Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hidden Treasures of Izverna

The area north of the county is where treasure hunters hope to God I grab his leg. The existence of maps, legends and cave has made in recent years to come Romanian across the country, but also foreigners. Most say they want to visit the caves and Izverna Ponoare, but actually looking for treasure. At Izverna, fever treasures take several generations. If you want to know the thing about the treasure, the locals look at you suspiciously. That bothers seekers ask about local legends and 'Yes', what you want, domn'e with these treasures? Here, here come more people. Some of the country through Canada or engleji others. All say they come to see Izverna cave, they heard how beautiful it is. But we are not stupid, we know who come to treasure, "says Gregory Gârmencea, native. If you ask what it does, responds: "As if I know ... Now, there is little visitors. But as the weather heats up, let's see. Put their tents near the cave here and then remove their devices to detect metal and walk around as bezmeticii. Some locals, curious, join us for discussion. "Let, me, that we know. Do you remember me, the guy Ionita found over 100 kg of gold coins? Yeah, it has been enriched and holiday village. `Yes Bozovonici of Joan's, who saw the treasure and paralyzed? Remember? Yes' by Stoian, and that the Casoaia did that, that the time at which he raised it only if you found a treasure able to make such a house? "On the other treasure hunters, locals do not know or do not know, but do not tell them. Once you capture them confidence, sharing copies of their indiscreet in Oltenia, Izverna reveals that people are the greatest treasures that people seek in the area: "Treasure of Obrenović - Serbia and treasure hoard of Empress Maria Theresa."
On the trail of treasure Serbia "In his time Cuza said Gârmencea, Milan Obrenovic, prince of Serbia, to fight for power with his brother Michael. He crossed the Danube with 80 horses burdens. It was Serbia's treasure, jewelry, diamonds, pearls. It is not known why he decided to bring the treasure here in our mountains. It says that somewhere buried in the Valley Peri - Cerna Peak. For three years some builders have worked to help soldiers prepare couch treasure. The mouth was wide cave could bring in a cart with hay. On her door was a stone that looked like a guard. Galleries were built in the shape of room at both ends and here was buried the largest amount of gold. The cave was built a wall two meters thick in the main gallery, and he blocked the source and there was formed a lake. Maybe it Izverna Cave, for here is the lake, right? Who knows? "Once they put the treasure back, all the witnesses were killed, 300 soldiers and masons. He just escaped from a guard and he knows the treasure. How to find the treasure? Identify the square stone, sheaf of wheat and the snake. Or maybe you manage to get your hands on the map, for Obrenović had several copies over to the Turks when they removed the corpse from the Danube. But a map was found by a priest Zegujani. Popescu, so they call the "lucky" for years and dug during the Second World War started with an ox cart. To have found treasure or treasure bait? Through the years 1981-1982, one of Severin, Bebe Bacanu, sought treasure having received a green light from security. The spot was seen Ilie Ceausescu. Excavations lasted until the summer of 1989.
Where is the silver Maria Theresa? The other great asset is that sought of the former Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria Theresa. Treasure of Silver is believed to be hidden cave Izverna. "Why is it so good drinking water?" Asks the locals. We know where clean water is very much money, payment and good drink. In the first months of 1990, the area arrived with his team of divers famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who spent some days here. Permission to search the cave was personally signed by the then Prime Minister Petre Roman. Peak is that no Romanian or authority, or local, was not allowed to sit next to the French.
What legend When you reach the Ponoarele God's Bridge in the north of Mehedinti, you're in the realm of the 10 treasures. "Land of Plaiul Cloşani Cloşani stretching from Stone to the Danube, under the Carpathian Mountains. (...) The Coşuştii Fork is a treasure in a cave that descends about 20 feet down and then take sides. (...) Another treasure is driven home in the village Seliste Dry Valley, with the recognition of three-legged goat. A treasure lies in a place called puppy in a cave. The fourth is between Bratosin and Cerboanea treasure in a cave built by brick to the mouth, between two large stones. Fifth Treasure Valley is put on the place called <>, in a cave that has a spear and a half as a sign carved in stone. Other Treasure Valley is still in a cave where people would come from three villages. Here it says that there are still two Dacian treasure that can not be taken until he builds a church. The treasure lies seventh Ponorălul of Balta and two that are said to be filled with gold. The eighth entry in the treasure cave was Topolniţa. Another treasure is located at Mount Bath, the movement toward Herculane. Tenth treasure is in Cerboanea Bătăiuşului Cracul Minor ", says Cornel Boteanu in" Legends of Plaiul Cloşani treasures. "

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