Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prophecies about the year 2011 predict an awfully bad

Here we are entering 2011, so it would be nice to find out the predictions for this new year. In compiling this material I used site, which I consider to be one of the most serious matters of prophecy. So let's see what awaits us in 2011:
Prophecy 1: earthquakes in early 2010 (as in Haiti) is the start of the troubles of 2011, for this year will be full of misfortune.
Prophecy 2: At the end of the year, solar activity will worsen to reach its peak in 2012.
Prophecy 3: The end of the Catholic Church, which will take place both in 2011 and 2012.
Prophecy 4: When solar activity increases, terrible storms pound the coast of America.
Prophecy 5: West will be at war with Iran, Russia or China. We start the third world war.
Personal Quote: "big disappointment" of 2010 was spoiling the prophecy of Baba Vanga, who said that the third world war will break out in November 2010.
Prophecy No.6: It will break and a war between India and Pakistan that India will win.
Personal Comment: However, military tensions between India and Pakistan are quite old, so a real outbreak of war between the two countries would be a novelty.
Prophecy # 7: The global economy will die, and Europe is in big trouble. They suffer particularly Spain, Portugal, Germany and the euro.
Personal Quote: If the German economy will be strongly shaken, according to this prophecy, then the whole of Europe will simply lead to hell, and the European Union will disappear like a ghost.
Prophecy No. 8: Before the outbreak of World War III will appear in the sky songs.
Prophecy 9: The whole world will shake economically.
Prophecy 10: Israel must attack Iran, because otherwise it will be destroyed.
Prophecy 11: There will be massive flooding and heavy rainfall throughout the world.
Prophecy No.12: There will be earthquakes in the Western Hemisphere.
Prophecy # 13: Vladimir Putin will be the next Antichrist, as Lenin and Stalin. Russian Communism returns, taking it as chief Putin, he will try to use Muslims to weaken the West.
Prophecy No.14: Egyptian President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, will die. It may be "Mabus" prophecy of Nostradamus.
However, as seen in 2011 looks bad things ... Let us hope that not all prophecies will come true.

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