Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nokia 5300 Unlock Tutorial

To unlock your Nokia 5300 will have to download from the internet on these two programs:
- JAFSetup_1.98.47 (see google) and JAF PKEYcracked which is in the same archive
Ar_Fr -5300 RM-146 v7.20 (the latest version, on Rapidshare)

You also need the phone data cable

Step 2:
You will find that software is CrackU JAF.
Install JAF 1.98.47
Copy JAF JAF PKEY.exe in the Program Files folder.
Start JAF PKEY.exe.
Dai OK
Looking JAF.exe and it started.

JAF-pkey cracked open and you defend something that is missing something-BOX not know how .... finally click OK. You open JAF
give right-side on the "INF"and wait
-MCU and then give the green button and wait to open a window and look for the necessary file (5300_RM-146_v7.20_www.Syria4Soft.com_1_.mcusw)
ok, after you have given and give the green button asteti PPM to open a window and put the necessary file (5300_RM146_v7.20_www.Syria4Soft.com_2_.ppm) and click OK
stick-on green button CNT file required (5300_RM-146_v7.20_www.Syria4Soft.com_3_.image) and click OK
-ready, now press the right button next to the INF and say "Flash" and wait

thought is ready to restart the phone

Finally you have to say that everything at your own risk.

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