Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pasqual Pinon, the man with two heads

Throughout history there were people who came out to their peers through the anomalies posed. Although often ridiculed in the past society and persecuted those who had a special appearance today this type of behavior is no longer supported. Insatiable appetite for everything in the world is weird and unusual has brought many of these people in the spotlight, sometimes turning them into real celebrities. History has reported some extraordinary specimens, whose existence is a mystery.
Such a person named Pasqual Pinon, has acquired a certain fame in the early twentieth century. For three years he was the main attraction of the Sells-Floto Circus, only because he had two heads, a situation known as craniopagus Scientific parasite. Man does not have two necks, but the second came as a head protruding from the top of the skull and was about half the size of a normal human head.
Pinon claimed that the second head have autonomy and have the sense of sight and smell. Also stated that until the age of 20 years, had been able to speak to the mouth of the second head. But in this age group suffered a brain stem stroke, after which the second head atrophy.
Doctors have not given too much credence to these claims, because it corresponded with what was known at that time. Consemnaseră Although there are other cases of people born with two heads, not known to have existed in this form. In the few occasions when such anomalies had appeared, the second head was placed on the skull head mainly so that the two skulls are joined by their upper part. An example of such "mirror image" can see where the miraculous two-headed boy of Bengal and, more recently, a girl born in the Dominican Republic, Rebeca Martinez.
Scientists have concluded that Pinon was either an absolutely remarkable new case or a trick of some kind or another. It is possible that this was protruding from his skull was not another head, but an unusual type of tumor. Perhaps he had then a wax mask on the front of the large protrusion and invented strange story of his youth.
And if Pinon has been guilty of emphasizing his own deformity, then it was not the first in this situation.

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