Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Europe could be destroyed by a super volcano in Italy

          Campi Flegrei super volcano, located near Naples, is an active volcano located in mostly under water and threatens to destroy all of Europe.
          The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy Campi Flegrei giant has produced nearly 1,000 small earthquakes, which were destroyed after the air conditioning on the buildings and ornaments have been drawn on the walls.
If a new eruption could take birth like a cone of Vesuvius that covered Pompeii with ash and lava 2,000 years ago, and could destroy all life on the European continent.
         "We could be dealing with something very dangerous. And if this is so, then we can expect another 60 years of turmoil, possible earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Under these conditions need to find out more details about this volcano, "said Briton Chris Kilburn, a member of an international team.

          Initial research involves the formation of a pit with a depth of 500 meters, then to move to 4,000 meters. Were to use sensors to measure seismic activity and rock temperature at various depths, thereby determining how the area is unstable.

          The project research team on the volcano was stopped by the mayor of Naples, as a local researcher warned that excavations could trigger an explosion that could destroy the city.   
           Campi Flegrei active volcano has 24 more cratered volcanic fissures. Volcanic center is located in the waters of the Gulf of Naples, near the town Pozzuoli.

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