographic explosion. People have lately invaded the wilds, and contact between people is inevitable and vipers.

Mosquito anomaly

Even if one does not expect to be at the mosquito, the history that says otherwise ordinary insects. Anomaly mosquito began to be considered, rightly, the most dangerous creature in the world. Unfortunately, anomaly mosquitoes transmit malaria virus that causes 2 million deaths each year on the African continent and one Asian. The situation is especially worrisome because the World Health Organization has estimated a total of 70 million with malaria disease in the near future because of climate change because, mosquitoes anomaly will be present in countries such as Japan, Britain and New Zealand.

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