Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lizard-man's genetic mix of man and dinosaur?

Lizard Man is a creature that is believed to have lived in the swamps of Scape Ore (South Carolina). Is high, with over two meters, has two feet (with three fingers each), strong muscles, three-fingered hands, nails orange and black and shining eyes. He was often seen in summer 1988. It is known that man-lizard attack machine, and kill pets and cattle. There were even reported threats to people.

In West Deena Budd's work - "Guide cryptozoologists, in the chapter entitled" Man of Scape Ore lizard, South Carolina, states:

"In 1982, a scientific paper published by Dr. Dale A. Russell paleontologiştii and Dr. R. Seguin, the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Ottawa. Scientists have proposed a theory that dinosaurs did not disappear completely, and in their place have developed human beings "dinozariene" and bipedal, had three fingers on each hand. "

Thus, the model built by the two scientists like amazingly well with the man-lizard seen Scape Ore!

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