Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Worlds Worst Disease

Still here? Then be prepared to have your mind altered and your outlook changed. You are about to take a major step towards personal freedom.

Once upon a time there was this man called Adam, he was created and placed in the Garden of Eden to live happily ever after. There was only one rule, do not eat from the tree of knowledge. Well he did and now the world has a lot more rules. You do realize that the story of Adam and Eve is an allegory, don't you?

Remember for whom the first five books of the Bible were written for; a bunch of minimally educated slaves who had been freed from their servitude. Moses, the writer of these five books known as the Torah, was highly educated, taught by the Egyptians as a child of royalty. He did read from the library in Alexandria, and he had a lot of information unavailable to any of his people. He knew many things that we are just now rediscovering.

The problem, he realized, was that these people now needed to be educated and he had to keep it simple for those who did not have the same education that he did. You cannot explain rocket science to a three year old, you just say the rocket makes noise and then flies away. So it was with them, Moses had to keep it simple. To show that the story is just that, a story, there are many in-congruencies, for example when the brothers have their fight and one kills the other then we see that offending brother leaves his parents and goes to the city... An editorial mistake on the part of Moses? Not really he was writing an allegory, telling a story to make a point. God obviously made more than the initial pair of humans, just look at the races, if we all came from one set of humans, then why are there seven distinct races of human beings? So just how many people did God make? The answer is simple, he made all of them. The point here is not debating human creation, it is that the Garden of Eden story is an allegory, a story told with symbolic representations of a deeper spiritual meaning.

Let us continue with this allegory theory a bit further, so when God made man he said "let us make man in our own image", not make man in my image; but our image. So that implies more than a single entity. The next mind blowing part is what is the image of a formless being? If it was two arms, two legs, and a head then the monkeys should have been enough, rather it was something else the One created. The Source created conscious beings.

Did you catch that? The one God, the Source, created consciousness, and put it into human bodies. Consciousness exists, it does not evolve; it is the phenomenon that the humans have that the animal kingdom doesn't. Sure animals are intelligent, and able to perform many tasks that they learn, but they can not produce value.

Animals are consumers; they live by sacrificing each other to each other. They do not produce any tangible assets or physical values. They exist only to procreate and consume. They do not try to improve their lives by building better dens or shelters, they do not worry about fashions or jewelry, they only concern themselves with the next meal, and so on and so on. Not one other animal in the history of this planet has learned to write and build. If you think there is, please point me towards the reference that can show me ancient writings of a different species, or their ancient dwellings. No, only humans have done these things, we humans are the only animal on this planet that has consciousness, the ability to use the mind to know information.

The conscious mind needs no evolving to understand anything in existence. There is much that is unknown, but there is nothing that is unknowable. Knowledge is obtainable; it can be discovered, as well as generated. Once the correct knowledge is obtained the conscious being can do anything.
So what is God? First we need a base definition, with so many different beliefs and philosophies it may seem impossible. Once again, nothing is unknowable; it seems that all religions, from eastern to western, all agree that God is the controller of the universe. Now realize this; the controller, is an individual. Sure the one is a supreme being whose existence we can not comprehend yet, but nevertheless an individual.

Now when you have a relationship with an individual it is a uniquely distinctive interaction. The relationship whether it is as simple as friendship, or as deep as romantic involvement, is experienced differently by each individual. Try to share emotions with someone; you can't. What makes you happy may only make someone else mildly amused, or what you consider humorous another would consider blasphemy. Emotions are experienced by the individual, as personally exclusive to that one person.
So it is with your relationship with the One, the Creator, the Controller, the Source, God. Your relationship is your relationship; you can not explain or rationalize to another person your relationship. Sure you can use general terms like friendship, or love, but nothing concrete. Can you explain the love you feel for your spouse, your kids, or anyone else you care about? Probably not, you would use the term love, but you could not explain exactly what that was or is, as you are trying to explain an emotion. So far emotions are pretty much definition free as words would never be able to do them justice.

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