Thursday, January 6, 2011


Snakes Day
But this popular tradition connects cleansed by fire and snakes, "zernii" (the earth, the waters and those of heaven, dragons master of the shaman), who had to be chased around the house and out of the village. "Zernii sometimes brings out of the ground and put in the ground at Cross Day (September 14), and a bit oamini, do not primne (receives) the earth. And kill him, maybe, "said one elder. "If you do not jump into fire Blagovestenia insamna as shown next year or Zini (will come) zernii how much house. Focu 'is to run zernii. When you can not light up, that's too much snow, or Zini (come) father and summer will be bad year. "
But whatever the weather, in Maramures snakes along through the magical practices, accomplished only by men. Before sunrise, for example, surrounding the house three times, clockwise, with a bright cloth, put on a stick. More rare is the practice of surrounding the house by a man who pulls a chain or by a naked man. "A man-acoale from us, good morning, this day Blagovestenia house surrounded tri (three) times, naked."
Day March 24 is full of prohibitions designed to strengthen the action of purifying fire. "Up-n Blagovestenia not free to spin out and sit on the stone as your Slabanoagele EUI (Stragele) powers. From Blagovestenia before, you can work anything out: you spin, you can tesi, you slept. "" No bread to cut loose, to cut anything for marhale Blagovestenia day (cattle) walk in the pasture as they eat Wolves, villagers say.
Dragon and Iezerul
Elders say that the snake does not bite humans, animals do not bite that man does not touch and not touch animals and man sees him seven years, it never reaches the human eye, that is dragon. If he sees a man or bird - the smallest bird - and then not doing dragon, snake stays.
The dragon has wings and legs into the lake and many lives and from there out. Ii your bottomless lake, is about the sea. People have verified this. They threw him a pole ten feet long and not meant to ever come out to the surface. They found a large, after who knows how long, and they recognized the signs. Ii lake covered with thick muscles, thicker than one meter, where you get your legs until your knees and swing. Has a cold-eyed cold you nfioara, colder than ice, water and water that I gr?. Not allowed to put your feet in one eye as you shoot him. I was on when I was Iezer lady and I tried it with one foot, yes, "I escaped. We then Came out of there when I want the sea, heavy weather, storm, rain and hail. So the elders said, they come with solomanarii from large storms. But there are little to those people on earth with rain clouds Solomanarii large gate as they see they're good-hearted people. If bad people, and bring rain cruel, if you have good fertile without rain, mild weather and good times in the woods empty hand wrong time. Iezere Yes and many do not have on earth, only "a certain number, then how is dragons. As her house Iezerul Dragon.

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